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  • Primal Journal- Juniperarrow

    To anyone who may be reading this, Hello^^

    I'm a 20 years old girl from Wisconsin, USA. I started my primal journey in November and thought it would be a good idea to journal my experiences with it. I do not really need to lose weight however I would like to get stronger then I'm now and if I could get my bodyfat percentage just a tad lower that would be nice (I don't know what it is now but based on pictures of what various BF percentages look like I'm guessing I'm around 23%). I also struggle with mild anxiety and maybe a little very mild depression sometimes (I think). I'm also a competitive gymnast and am interested on how my diet and lifestyle changes will affect my training.

    Since Becoming Primal in November here's what changed:
    I have more energy.
    My energy levels are more even.
    My skin is clearer, teeth whiter with less effort
    I already looked young for my age but now I look even younger.

    Last winter I kept getting horrible flareups of very itchy chilblains. This winter has been mostly mild but even so there is a great reduction in the number of chilblains and severity of them now. For the most part they are no longer itchy, just slightly swollen. My normally cold hands are now warm most of the time.

    I don't know if I have less anxiety but the nature of it has changed. I used to worry about getting injured all the time while doing gymnastics; now I just do it with my moments of anxiety about that being reduced to a way more reasonable level. I also used to worry about dying all the time but now I don't think about it that much.

    I think I'm getting stronger faster in gymnastics. Extremely hard to tell though as I injured my ankle in June and then did not really do any gymnastics from August till early November. However it feels like ever since implementing the ideals and body-weight exercises outlined in the primal fitness book two weeks ago that I am getting stronger faster and recovering faster.

    This might just be me but I'm currently learning two languages (Japanese and Chinese) and I swear it feels like I have been picking it up faster since being primal despite not spending as much time in those languages.

    The only complaint I how about being primal is that for the last few weeks I have been having some minor sleep issues. Basically I wake up in the middle of the night but fall asleep again like one minute later.

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    It sounds like you have had a great experience with PB!


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      Today so far:

      Breakfast: Normally Don't Eat Breakfast

      Ground Pork, Burdock Root and Cilantro sauteed in coconut oil then after
      taking it off the heat mixed it with some homemade kimchi.
      Also had a side of brussel sprouts sauteed in bacon grease
      and snacked on squash seeds while waiting for lunch to cook.

      Week Three of working through the Primal Fitness Progressions~ I'm currently on:

      Pushups- Step 3: Incline Pushups, Did 14 (+10 Knee Pushups)
      Pull Ups- Step 1: 2 Legs Assisted Pullup, Did 10 total (5 per cycle)...
      (First time doing the pullups part of the essential moments;
      was happy just to be able to do some pullups as I cant do a regular one at all)
      Overheard Press-Step 2: Regular Jack Knife, Did 15 first cycle...5 second cycle
      Plank-Step 3: Hand & Feet Plank, Did 60 secs forward, 35 sec on left side and 18 secs on right side for first cycle...
      Did a lot less on the 2nd cycle
      Squats-Step 6: Bulgarian Squats, Did 25 on my left side, 18 on my right...second cycle I did 4 on both legs

      Was less sore afterward compared to last time.
      But still felt a bit shaky which cleared up after eating.


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        Bowl of pork-steak stew leftovers, some spoonfuls of leftover lunch and a spoonful of coconut oil.

        Debated whether I wanted to skip dinner as I was getting tired (past 10pm here)
        and I was more tired than hungry but I chose to eat since I wanted some more protein in me.

        I'm still wrapping my head around how little I eat in general now. It still feels weird.


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          >chelle06 So far it seems so! Though most of the changes are not major or anything. Thanks for commenting


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            More energy is always a bit plus in my book!!!! I have never hears of chilblains. I am also in WI! Hasn't our winter been pretty nice so far?


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              Well for me during the winter, random fingers on my hands (usually pointer though) will get all swollen and red and really really itchy.
              They take like a week to go away completely-very annoying to deal with and only occurs in cold winter weather. According to Wikipedia, they match the symptoms for chilblains but I dont know for sure if that is what they are or not.

              Where in WI are you? Winter was awesome till the snow a few days ago xD I like snow but not the cold.


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                Didnt sleep as well last night. Work up a few times and few back asleep right away.

                Woke up in the morning with teeth clenched and mildy anxious about nothing.

                The last of the pork leftover and kimchi. Yum!

                Had a snack around 5pm of a few almonds with butter and some spoonfuls of coconut oil with a touch of honey.
                I was starting to feel tired and mental fogginess so I figured I was getting low on calories and had a snack.
                (Though at the moment I dont really feel any better...)
                I wasn't hungry but I'm starting to recognize when I don't eat enough food cuz I get full too quickly.
                I'm also starting to suspect that I do better when eat a bit more carbs.

                I think I will eat dinner earlier and go to bed earlier tonight... but we'll see...


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                  Had two scrambled eggs on top of pieces of beef liver and some cooked carrots and turnips with butter for dinner.

                  The snack didn't make me feel better but the dinner did. I'm suspecting I needed some carbs hence my mental fogginess feeling.

                  Since I felt better I ended up finding something to do online and only went to bed one hour early.

                  Woke up in the middle of the night all worried about whether I put something in the fridge, knowing I put it in the fridge and it was fine but still I had to check. Thanks to that I was up for about an hour lying in bed daydreaming. Not a huge deal as I have no job or anything to be up by a certain time for but still a little annoying. Been feeling more anxious for no reason lately.
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                    Yesterday's Lunch:
                    Had the remainder of the scrambled eggs from the day before.
                    Also cooked cinnamon parsnips and ate like half the batch with extra butter. So yummy.

                    Felt great for the rest of the day...more evidence mounting toward doing better with some carbs vs very little carbs.
                    Not totally surprising as even on SAD I didnt have very many (major) sugar crashes or anything till an year ago or so.
                    And that was only when I had nothing but sugar and carbs.

                    Didn't eat dinner, was too tired and not hungry.

                    Slept great last night...would have not woken up if I didn't pull the cord out
                    of my electric blanket while I was sleeping, turning it off and making me freezing cold.
                    (I live in a cold old farmhouse).
                    Or if the dog didn't start barking at something at 7 in the morn.


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                      Added ground pork and homemade kimchi to the last of my attempt at curry. Was yummy.

                      Dinner (After Gymnastics):
                      Spicy Heart Stew and 3 Small Potatoes with a tiny bit of butter.
                      First time trying beef heart! It tastes like steak but not steak.
                      Would make again except this time not add so much cayenne pepper.

                      Had gymnastics practice today. Had lots of good moments~
                      -Did my first round off back handspring on the regular floor since injuring my ankle doing it in June.
                      It felt awesome and my second one felt like there was no
                      way you could tell that I haven't done one on the regular floor for six months.
                      -Did my second full no fall beam routine since getting back from Japan
                      -Vault is getting better quickly. My body shape was still a bit funky but my power is definitely coming back.
                      I think I will get my vault totally back in a month or two.
                      -FINALLY made a kip on bars with straight arms and even casted (quite high) out of it.
                      First time that has happened since coming back from Japan.
                      -Getting more controlled on doing a handstand and then straddling down into a straddle L...each practice I get better and better.
                      -Am less sore than last week. Well each week I have been less sore than the last.

                      It's crazy how much stronger I have gotten in these last few weeks.
                      I half can't believe how fast my progress is ever since I decided to do those bodyweight exercises once a week.
                      Well I am also making meat or eggs the star of all my meals too for the protein and then trying not to spend
                      so much time (especially wasting time) in front of a computer which means moving around more which helps my back a lot.

                      That reminds me, I need to figure out the best way to sit at the computer. Standing gets tiring after a while (I spend most of the day in front of the computer) and standing also gets cold quickly in my freezing room. Right now I put my laptop on a low table on the floor. I wish the table was just a bit higher. Right now I either slouch with doesn't help my back feel good or I sit straight but then on my knees or something which causes my knees to feel yucky or my legs to fall asleep after some time. However sitting on the carpeted floor allows me to put the electric blanket over me while I'm on the computer...


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                        Went to bed late last night, woke up early today.

                        Lunch: Ground Pork & Kimichi with some cinnamon parsnips
                        Was still a little hungry 45min later so had a bunch of cinnamon parsnips with coconut oil.

                        Dinner: Two small potatoes and heart stew. Also had some cinnamon parsnips with butter.

                        Ate a lot more than usual today.

                        Had gym practice again. I was practicing with a group that was fooling around
                        a lot today plus Thursday practices are shorter so it was kinda boring but...
                        Good things I did-
                        -Round Off Back-handsprings are officially back.
                        -While doing handstand walks across the floor, although I didn't go all the way across in one go my shoulders weren't as sore as usual.
                        -Backwalkover to handstand, then lower to straddle L is getting more controlled and consistent. Soon I might be able to hold that straddle L
                        -Kips weren't as good as yesterday but still not as crappy
                        -Overall way less sore; this is the first Thursday practice that I could actually tumble because my muscles felt only slightly sore.
                        -Stayed on the beam like no problem.

                        The only problem with today's practice is that I got kinda farty even though 5 hours or so passed since my last meal.
                        Normally I don't have a problem but today I did. I'm guessing it was the tons of
                        homemade lacto fermented kimichi I have been eating lately + lots of raw coconut oil + apple vinegar in water drinks

                        Other than that felt great today.


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                          Lunch: Heart Stew with kimchi and the rest of the cinnimon parsnips.
                          Had a double serving of the heart stew and a ton of coconut oil on the parsnips as well

                          Because of that I don't really feel like eating dinner.
                          I have a gym practice tomorrow morning but it is only an hour and a half and it is open practice so I can do whatever I like.
                          I am just a little worried that if I don't eat dinner now I will get suddenly hungry during work out tomorrow (or before then).
                          (Never worked out after a 20 hour fast before...) But I think I am going to try and see what happens.

                          I have this ridiculous fear that if I eat now I will gain weight...
                          yeah I worry way to much about this kind of stuff.


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                            Had gym practice yesterday morning after a almost 24 hour fast.
                            I felt perfectly fine, but my muscles seemed to be weaker.
                            I mean, I would try my hardest to do something but whatever I did was weaker than usual.

                            Broke the fast with a huge big ass salad topped with a huge chicken breast. Yum.

                            Was only slightly hungry but my brain wanted coconut oil and carrots so I had that and some heart stew and kimchi.

                            Woke up once during the night but fell back asleep right away. Feel great now.


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                              4th Week of Primal Fitness Strength Exercises (Did this this morning)-
                              (1st number is the number I did in the 1st Cycle; 2nd number is the number I did in the 2nd Cycle)
                              (Blue Numbers from today; red numbers from last week)

                              Pushups (Step 3 Incline): 16,10 (Both Incline) 14 (incline pushups), 10 (knee pushups)
                              Pull Ups (Step 1 2 legs assisted): 12,13 5,5
                              Overhead Press (Step 2 Jack Knife): 20,20 15,5
                              Plank (Step 3 Hand & Feet): Forward 90, L65, R54sec F55,L45,R50sec F60,L35,R18sec (Did a lot less on the 2nd Cycle)
                              Squats (Step 6 Bulgarian Squats): LeftL25,Right25 L15,R28 L25, R18 L4,R4

                              Improved on everything this week so I am happy !
                              Will move to Step 3 on the Overheard Press next week.
                              Am not that sore right now.