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    Folks -

    I've been reading here since sometime in August.

    Ordered the book, cleaned the pantry, made a lot of changes.

    The best, though, was the last month. They always do body-composition testing at the first of the semester at our campus fitness center.

    Late August: 22.3% body fat

    Mid January: 19%

    And I had my (mildly postponed) 6 month check up. Back in August, and for the last 2 years, my doctor always thinks I'm teetering on the edge of needing more meds for something or other - he's watching type II Diabetes especially closely for family history reasons.

    This week? He looked down at BP (118/80) and said "That's perfect!" Whatever the number for the good cholesterol was, he was happy. Whatever the number for blood glucose, he was very happy.

    So I'm happy. And though I had some garlic bread for my birthday (with melted cheese and lots of roasted red pepper on top!), I'm still shooting for 80/20 Primal and still more improvement!

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    Yay! Awesome! Welcome to the forums!

    Life on Earth may be punishing, but it includes an annual free trip around the sun!