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Can I do 10 days semi-primal? Let's see :)

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  • Can I do 10 days semi-primal? Let's see :)

    First post

    Male, 21, 63kg, 173cm tall. Australian! Pretty low body fat by virtue of a nice quick metabolism, but I eat too much bad stuff (lollies! cake!) and I frequently go on guilt-inducing carb binges. This stuff certainly isn't good for my insides and I'm sure if I keep at it, it'll bite me in my nicely-shaped ass in the future.

    I came across Mark's Daily Apple a few months ago. I like it. Clearly, since I'm posting here

    Lots of good stuff here, I'm not going to go totally primal or paleo, but over the past month or two I've been experimenting with cutting out the carbs (to 150-200g per day) while not so strenuously avoiding fats (though I'm not going to go eating fistfuls of butter or drinking olive oil, a little too extreme for my tastes at least.) I already get upwards of 100g of protein per day, and try to keep total calories around 2000/day (I used to calorie count pretty fiercely so I've got a pretty good eye for guessing calories.) For these 10 days I want to keep carbs below 200g/day, preferably below 150g (which is easily doable, I've done it before.) I want these solid 10 days to get the momentum going.

    What do I want out of this? More sustainable health. To not have to do an hour of cardio per day to burn off the excess calories. To not be wracking my body with insulin every day. To have enough energy to get out of bed and do stuff. Get a 6-pack < I'm actually pretty close, but I'm really sick of feeling bloated (which I think comes from too many carbs, based on my recent half-assed carb-cutting experiments) and yo-yoing between ripped abs and kind-of ripped abs.

    I'm starting this 10 day journal here, in public, so I should at least have some kind of accountability. Let's see how it goes!