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Nectarine Does Primal. A journal/journey.

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  • Nectarine Does Primal. A journal/journey.

    Actually I did primal for almost 3 months before December. I raved about it, but came off in December because long story short, people were getting offended at me turning down food, and it was "easier" while traveling. I figured it was only one month of parties and crap food though, and I'd have the rest of the year to eat what ever the hell I want. It was a very long month. Who ever thought Red Bull girl would be dying for a plate of organic veggies and meat by the end. I'd make sure I still had salads, but never thought the day would come where I prefer them.
    So a week ago, I went full primal again.
    Honestly, what a relief! But in the interests of documenting my efforts (and hopefully garnering support) I thought I'd start this journal.
    Also I found this site to be an invaluable source of info, even though I didn't participate much last time.
    What evs, Just do it! No one questions new years resolutions, unless it's learn to smoke a pack of cigarettes a day.