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My primal journal (dvaron) - whole30 challenge starts tomorrow

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    Today was a big day at gym which set me up for a big day of hunger. I also kept on eating leftover BBQ chicken the whole day (as I didn't have any other easy protein sources on hand), and so felt bloated all day. I need to make more effort to ensure I always have leftover meat or fish available

    B: leftover BBQ chicken, 1/2 avo, mushrooms

    Workout - 45 mins weights and 1/2 hour very hard abs class

    Post-workout meal: BBQ chicken, 2 eggs cooks in 1 tbs coconut oil (11am)

    2pm: more chicken, small serve chopped liver leftovers, celery sticks

    5pm: few tbs chopped liver

    9pm: at a party, grilled beef skewer, celery sticks, mashed veges (including a bit of sweet potato).

    Not such a good day of eating... I need to cut out the BBQ chicken, and the sweet potato left me craving carbs the next day


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      Sunday - a very good day of eating, no snacking

      B: 3 eggs, 1/2 avo, almonds for dessert

      L: Large salad with sardines mixed with mayo

      D: rump steak, salad, 3 grapes

      Monday - had an early morning PT session which set up the day for unbelievable hunger

      Pre-workout: 1 bite paleo bolognaise

      B: leftover steak, 1/2 avo, 1 tbs mayo

      S: can tuna in olive oil

      S: 2 boiled eggs with 1 tsp mayo

      L: Large salad with mayo

      3.30pm: 1 avo with 1 tsp mayo

      7pm: leftover steak, steamed veges, small piece of lamb in tomato sauce, 2 grapes, celery for snack


      B: leftover steak, 2 eggs in 1tbs coconut oil, steamed veges, 1/4 avo, handful raw almonds

      S: handful macadamias, 2 boiled eggs, celery

      L: Large salad with 1 tsp mayo and sardines and balsamic vinegar

      S: small can tuna in olive oil

      D: (at work): 1/4 chicken (thigh) with raw mushrooms


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        I have not written for quite a few days as I experienced major IT/intenet issues and have not had access to the internet. It is amazing that when you are not forced to write down what you are consuming, it is so easy to start 'cheating'. I have still been feeling very good, but had 1.5 glasses of red wine on Saturday night, and have been eating a little more than I should have. I could tolerate alcohol so much better than I usually can.

        So from tomorrow I am writing down everything I am eating again. I would like to continue to do this until I reach my goal weight.


        5.45am workout with personal trainer.

        Before work-out: few bites of colliflower.

        After work-out: 3 eggs, 1tbs coconut oil, 1/4 avo, curried colliflower.

        9am: 2 handfuls macadamia nuts, 1/2 avo, celery.

        Lunch: large salad with large TBS may, small can tuna in olive oil

        I am soooo full - try to only eat a very small dinner!