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My Quest for Primal Fire (or Health)

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  • My Quest for Primal Fire (or Health)

    I'll start my journal with a few facts...& will post more later.

    First name: Donna
    Age: 56 (Birthday in Feb)
    Married to my high school sweetheart for 37 years
    One son age 26
    SW: 218
    CW: 211
    GW: 118
    Highest score: 223
    Height: 5'1"
    Goal: Don't worry be happy!

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    ok dear goes nuttin'! I am not near as witty nor as good at writing as Gay Panda...but this will be my chronicles of my primal journey, my quest to return to good health & vitality. And this is much better than writing in my purple journal with a purple pen...that's lonely. This way I can share with other Grok's & Grokette's my insights as you all share with me. I have enjoyed reading some of your journals. I have completed Gay Panda's & am now working on SweetPickles. Wonderful wonderful stuff! I'm picking others at random & reading some & may just post some to you all as well.

    I am only on Day 13 of eating Primal. My quest began on Dec. 20th with a trip to a new chiropractor who is also a nutritionist & naturopath. I was searching for someone to help me "figure it all out." Back during the fall I was trying to eat healthy & begin to lose weight. I did the "conventional" thing...I switched to whole grains..pasta, sandwich pitas...etc etc etc...reduced portion sizes...the most I lost was about 5 pounds. And that was it. I didn't lose anything for months. It was so discouraging. I knew there had to be in answer somewhere out there! You see I have tried just about every diet known to modern man thru the years. Weight Watchers (where I actually gained weight! It was just way to much food for me!!), NutriSystem, Weight Watchers (again!), South Beach, Atkins, Best Life, & on & on. I've read tons of books...& here I sit...still fat & unhealthy, with joint pain, high blood pressure...yada yada yada. Now, back in the early 80's I went to a place called Diet Center. That is the only diet I ever lost weight on. It was very restrictive but very similar to primal. Protein, consisting of mostly chicken & a little pork, very little red meat. Very limited variety of vegis...most of which I didn't like. No sweets, no breads or pastas. Eggs a few times a week. I lost 55 pounds in 5 months. I was looking good!! Not back down to where I wanted to be...but was hopeful. Then my grandmother died & everything went into a tail spin. As with all diets when you go "off" the diet & revert to bad eating habits the weight comes back...& usually with a vengence! But I will say I learned a lot. So up until December I had been thinking about that diet & why I lost weight on it & none of the others. But there was something missing...something that I wasn't quite getting. I had been studying the diet that a diabetic is supposed to eat & tried to follow it, as I am very high risk for developing Type 2 Diabetes. Every single one of my family on my father's side (the Cajun side) has/does develop Type2 sometime in their 50's(I'm 56). My younger brother was just diagnosed last week. He beat me to it! I don't want the family disease & this has been weighing on my mind as to what I need to do about it. Then I went to the new doc & after the initial consultation & discussion of my problems he gave me a couple pages of his recommended diet. He recommended eliminating all gluten/grains/sugar, legumes in moderation...eating as our hunter/gatherer ancestors did. Okkkkkk I heard about a new diet out that was gaining in popularity about 'going primal' & finding our inner cave man or some such & I wondered if he was on that kick, because I was so not interested! So I went home to start my research. I'm the kinda person that always ask the tough question..."Why?" I already kinda knew about the no gluten thing...several members of my hubbies family is doing that...but no grain? Why? Sometimes in reading stuff on the internet you follow a link to a link to another link & I found myself on Marks Daily Apple. And I started to read. And learn. And I went to Robb Wolf's website...& Dr. Cordain's...& back to Mark's. I downloaded MDA to my IPhone so I could read when I was away from the computer. I made a beeline to the bookstore to buy books! I love books! Bought Wolf's, Cordain's but they were out of Mark's. So I ordered it online & started the other two. I read Robb's in 2 days & am reading Dr. Cordain's now. I can't wait for Mark's to come in. My mom is also now seeing my wonderful new doc & is reading Robb's book & has been primal for 4 days now & is amazed at the changes she is seeing already.

    New doc says in his papers that changing eating habits can take time & patience. I have no more time & am out of on Jan 3rd I went primal cold turkey & haven't looked back! I can not believe what's happened in 13 days!! I have lost almost 8 pounds! Is it water weight? Probably but who cares!!?? Its gone & the scale is ticking down down down! Slowly but that's ok. I feel fantastic! No more morning more afternoon crashes. I'm sleeping better than I have in years. I have not had the dreaded sugar headaches, no stomach upsets, no cravings (I was a big Coke drinker). I've lost some inches already & wore a blouse today that's been too tight for years! I'm doing the primal happy dance around the camp fire!! After reading some of the posts here I have no desire to "fall off the wagon" cause I'm afraid that it'll make me sick! Look what happened to poor Gay Panda after the road trip! Nope...not gonna chance it! I'm allergic to those foods & they are not good for me!

    I have eaten some rice a couple of times & it didn't bother me. I figure being Cajun, rice is in my genetic code! LOL I hate coconut, but am using a little coconut oil to stir fry vegi's or shrimp. Yum! I bought some coconut milk to use in smoothies & it doesn't really taste like coconut so am good with that. Also bought some coconut flour & am playing around with that. I'm just waiting for someone to ask me: "No gluten? No grain? No processed foods? O M G what do you eat??" I am eating great thank you very much!!! I hope to share some recipes I've either come across or modified that make you I really on a diet? Well no have made a lifestyle change! One from being fat, in pain all the time & miserable, to getting fit & feeling fabulous!!

    I will end this novel here. Really didn't mean to carry on so. So much to say so little time! lol I'm just so excited about the whole process I can hardly contain myself! It feels good to feel this good! Last year I didn't feel good. Had a lot of stress. I'm bound & determined to make this year about me. I'll save some of those things for future musings.

    Good night fellow travelers!!
    Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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      math is not one of my strong points! I'm only 11 days into going primal. *sheesh* woke up this morning feeling finer than frog hair!! what a difference 11 days makes! Ate scrambled eggs, a couple of sausage patties & 1/2 of a small tangerine. I'm full, satisfied & here it is almost lunch time already.

      Hubby is not primal...altho he probably should weekends will be a bit more of a challenge for me. I made some chicken salad yesterday for lunch today...I wish I had some tomato's...I could make me a "tomato cup". Oh well. Come spring time I will be able to go out & pluck one right off the bush!!

      I can't wait for spring!! Hubby is a master at gardening & produces a beautiful bountiful garden full of all kinds of yummy things! We also have 15 beautiful chickens that provide us & family with their efforts. They also make me laugh they are doing a very good job. They are not for long as they are producing a lovely egg a day for me. They are young...not even a year old yet, so they have a long productive life ahead of them.

      We live in the middle of about 40 acres (altho 2 are really ours), along with hubby's brother & his family in the old farmhouse my MIL & all her siblings were born & raised in & my MIL in the house hubby, brother & sister grew up in. Does living next to my in laws drive me crazy? Well, only one of them mostly. I'm sure you can figure out which one! But I've vowed to not let any one stress me out this year!

      have a wonderful primal day!!!
      Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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        well this afternoon was a test...we had a family baby shower to go to. I ate lunch before going so I wouldn't be hungry. They had a vegi tray & also a fruit tray. And an appetizer (cream cheese mixture wrapped in a variety of different kinds of tortillas)...a dip with chips & crackers...a cake...cupcakes...& punch. I ate a few pieces of the vegi's & fruit...& maybe a 1/4 of a glass of the punch. I should of taken a bottle of water with me! I didn't have any cake or anything else. I was very proud of myself!! I didn't even really want any of the cake! I've done so good the last 11 days I didn't want to spoil it! yay me!

        Did have an interesting conversation with younger brother. He was diagnosed last week with Type 2 Diabetes. I was telling him of the exciting new way of eating I'd come across that me & our mom is doing & he made fun of it..."oh you're just trying to do that eating thing like supposedly our ancestors ate. Well if that's the case how come they've found wheat in the pyramids." I knew he'd already closed his mind so no need to continue THAT conversation!! Which has had me thinking...maybe I shouldn't be so forthcoming about my primal diet. I guess all I really need to say to anyone if they ask is "my doctor has put me on a special diet. I'm eating gluten free/grain free/sugar free & boy can I tell the difference! I sure feel great!" My inlaws are going to be very close minded, as they don't believe there were "cave men"...they're very religious. So have been thinking about that too. Even putting the whole "cave man" issue aside...the science is very compelling as to how our bodies work & process food. I find it all very fascinating. So that's what I've been pondering all day! I think the proof will be in the pudding so to speak. As he/they see the changes that are coming & in March I'm going to have some blood work done to see how my levels are looking...maybe they will open their minds some. It really kinda hurts that finally I have found the answers I have been searching for & want to shout it to the world, but they don't want to listen!...but I guess I have to realize that not everyone thinks like I do! lol That's why I'm grateful to have a network here to share the ups & downs with, with folks that understand!! What a wonderful thing Mark has done by creating this website!!

        Have a good evening all!!
        Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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          Good morning primalcajun! How nice to have chickens for fresh eggs right on property! This summer I will be building a chicken coop and starting small. I live on 5 acres in Northwest Washington state and I worry about coyotes and raccoons trying to get to them.

          I just finished the book "Wheat Belly" and it explains why the grains found thousands of years ago are different than what we eat in mass quantities now. It's too bad your brother is resistant to this way of eating, because ditching grains, specifically wheat would have a huge impact of his diabetes. My older sis is like him though. I just can't convince her, as she's eating her peanut butter toast, taking her diabetes meds and slowly losing her feeling in her feet and hands. She's poisoning herself and won't believe me when I tell her she can get better.

          Good luck and thanks for stopping by my cave, you are welcome there anytime!
          There's a crack inside of everything, that's how the light gets in. ~Leonard Cohen
          Journal, From Sick to Fit:


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            Good evening Lisa! Thanks for stopping by & you are always welcome at my cozy cave as well!

            *sigh* why won't folks listen to us?? We have the perfect answers now!! lol I can only hope my brother & your sister will see our fabulous results soon & decide that maybe they need to know more. I am going to look for the book Wheat Belly. I'll bet Amazon has it...but may try my library first.

            Today brother & his wife came out as well as his oldest son & his VERY pregnant wife to spend the day just hanging & my hubby are big into target shooting & so it was very noisy outside the ole cave for a while! but they have a grand time & me & SIL get to visit. My hubby makes the worlds best real pit barbque brisket anyone has ever wrapped their lips around & I had one already cooked in the freezer. So popped it into the oven this morning to warm back up & made some potato salad & opened a can of Bush's Baked Beans for lunch. Not completely primal...but I ate mostly the meat & about a tablespoon of potato salad & a tablespoon of the beans. I already told them I wasn't baking anything...they drool over my from scratch cinnamon rolls, but told everyone don't expect baked goodies from me for a long time! SIL & I had a little bit of wine after lunch. So will see what the scale looks like tomorrow. Hopefully it will just flatline...neither up or down...but we shall see. It will be what it will be. We had a great day & that's what counts!

            have a great evening!!
            Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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              Was down .2 this morning so yay for yesterday! Tomorrow will be another challenge as we're having our Christmas party at my little quilting group. We didn't get to have it before Christmas so postponed it to this month. Everyone is bringing a dish so I am taking an artichoke quiche. At least I know I can eat that (without the crust of course!) & am taking a bottle of water to drink.

              Am going to look into the leptin rx as I've read several journals where folks have tried that. 50 g. of protein at breakfast sounds like sooooo much!! But I don't know much more than that about it other than it seems to have worked or is working for alot of folks.

              so much to read so little time!!! I'm almost in information overload! But I love reading & learning!
              Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                My older sister is an avid quilter! Last summer all four of us sisters went on a weekend getaway to a place that was having a citywide quilt show. I admire her patience, talent and creativity. I'm not very craft oriented, except once in a while if I am inspired.

                50 gr of protein is a lot! Some people were even eating more, but I stayed around 42 to 50, and I liked the fact that it shut my appetite down. By doing that I was able to skip lunch, and also not have that urge to nibble after dinner. I have moved on to post Leptin Rx, and still eat breakfast but it's generally only half as much protein now.
                There's a crack inside of everything, that's how the light gets in. ~Leonard Cohen
                Journal, From Sick to Fit:


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                  I would say I'm an avid quilter too! I also started a local chapter of the national organization of Quilts For Kids. We make handmade quilts for seriously ill children in the hospital to give them comfort & hopefully a smile or two! It is such a great organization & I have a great selection of volunteers that help. In December I delivered 90 quilts to my hospital in a town not far from me.

                  I did eat probably close to 50 gr of protein this morning for breakfast. I made me a 4 egg omelet with sausage & a sprinkle of cheese. And boy are your right about it shutting down your appetite! I ate a slice of my quiche at the party today & someone brought a tray with green & black olives, cherry tomatoes & dill pickles. So I had some of that. I did have a very small amount of homemade potato hopefully that didn't hurt to bad...and I was very full. I passed on the cookies & cake. Wasn't really all that hungry at supper so ate a little meat, some squash from last summer's garden that was in the freezer & about a teaspoon of mashed potatoes. And here I sit with absolutely no hunger! Last night I was hungry so had to eat a few nuts & a square of dark chocolate while reading journals. Tomorrow I am going to have the left over piece of quiche & maybe a couple of pieces of bacon for breakfast. Lisa, did you do the full time frame for the Leptin RX? I was reading on Dr. Krause's site last nite. Very interesting stuff.

                  Tomorrow I'll be going to town for some groceries & I have to run to the bookstore 'cause Mark's 21 Day Blueprint book is in! woo hoo!! Still haven't gotten his other book I ordered from Amazon yet...but that should be coming any day now. I need to hurry up & finish Dr. Cordain's book so I can start the others.

                  Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I appreciate it!!
                  Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                    Hey there primalcajun! I did 8 full weeks of the a basic Leptin Rx, but not to extremes. I ate a BAB nearly every morning, aimed for the 30 minute mark but sometimes it was a tad later. It seemed to cut my appetite and cravings, so I kept doing it to keep that in check. I did not go totally carb free as I like a piece of fruit, rice or potato now and then. But I did limit my carbs to 35-50 gr a day. I don't count carbs or protein anymore because I now intuitively know where I'm at.

                    What an awesome thing your quilt group is doing!
                    There's a crack inside of everything, that's how the light gets in. ~Leonard Cohen
                    Journal, From Sick to Fit:


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                      thanks for posting Lisa! I ate a BAB (I'm guess that means big ass breakfast? lol) yesterday morning & man I was not hungry all day. I ate lunch & then supper & didn't feel any hunger pains! Usually by about 10 pm I'm feeling a twinge or I'm guessing that means I didn't eat enough protein for the day. I have an app on my IPhone that I'm using to try & keep track of the carbs & protein. Kinda hard sometimes tho if you can't find the right food in the list. I would be interested in knowing what everyone uses for tracking purposes.

                      I got both of Mark's books yesterday, one in the mail & one from the local book store. I finished Dr. Cordain's book this afternoon & started reading Mark's. I plan to start doing the 21 day PB on Monday. Next book on my list of things to get is his cookbook.

                      I have lost a pound since Monday. I'll take it! Better than gaining a pound I'd say! If I could lose a pound & a half to 2 pounds a week I'd be a happy camper! I'm still amazed that its only been a little over two weeks & I feel great! No cravings, no headaches or any kinds of "withdrawals"...& the weight is slowly ticking down! incredible!
                      Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                        Awesome! I am so glad it is working for you. I haven't lost anything yet this year and my concentration has moved to trying to build muscle, rev up my metabolism. I used to track on but now I just sorta know in my head. Plus, I eat a pretty basic menu most days: eggs w/some other protein, a fruit, big ass salad, and another protein centered dinner. I am paying now for an indiscretion yesterday, I ate a big bowl of popcorn and later some almonds. Now my gut is in an uproar. It happens anytime I eat either of those two things and quite likely because I've overeaten them. When will I learn?! I'm sitting here with a heating pack on my tummy and taking nothing but water for the next 12 hours.
                        There's a crack inside of everything, that's how the light gets in. ~Leonard Cohen
                        Journal, From Sick to Fit:


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                          I think so too!!! I'm really enjoying Mark's book. I feel like Gay Panda's opening statement in his journal..."I didn't know"!! This is all so simple & basic & it makes me angry that CW has had us all brainwashed all these years!!! Its all a conspiracy I tell you!!! lol

                          I'm sorry you're feeling bad. Bad ol popcorn! That's why I'm so scared to "cheat"!! After hearing Gay Panda's tales of carb flu & yours & others getting sick eating those things we used to eat...uh huh...nope...not gonna! lol

                          Today was a good day for me. Ate a good breakfast of left over roast & a little ham & a 1/2 cup of berries with about a tablespoon of Greek Yogurt. I was full & satisfied & didn't even eat lunch. Had a hard boiled egg about 2 o'clock & another tiny bit of berries & a couple of macademia nuts & that was it till supper. For supper I made fajita's & hubby had his with tortilla's & I had a big ass salad with mine. I sit 5 hours later & still not hungry! Its funny...I don't "obsess" over food like I have on other diets. I just go about my business & when its time to eat I eat. I don't feel the need to snack...or have any cravings. I can't help saying over & over again how amazed I am at this transition to the primal lifestyle! Wow! I feel like I need to tell everyone what they're doing to their bodies eating all that crappy food!!! ;o But they have to figure it all for themselves. I'm not sure I would've believed it all either if my doc hadn't told me we should eat like our hunter/gatherer ancestors & to eliminate gluten/grain/sugar. I started my research & discovered hey, there's something to this!! More...must read more!!!

                          well off to go to bed. Past my bedtime! have a wonderful evening!
                          Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                            Was reading winencandy's journal this afternoon & I really liked the way she did her journal. So I think I'm going to try that too...its a good reminder to cover all the primal bases. Monday I am going to start the 21 Day primal blueprint, so maybe this will help me with that. If you read this winencandy I hope you don't mind!

                            #1 Food
                            B - 3 egg omelet with onions, mushrooms, a little sausage & a sprinkle of cheese, cooked with a little butter
                            L - 1 all beef hot dog & a 1/2 cup strawberries & blueberries with a couple teaspoons vanilla yogurt
                            S - Pecan crusted chicken thigh seared in a little butter & coconut oil & then baked, steamed broc & cauli, a small serving of Annie's Rice Mac & Cheese

                            Was totally not hungry today & I feel so full right now. I do believe the key for me in controlling any cravings or obsessions with food is to eat a BAPB (big ass protein breakfast) in the morning.

                            #2 Avoid Poison
                            Even tho rice is a grain I still choose to eat it occasionally & I like the rice pasta when I feel I just have to have a little bit. My cajun genes allow me to have rice!! lol Its my heritage! That's my story & I'm sticking to it!! ;o

                            #3 - Move slowly
                            Don't get much exercise on the weekends with hubby around. My time to do that kind of thing is during the week.

                            #4 - Lift Heavy things
                            not today...nothing really heavy to lift other than a clothes basket full of clothes back & forth to the laundry room!

                            #5 - Sprint
                            No can do...bad knees. wonder what I could do instead???

                            #6 - Sleep
                            I'm sleeping soooo much better now. I cover my alarm clock at night to block the light (I'm actually going to remove it from my nightstand. I don't have to get up at a certain time & I have a small travel alarm that I use anyway when I have to get up so its just not necessary. Hubby has one on his nightstand. I try to keep the room as dark as possible. Changed out the nightlight in the bathroom to one that is a very faint blue. I keep turning out the nightlight in the kitchen & hubby keeps turning it back on! lol The other thing that seems to be helping me sleep better is...I'm a little embarrased to say it...but I don't sleep in anything anymore. I've always been one to toss & turn & sometimes my nightgown would get all twisted up & bug the hell out of me. Since going "au naturel" I don't wake up hardly at all & I'm much more comfortable! There is no one in the house but me & hubby now. I keep the nightie close at hand in case I'd have to get up in a fire or something. It really seems to have helped. I'll bet Grok & MrsGrok didn't sleep in anything but each other's arms!! ok ok...I'm a romantic!

                            #7 - Play
                            none today...unless you count reading Mark's book!!

                            #8 - Sunlight
                            I go out in the morning to let my chickens out of their pen to wander around & sometimes I'll sit on the bench & watch them. Then in the late afternoon I go out to put them back in their pen. Come spring when it warms up I plan to put on a two piece bathing suit & go lay in the sun for a few minutes every day that I can. I live waaaaay out in the country so no close neighbors to worry about.

                            #9 - Avoid Stupid Mistakes
                            Did ok unless the rice past was a mistake...I'll guess I'll know tomorrow!

                            #10 - Use Your Brain
                            I'm reading Mark's book. I also love to play Words with Friends & Hanging with Friends & Scramble on my IPhone with my family. Sometimes I really have to think hard...especially when I'm playing with my baby brother. He's very competitive & I have to stay on my toes to keep up with him!!

                            This morning when I weighed in I was so surprised to see I was down a pound from yesterday! I wasn't expecting that & it was a great surprise! I'm well on track for my goal of losing 10 pounds this month! woo hoo!!

                            Today was a good day!!
                            Goal: Don't worry be happy!


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                              Well here you are, TPC!

                              I've really enjoyed reading about your journey. You sound like someone who can have fun doing anything. I've subscribed to your journal and look forward to the continuing story.

                              I love living in the frozen north, but I do envy you your sunshine in the winter.

                              As a Cajun, you know about good food - it's in your genes! I imagine your primal meals to be drool-worthy and full of flavor. Just smile, say "no-thank-you" to their "goodies" and eat your amazing primal food.

                              I love garlic! I am running out of my current batch of pickled garlic and am going to ferment some the old fashioned way when I get back from a trip later in the week. I'll let you know how it goes.

                              Keep writing, keep us laughing, and Grok On!!
                              I've had a lot of worries in my life, most of which never happened. ― Mark Twain

                              Writing on the Cave Wall - my Primal Journal