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    Hi everyone,
    I've been primal for a couple of years and recently have lost momentum...a lot of momentum.

    I was never a big believer in large, sudden changes, so I eased into this lifestyle with gradual changes. For about a year and a half it was working...and now I've come to the realization that it's not, and hasn't been for the past six months. I don't know if I'm burnt out or what. I feel like I have too many rules. I can't eat anything from a box, I can't eat anything not kosher, and now I found out I can't eat anything in plastic... I eliminated a lot of plastic from our food and stress out about what's left.

    I "cheat" way too often and hide it from my husband and co-workers because if I'm seen eating unhealthy food, people won't take me seriously when I try to be an agent for change in our culture's unhealthy habits. I'm not overweight so I can get away with it from outside appearances, although I do have some acne. I work for a religious school and the junk they feed the kids is appalling. (Haven't even tried to tackle that as I am new to the position, and I'm afraid their version of "normal" is rubbing off on me.)

    After two years I still haven't made significant headway in being more active.

    I'd like to pretend I'm a newbie and that I'm not failing, but I know too much. A lot of my inspiration at the beginning came from my newfound knowledge about how to eat properly for good health and healthy children. Now I don't find it fun anymore because I really don't need the latest update to perfect the diet; I need to adhere to the basics.

    Anyway, I know complaining doesn't help, but this is a journal so I'll be writing around the problem for the next week or two, I guess, until I find a solution. I am surrounded every day with reminders of how our bodies wear out after years of abuse. My co-worker injured her back yesterday just by bending over.

    Now for the positive: I still get plenty of sleep. I still send primal lunches to daycare with my son. I still plan primal menus and execute them. The problem is only that I have bad habits regarding snacking and being sedentary.