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    Hi all !

    Going to give this a go.. not too good at diary keeping but will see what happens! Age 36, 5'7", 93.6kg participate in Krav Maga and Savate and Tabata training (just started the latter.. been doing Krav and Savate since the summer). Goal is to feel and look better and be healthy and lose my "Moobs"!! Quit smoking back at the end of November 11.

    Thursday 12th January 2012.

    Breakfast : Half an omelette (half yesterday), 3 eggs in total, with spinach, courgette, mushrooms, 4 strips of streaky bacon, 2 boerewors and cayenne pepper with a handful of Gruyere. Cooked up in butter. Washed down with a glass of Berocca and pint of green tea.

    Mid morning, another pint of green tea and plain filtered water.

    Lunchtime walk, 3.6km in one hour.

    Late afternoon snack, green apple with more water.

    Walk home after the tube/train 1.4km

    Dinner, trout with almonds cooked in butter served with broccoli and cauliflour/broccoli mash, washed down with a pint of raw milk and then dessert (I used up last of treacle sponge with cream.. pure, unadulterated badness in a bowl)

    Here is to tomorrow !!

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    Friday 13th January 2012.

    Breakfast , skipped it.. wasn't hungry really.. but had a pint of green tea and my Berocca

    Mid Morning, had a few almonds and another pint of green tea.

    Lunchtime, brussels sprout/almond/butter mash with stir fried turkey and a bit of "Reggae Reggae sauce"

    Also picked up a 5kg pork shoulder joint to make my own additive free sausages over the weekend. Looking forward! Usual Friday deal from the butchers, for 12 leg of lamb and two steaks. (last week was who chickens and two steaks)

    Dinner was steak with broccoli and spinach and last of the raw milk..and last of profiteroles for dessert.

    Later on.. square of Lindt 85% chocolate.

    Saturday 14th January

    Breakfast, poached eggs and bacon

    Headed off to outdoors/boat/cycle/adventure holiday show. Rocked the VFF Bikila LS's, plenty of walking around all day..

    Lunch of chicken and coleslaw, 0.75ml of coconut water, unsweetened, no additives.

    Dinner two chicken legs with spinach leaves (raw as always) and homemade balsamic vinegar/olive oil dressing. Made the spinach utterly glorious ! Think the balsamic/Olive oil ratio was about 1:3 respectively.

    Chunk of dark chocolate

    Sausage skins soaking overnight ! Half will be breakfasty type sausages and half more lunch or dinner type.. just meat, fat and spices inside them, no fillers or gunk..possibly maple syrup on the breakfast ones .. we shall see.


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      Had a few days rest from updating on here.. not so good with doing a journal sadly... but had a good day today.. Morning routine has been to have a teaspoon of coconut oil as soon as I open my eyes in the morning before getting in the shower.. it just feels right. Then in work been on the three eggs in the morning all week, scrambled with the help of the work microwave, added butter, salt and pepper.. served with either nitrate free bacon, or homemade sausage (100% Pork, no additives) or smoked salmon. Lunch has been either chicken and spinach, or salmon and spinach or salmon and broccoli.. or sprouts with turkey and almonds and butter all pureed together! Success story of the day today.. managed to get a Hare and also two squirrels .. (christened them "Mork" and "Mndy") frozen them for now whilst I reseach recipes! Grok on !!!!


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        Hi Martin. It's nice to see another Brit! Not sure I like the sound of eating squirrel though!


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          Your homemade sausage sounds amazing! Just like Matt, I'm not so sure about the squirrel - haha. There are tons of them here in California, so I guess I could hunt my own if I ever want to give it a try!
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            Hi MattM and anna-banana,
            I am quite looking forward to the squirrels, I am very much of the attitude that if it has a face and a mother, then it is edible!! My rationale was that if it was for sale at the market.. then it can't be all bad.. Apparently it is meant to be a nicer version of rabbit, plus it is a pest here too.. so two birds with one stone! Will keep you posted on how it turns out.. am thinking of doing them in a "mole poblano" sauce...

            * Sausage ingredients.. I used a 5kg piece of pork shoulder, chopped it by hand and then minced it by hand .. then added salt and pepper (fair bit actually) bit of worcester sauce, coriander,mixed herbs, fat pinch of cayenne pepper and hefty chug of maple syrup. Then made a small patty and fried it up to see what it tasted like.. then adjusted seasonings accordingly. Left it in the fridge for a few hours and then filled the sausage skins via the fine mincer setting.. worked a treat !
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