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    Very new to this page... I guess I'll start by saying I made the Cinnamon Walnut Crackers last night and they're fabulous..I'm keeping them in my desk at work for when I get the munchies. Work seems to be the place I always break my Primal streaks. I work in a school and there are cookies, cakes, and other awfully bad for you but awfully tempting things around every corner.

    B: Scrambled eggs w/ kielbasa and mushrooms
    L: Chicken and Cashews
    S: Cinn Walnut Crackers
    D: - TBD (not home yet)

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    B:Chicken salad w/ chopped apples (rottisserie chicken w/ olive oil mayo and apples)
    L:Greek Yogurt & Strawberries
    D:Ham, eggs, mushrooms
    S: dark chocolate w/ almonds and cranberries
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      B: Apple and almond butter
      L: Spinach salad w/ carrots, ham, goat cheese, olive oil, cranberries, avacado
      S: dark choc. & macadamia nuts
      D: Steak topped with bacon and mushrooms, mashed cauliflower