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    So I decided to jump in on the Success Stories in the Making a little late. I have been waffling over sending in my picture because I'm not one to put pictures of myself all up on the internet, but I've decided to just go ahead and do it. You won't see my face though, so I hope everyone will be satisfied with weirdly-cropped pictures of my semi-nude torso, hahaha

    I started doing primal/paleo last summer, at the grand old weight of 227 pounds. Sticking with it pretty darn well, I dropped 20 pounds in about 6 weeks and felt awesome. Then I got busy and lazy about it all and my weight loss stalled. So I'm sitting at 211.4 this morning, several months later.

    Okay here are my starting stats:

    Sex: Female
    Age: 32
    Height: 5'10"
    Weight: 211.4
    Goals: drop excess weight (no particular # in mind...we'll see where I end up!), rule at life.

    I'll be emailing in my picture to the website here in a minute. Hopefully making part of this journey public will help me to stick with it and stop making excuses like, "If I get the fried chicken tenders, that's still paleo, right? Because there's no bun?" (DON'T JUDGE, IT WAS A MOMENT OF WEAKNESS....that happened a lot.)

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    Yesterday, my carpool buddy texted me and said he was stopping at a local Mexican place to pick up burritos for dinner and asked me if I wanted some. I'm not generally a burrito eater, but the shrimp tacos at this place are amazing. Transcendent. Heavenly. Scrumtrulescent. You get the idea. I considered briefly having him pick some up for me. But no, I went home and had a grass-fed burger and zucchini. And it was really good! Since getting back from my holiday travels I've been really good with food, and it's amazing how good eating the right stuff makes me feel.

    I'll save up those shrimp tacos for a special occasion.


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      Had a late dinner last night, not hungry this morning. Plan for the day is some work and some play. Going grocery shopping and hoping the grass-fed beef is still on sale, and will hopefully find some good deals on fish...tomorrow I'll hit up one of the local Mexican stores for really cheap produce.

      I really hate working on Saturday. But at least I'm working, right?


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        Okay so I didn't get to the store yesterday, but it's cool. I'll hit up the ethnic grocery today and go meat shopping tomorrow. I went with friends for Mexican food yesterday and, I won't lie, I ate the corn chips. But I stayed away from the flour tortillas. But now, having eaten the corn, and some of the rice, I'm all bloated! I'm sure all the salt doesn't help either. So I'm going to go super strict on eating...after all, if I open the door to failure, it will come in and sit on the couch and never leave.

        I have a little more work to do today...I absolutely loathe working Sundays, but again, at least I'm working.

        I've had this sinus congestion for like 2 weeks now, and it is getting better, but hasn't gone away entirely. It came on while on Christmas vacation to visit my boyfriend's family. They aren't paleo. Or anything close to it. So, while my better half tried to help accommodate me by telling his mom I didn't like certain foods, I did eat some things I normally don't. Canned soup, one ham sandwich (with bread and everything), 2 sliders, and some cookies. I don't know how many, but over the entire week, I probably averaged 2 per day. Then we went to a wedding and all bets were off. Rehearsal dinner was great. Wedding reception dinner was great. But alcohol was consumed. Yep. A lot of it. I learned last year that if I drink beer I get all runny-nosed and start to cough. I also drank diet soda for the entire 10 day vacation. And then on the way home I ate Doritos. "Heck, I've been eating and drinking all this other stuff...might as well indulge while still away from home." So I have this sneaking suspicion that this sinus crap may be diet-related. Since returning from vacation I've been doing about 80/20. This week I'm going 100% clean to see if that helps clear up the sinuses.

        Haha well that turned into quite the confession! It's all good though. Getting back on track.


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          Just had dinner of sauteed fish with guacamole. Fish was wahoo, guac made with an added pico de gallo. Was bright and limey. Now having a cup of iced tea and getting ready to go spend the evening with the bf.

          Groceries: obtained.

          Now I gotta go cram some knowledge into my brain. Ugh.


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            Late breakfast: grass-fed burger with guacamole. Plan for today is to attend a meeting, do a little more work, then head home. Really need to do laundry and take out the recycling, then can maybe relax for a minute, before getting to my study time. Exercise is going to probably go by the wayside for the next couple of weeks, as I have a huge exam coming up and I need all my spare time to organize my notes and get ready for that...

            Alright...on to get ready for my meeting!


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              Tuesday is a very busy day for me. I work from 7:30AM to about 8PM. There is a break of a few hours in the middle of the day, but being out and about driving all over is tedious. Hence, no post yesterday. But here I am, enjoying Wednesday so far.

              So I've made two decisions about what I eat. One, I need to skip the Mexican food. Sure, there are plenty of things on the menu I can eat. But then I will also indulge in the things I shouldn't. "Just a few chips" turns into ALL THE CHIPS. And this goes for Mexican food at home, too! I love chips and a cold beer with my Mexican food, so I am going to stay away from it entirely for the next few weeks, lest it open the door to failure. So no paleo tacos, no guac, nothing. Not for a few weeks.

              Second, I need to bump up my recipe repertoire of veggies and salads. So many people seem to be saying MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON all the time when it comes to this way of eating. There's a paleo group on facebook, where, every time someone joins the group and says, "Hello I've just started eating Paleo and I really love it so far!" or something to that effect, someone makes a comment about OMG BACON!!!!!!!!! or JUST EAT LOTS OF BACON!!!! or WELCOME TO ALL THE BACON YOU CAN EAT!!!! And I'm starting to find that tiresome. Not just reading about it, but I'm tired of eating so much meat. And this is a fault of my own, here. You see, I've been eating way more meat than I used to, because I kind of got in that mindset of OMG MEAT. But my body craves vegetables. Really, it does. So I want to work on learning some veggie dishes that are full of good fats so I'm not relying on OMG MEAT MEAT MEAT MEAT at every meal, because that makes me feel off-balance. (I know it's different for everyone. I've read blogs and stuff by people who only eat meat. Some people who only eat raw meat! And honestly, those aren't the people who brag about eating an entire pound of bacon for breakfast. Those are people who have done some serious self-experimentation and have found what works for them.) So I'm going to try to balance out my meat consumption this week with some seriously good veggie dishes. One of my go-to favorites is the broccoli salad posted on MDA last summer. I'm going to make it today. Yep. But what else? I'll look through the recipe archives. I'd also welcome any suggestions!

              Also, how do these people afford so much bacon?? Where I live, bacon without all the added junk is like $6-$7 a pound--yikes!


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                Broccoli salad was awesome yesterday. I think I really just have to remember to balance out the meat with a whole lot of veggies. Meal plan for today is to make pulled pork in the crockpot, if I can find the big crockpot! If I can't, we'll do a low&slow roast in the oven. Will pick up salad fixins.

                The darling bf irritated me a little this morning but one of the things I'm also trying to do as I fix my way of eating and overall physical well-being, is to improve my mental well-being by removing my ego from things as much as I can. So after a few minutes of rehearsing the passive-aggressive speech I would give him when he got home, I decided to put myself in his shoes and try to view things from his perspective. And that really helped. Anyway, off to do some is a work from home day, which is fun. I don't mind working in my PJs.


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                  Crockpot was too small for the pork roast, so we put it in the oven with tomatoes and onions for about 4 hours. Was so tender and flavorful when it came out of the oven! You could eat it with a spoon. Just had a little bit of it, bf had some when he got home from work. There is a lot left. Today we are actually going to be able to eat dinner together! We'll have broccoli salad and leftover pork. Not hungry this morning, will probably want to eat by lunch time. Anyway. I have to get going about my day...some work today, some work tomorrow...Sunday is OFF! Yay!


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                    It's the weekend! Mostly. A little work this morning, a little bit this afternoon, but mostly just a day spent in the books researching and writing my dissertation. I'm pretty okay with that.

                    I have been eating smaller portions of meat and larger portions of veggies at meals. I feel so much better. Too much meat is possible, I guess!

                    I've been staying at my boyfriend's house for about a week, so I haven't been home to check the number on the scale. That's okay, I feel great, clothes are a little looser (with the exception of some mid-month ladies know what I mean) and energy level is up!


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                      Ah, Sunday...I have the entire day off! No work! YES!! And I jumped on the scale this morning, just to see if my suspicions about losing weight were correct...they were! Down to 208.8! Cool! Now, that loss of 2.4 pounds may not seem like a whole lot in 10 days, but I'll take it. That means I'm down 6.4 pounds for the month. Rad. Goal for January 31: 205.2. That will be a loss of 6 pounds since starting this journal, and 10 pounds for the month of January.

                      Today I plan on an IF til Sunday dinner with my better half. Really looking forward to that. What to make, what to make...I have some oxtails in the fridge...could make a soup or stew. I'll check out some recipes on this here internet. If nothing strikes my fancy, I'm pretty good at improvising in the kitchen. Any suggestions?


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                        Also: I had a dream last night about weight loss. In the dream, I was at some alternate version of my job, and we were having a weight-loss challenge. Of course they weighed us all to start, and then put everyone's weight up on a chalkboard! And there I was, right at the top, with a starting weight of 303 pounds?? "Um, you guys are like 100 pounds off," I said, and tried to correct the starting weight. But I couldn't erase was written in some kind of indelible chalk. What does it all mean, hahaha...


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                          Really fun night out with the bf for date night last night. We tried to go to a local Italian chain for dinner, but the line was way long. So then we went to a sports bar, but it was way loud. So we went to stupid old Chili's. I had a little cheat with the chips and salsa and artichoke dip, plus ranch dressing for my wings. But no beer, no diet coke! Yay! We watched the 49ers play the Giants and had a really nice conversation.

                          Brunch today: scrambled eggs with shrimp, onion, zucchini, and kalamata olives.

                          Busy day today--work pretty much all day, and I have to attend a presentation this evening. It's not a bad thing, just eating into my day today. Eh. Busy day tomorrow too. Time to get to it, I guess!


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                            Home for lunch. Made a "meatza" for the first time. The verdict? Eh. It was fine. But really. Pizza is way better. I wasn't even craving pizza, just looking for a different thing to cook up for lunch. However, I can see why people say it's important not to "paleo-ify" things...they just aren't as satisfying. Oh sure, I'm satiated from lunch, but I feel like all I did was eat flat meatloaf. And that's kind of dumb.

                            Worked from 7:30-10:00 this morning, and I have another hour left on my break. Then, I work from 1:30-8. Gross.

                            Still got my eye on a 10 lb. loss for January!


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                              Friday! Yay! Today I have some errands in the morning, work in the afternoon, and then I'm headed out of town for the weekend (for work, not fun). And then back on Sunday just in time for...more work. Yuck. Yesterday I had sushi for lunch (some rice, but not a lot). And chicken with an avocado salad for dinner. Was pretty tasty.

                              Feeling pretty great--now that the mid-month bloating is past, all the pants are looser. Excellent. Back at the bf's and there is no scale here, so I don't know precisely what the # is this morning. But if I can get to 205.2 by the end of the month, that will be so awesome!

                              Going to discover some breakfast. Then off on my day!