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    Wow, a week away from this! I was out of town for work last weekend, then left my computer at the bf's place for a few was really, really relaxing to be away from the computer.

    This may be my only update until next week, as I have a crapload of important stuff to do at school next week...the comprehensive exam for my doctoral degree is next week!! So I'll be on the computer, but studying :/

    So I didn't meet my weight goal for the month of Jan...but that's okay. It's just a number. I certainly look better than I did when I started up this journal! I'll have to put an update picture or something, as soon as I can figure out how to do that.

    Goal for February: break 200??? Holy crap...I haven't been under 200 pounds in...years...

    And I know that primal isn't just a weight loss thing...I know it. But holy crap to see a 1 in front of my weight would be so amazing.


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      Dinner tonight: grass-fed burger served with tomato, sweet onion, quick pickles, and wrapped in iceberg lettuce. Served with a side of French fries. Looking forward to it!!

      Glad to see the forum is up and running again


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        Yesterday I completed a pretty significant milestone in my degree program. Last week I had my written comprehensive exam, and yesterday I completed the oral comprehensive exam!! It's funny, reading back over my posts, they're all regularly written until I started getting stressed about the exam. And I can tell you during that stress time I was really struggling--I would drink beer, get carry-out food (that I convinced myself would be okay, but who knows what kind of oils, etc they were using??) and did not get outside to move around AT ALL.

        When I get super stressed, I tend to get really lazy in everything but what I need to work on. So while I was studying for the exam, I ignored EVERYTHING else...but I really can't ignore my own health anymore.

        This morning, on the way home from the bf's, I stopped off to pick up breakfast. I thought, Oh man, I really shouldn't do this. But I did anyway. Mexican breakfast--amazing. And then I got home and sat down to catch up on emails, MDA, etc., and there was that article from yesterday about how we go against our better judgement. I think I was having a salt craving. I don't really have a sweet tooth, but I do have a salty one. And so getting a salty breakfast was probably my instinctual solution. The way I talked myself into the breakfast was by telling myself it was a celebration of my test completion. And now I'm thinking...Why am I rewarding myself with food? I'm not a dog.

        Today I'm going to be a homebody: cleaning, roasting peppers, preparing food for the weekend Despite my less-than-perfect breakfast this morning, I'm still content. I'm really happy with life! I love the feeling that (generally) eating clean gives me! This breakfast won't thwart me, nor will stress or salt cravings!

        PS, I don't know if anyone actually reads this (probably not) but if you're an NPR listener, there was an interesting conversation about gluten-free eating on the Diane Rehm Show this morning. None of the speakers was coming from the Paleo viewpoint, but one of them did say some really good things. "Put things on your plate that you recognize, things with one ingredient," she said. "Meats, fruits, and vegetables." Sounds like a good plan.


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          Okay so I am having a semi "productive" day so far...I am letting my mind and body relax and looking at Pinterest. I've had a Pinterest account for months but have never actually pinned anything until today--I don't fully understand it yet, but so far I've found a recipe I want to try and several paleo boards to look at! Tonight, I may just try making a paleo mug cake with coconut milk whipped cream.


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            Alright! My first day off in...a couple of weeks! Yay! The day so far: brunch w/ friends (huevos rancheros, some rice, a couple bites of a tortilla, iced tea), work on the dissertation, and a snack. The snack was the hard part, as I'm staying at my (non paleo) bf's house and there's nothing here I can eat. Also, he has the car so I can't go get anything! So I had a nonfat Chobani yogurt that had "evaporated cane juice" in it...not ideal, but not a huge sin either.

            I did end up making that paleo mug cake the other day! It was pretty good, but I think it could be improved...the almond butter was pretty thick and when I cut into the cake there was a big lump of it in there, haha! The cake was a little too dense, I think due to the fact that I put in too much cocoa and too much almond butter. I liked the lack of sweetness, and enjoyed the richness of the cake. I had it with coconut milk whipped cream. This would make an excellent dessert with the addition of fresh berries. And shredded coconut!

            Okay--so Lent is right around the corner. I don't normally give something up because I'm not Catholic or Lutheran or whatever other groups do Lent. But I would like to make a point of 40 straight days of clean eating (no cheats!). So I am giving up entirely: wheat, added sugar, and dairy for Lent. I pretty much abstain from these things anyway, but this will mean: no cheats!! So I guess I'm giving up cheats for Lent, haha!


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              Wow, I got so busy that I just didn't write anything here. I've never been so busy or stressed in my life as I have been dealing with researching, writing, and revising my dissertation. But it's pretty much finished and I'm on course to graduate on time! Yay!

              The downside: I've been so stressed I've been eating like crap. I've gained nearly 5 pounds from my starting weight for this journal. I've been so stressed I've only been focusing on one thing and pretty much ignoring everything else. And while I've met every deadline for my dissertation, I've not met any of my health goals. Part of the problem is that I don't have any support. My parents are vegans, my bf is firmly entrenched in the SAD, and I have no friends who eat paleo. I'm not the best person to demonstrate why they should though, as I've been saying I've been doing it but at the same time eating fast food and drinking more beer than is necessary.

              So I went shopping yesterday with a renewed vigor, and hope to just hang on and do my best. Breakfast today: 3 eggs with scallions. Lunch: pumpkin/coconut milk smoothie. Dinner: will be a salmon vegetable soup.

              I've even been drinking diet soda...I haven't had any since new year's (and before that, I don't remember the last time I had it) and in the last 3 weeks I've had 2. That doesn't sound like a lot, I know. But when you're trying to give something up for good, even one can be dangerous! I don't feel the craving for it, which is good!

              Okay so my goal for today is to eat well, be well, enjoy life, and enjoy working with my friends this evening!

              Edited to add: here is my Success Stories in the Making page!

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                Hang in there! I also had the dissertation stress and weight gain. It does get better. I find that eating Primal has really reduced my stress eating. Good luck!


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                  Thanks for the kind words! I was so focused on the dissertation it's crazy--I didn't even realize how badly I was eating. But it's over now, I passed my defense (yay, dr. smokedsalmon!) and now it's back to doing the best I can.


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                    With a journal name like smoked salmon, I just had to check you out. We had some for breakfast today: it is our traditional Easter AND Christmas meal. Bagels(for others), cream cheese, red onions, capers. Yum, yum. I am coming off a fast, and just had a little, but, oh, so delicious, a little was enough.
                    Glad your dissertation is over. I find daily posting really helps to keep me focused on being primal. Hope to hear more from you.


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                      Smoked salmon is one of my favorite things--when I was on a cruise with my friends a few years ago I would bypass the breakfast buffet and just eat smoked salmon, onions, and tomatoes for breakfast. So good.

                      I hope to post daily; I agree that it helps to keep me focused. Thanks for the encouragement


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                        Hit up school this morning for one meeting, and came home to a lunch of grass-fed bacon cheeseburger wrapped in lettuce with tomatoes, sweet onion, and homemade roasted garlic mustard. Yowza. This is what I need to remember when I hear the evil little voice that says, "Hey girl. You've been working so hard. Why don't you just pick up something from the deli counter? You deserve a break." Because primal eating can be truly indulgent. Eating this burger I think I swooned a little.

                        I have to clean my stupid house soon (because it doesn't clean is this the future?) and then work for a short while. Then I'm going to get my butt outside and walk around for a while. I don't have any motivation to sprint, lift weights, or anything else, but I can get outside and move. Even if just for a few minutes, I can do it. Oh! Thought: charge the ipod and load up with new podcasts.

                        Also: I have a question of...lady things. Since primal-ing my life, my PMS symptoms have virtually gone away. Very few cramps, no fatigue, fewer mood swings, it's great. I do still bloat up quite a bit (maybe even more than I did before) and I was just wondering what suggestions people might have to alleviate that. In the grand scheme of things it isn't really a big deal I guess, because my weight rights itself after a few days. But the bloating and weight gain are visually noticeable, and if anyone has a solution to minimize that sort of thing, I'd be keen on hearing it!


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                          Alright, primal friends! Today is a new and awesome day! Had a great dinner last night, came over to visit the bf, slept like a champ, and got to sleep in a little bit this morning! Normally on Tuesday I have to be at work at 7:30AM and I finish up at 8PM, but today, I don't have to go in until 3:00!! I'm going to rock this morning so hard it won't even know what hit it.

                          I edited my first post to add the link to my Success Story in the Making page, but I will also leave it here: Sarah | Mark's Daily Apple

                          There were some comments on it! That totally made my morning and made me want to get outside to enjoy the morning, which I will shortly.

                          Yesterday I did some minimal outdoor activity but at least I did some! Some walking to run errands instead of driving. Not any long distance or lengthy amount of time, but something is better than nothing, right?? So here I go out to enjoy the morning. Hope everyone has a really nice day


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                            A friend of mine posted a facebook status today that said, "Onward and upward! No more living in the past." And that totally got my wheels turning. I've totally been living in the past. Overweight? Because of past choices. I should start living in the present, making choices to affect the future.

                            I have a couple of bouts of work to contend with today, but I'll be finished up by 5:30 and home by 6:30! I'm not at all hungry right now, so I'll pack a snack of almonds and shredded coconut to take along with me if hunger strikes.

                            The future is now, as they say.


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                              Okaaaaay. So. It's now been 6 months since my last journal entry. And I can safely say that I'm not going to be a success story in terms of weight loss this year. No, my success story is going to be a little different.

                              You see, since I've last written here, I've had some tremendous ups and downs in my life. In no particular order, these ups and downs have included:

                              Graduating and becoming Dr. smokedsalmon

                              Getting a sweet job in my field.

                              Lacerating my foot (not even a good story goes along with this one).

                              Getting Lyme disease (this SUCKED...Lyme disease sucks--I don't recommend it).

                              Battling depression and addiction (this is where the primal way of life is really helping me).

                              Going through the breakup of a long-term relationship (nothing to elaborate here...we've all been through it, it sucks).

                              Now, normally all these crappy things happening to me would send me straight to the bar with my best pals, but now I'm focusing on living paleo/primal and taking care of myself. Today, though I'm not slimmer than I was when I signed up, I'm stronger both physically and mentally.

                              Because I'm taking the time to really take care of myself, I'm happier and more content than I've been in a long time. Because I'm choosing to avoid grains, I feel amazing and perform my daily tasks (both professional and domestic) with a clear mind. As I'm finding balance between my profession and my personal life, I'm pursuing endeavors that allow me to grow in my field, while finding time to reach out and reconnect with my friends and family.

                              And this, my friends, is a success story. Because a primal lifestyle isn't just about survival, it's about living.


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                                And now it's the end of 2012. Where does time go? Here's where we are: this morning I stepped on the scale and saw 201.4. This is fantastic, as in August, right when my life fell apart and went to hell, I tipped the scales at 231. Through strict paleo living and using just the physical aspects of my job for exercise, I dropped 30 pounds. I'll enter the new year at my lightest weight in......I don't know how long. 5 years? 6 years?

                                My goal for menu planning lately has been to really work on eating local. I've joined a CSA, and am only eating meat from pastured animals or wild caught fish. Christmas dinner was duck, and it was awesome.

                                I don't have new year's resolutions; I don't believe in them. I've spent the last 4 months changing my life by making better choices. Things are much more awesome now than they were in the summer, and they'll continue to get even better. Rad.