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    Ok, so I started breaking myself into this around June 15th and have a ton of questions and self-doubt about if I'm doing this right so far. Hopefully I am but if not I would appreciate any and all feedback. I'm also trying to break some old in-grained habits so I'm not adverse to an good ol' fashion (Grok like) kick in the butt! Anyway, I'm sure this won't be pretty to those of you who have been around for awhile but if you can put your teaching caps on I would really appreciate any direction you might have.

    Since today isn't over, I'll start w/yesterday 6/23/09:

    B: (5:30 am)1 omega-3 enhanced egg scambled, turkey cutlet (4 oz approx), berry-almond mix, 2 coffee w/ff 50/50 & sugar substitute

    S: (8:30 am)Bannana

    Mid AM: (10:30 am)1 HB Egg and smoothie (commercial product-can we "name-names" on this site?)

    L: (12:00 pm)Chinese food: steamed chicken & veggies, no sauce, noodles or accouterments; just the chicken & veggies. several little cups of tea.

    S: (3:30 pm)Peach

    D: (7o-ish pm)Steak and salad

    PM: (9:00-ish pm) handful of walnuts and (I know I failed here)...2 peppermint patties

    fitness: walked the dog (1/2 mile); 15-minute walk at work on break (approx 8-10ths mile)

    8 glasses water throughout the day, multi-v & 2 krill gell caps in early am w/B.

    P.S. I just got my book yesterday so I'll have a better understanding of all this soon. In the meantime, anyone, how'd I do?

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    I would replace the half and half with heavy cream and nix the artificial sweetner. And the obvious with the peppermint patties. Love those. How you feeling so far?


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      Hi D- Thank you for the input. Heavy cream huh? I'll have to try it. The patties and all other chocolate anythings are going to be hard to give up but I'm going to give it my best shot. Do you know of a decent substitute for when the cravings really kick in?

      I'm surprised to say I don't really feel any different BUT I'm just getting started so hopefully I'll notice a difference once I'm really rocking with this. Thanks again for the insight. I appreciate all the help I can get getting started.


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        I know- I just recently crossed the heavy cream barrier myself. To minimize cravings it's important to keep the fat and protein up and eat when you're hungry- don't let hunger go too long or it will set you up for eating crap. Some people here eat 100% cacao chocolate or something like that but I try to stay away from anything that simulates candy because I just don't want to mess with it. Personal choice. Cravings will subside more when you get several weeks into it.


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          Day 2 - here goes...

          B5:30am) Banana, 1 scram egg, turkey cutlet, berry/almond mix

          S10:00am) HB egg, walnuts

          L12:00pm) 4 cups salad w 1/2 cup perdue chicken short cuts & red wine vinegar dressing. Peach

          S3:00) Raw Revolution food bar (I'm not sure if it's primal or not-will post ingredients below, maybe someone can let me know)

          Pre Workout5:00pm) Prograde protein drink made w/8oz water

          Post Workout7:00pm)same as above (I take 1 drink 1-hour before workout and 1 drink within 1 hour after workout)

          D8:00pm) Smoothie-8oz almond milk, 1 frozed banana, 1/4 cup fresh bluberry, 1 scoop whey protein, 6 ice cubes

          S9:00ish pm) Yogurt w/almonds, 6 pcs dried apricots

          fitness: dog walk, work walk, Crossfit WOD

          + my water M/V & krill gell caps

          Critque anyone?

          P.S. is this primal? 100% Raw-Organic Live Food Bar w/Sprouted Flax Seed-ingredients: cashew, date, agave nectar, almond & sprouted flax seed

          Wow! Just noticed I went a day without candy...that's a pretty big thing for me.


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            Day 3 -

            B5:30am):Banana, 1 scram egg, turkey cutlet, berry/almond mix.

            S10:30am):HB egg, apple.

            L12:00pm):Egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies.

            S3:15pm):Raw Revolution bar.

            Pre-Workout5:00pm):Prograde protein drink made w/8 oz water.

            Post-Workout7:15pm):Prograde protein drink made w/8 oz water.

            D8:15pm):Ham & cheese lettuce wrap w/honey mustard, salad (with kidney beans & chicken mixed into it--I think the beans are no-no's?) w/rasberry-walnut dressing, cantalope

            S: 1 peppermint patty--need to get those things out of the house!

            Fitness: dog walk, work walk, CF WOD

            water-coffee-tea, mv & krill


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              The Weekend. Days 4-5-6.

              I'm not going to post it all but I think I did ok.

              Breakfasts were eggs, meat & fruit or a smoothie. Lunches were out at the lake or picnics, stuck w/breadless burgers, salads and veggies. Dinners were a catch-as-catch-can deal. Wasn't overly hungry so I had a little of whatever was there, meat/salad/fruit. Snacks consisted of dried apricots, fresh fruit, nuts and yogurt.

              Bad weekend stuff: beer (4 Sat)(2 Sun), ice cream and a couple pcs candy. My sweet tooth is going to be the thing that kills me! I really need to find some suitable replacements.


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                I was a pretty bad sugar or candy addict upon starting primal and raw pure honey and fruit is what helped me transition. Over the time period of the last couple months I was able to cut it down to the point of only a couple pieces of fruit a day. Also, now fruit seems to be much sweeter, especially that one or two weekly banana.


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                  L-glutamine might help with your sweet tooth.

                  I would ditch the bars, they still contain sources of sugar so you will never get over your sugar cravings if you continue eating them. Sometimes it is just better to go cold turkey! Yes I know itís hard but it might work.


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                    I had my last Raw bar last night before my workout and have decided not to pick up anymore at the co-op tonight. I have to tell you though, I'm going to miss them ALOT! Fruit and honey sounds like a nice mix and it's simple enough that I can have it when the sweet tooth ache starts and hopefully satisfy it before it gets way ahead of me. What is L-glutamine?

                    As for yesterday:

                    B5:30am): 2 scram eggs, 4 oz. turkey breast, berry/almond mix


                    L12:00):4 cups salad w 1/2 cup chicken and kidney beans mixed in w/red wine vinegar dressing, handful of walnuts

                    S2:30):Yogurt. (3:00):Raw bar :-(

                    Pre W/O5:00):Prograde w/8 oz. water

                    Post W/O6:30):Prograde w/8 oz. water

                    D7:45):Bowl of roasted veggies, banana

                    S8:45):berries and almonds

                    Water, coffee, tea. M/V & krill

                    Walked w/dog and at work. CF WOD.

                    Funny thing, I feel I'm eating less but feeling fuller and better for longer periods of time. I think the large breakfast (as opposed the the oatmeal/fruit combo I used to eat) is the real hero in the story so far. I'll have to keep closer track of that moving forward.


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                      Day 8.

                      B5:30am):2 scram eggs, 4 oz turkey breast, berry/almond mix

                      S10:00am):Banana, 1 oz walnuts

                      L12:00):Egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies


                      D6:30):4 oz turkey breast, roasted veggies, HB egg, 12 small strawberries

                      S9:00):2 peppermint patties...the last 2 that were in the house. Won't be replacing them next time I'm shopping.

                      Water, coffee, tea. M/V & Krill. Not much exercise, walked at work.


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                        Day 9

                        (B)5:30am)Banana, 2 scram eggs, chiicken breast, strawberry/almond mix

                        (S)11:30):1 oz walnuts, HB egg

                        (L)12:00):4 cups salad w. 1/2 cup chicken & RWV, yogurt


                        Pre W/O5:00):Prograde w. 8 oz water

                        (D)8:00):Whey Smoothie: 8 oz almond milk, 3/4 cup frozen berries, 1 scoop whey protein. 1/4 cup walnuts, 1 cup cooked cauliflower

                        Coffee,tea,water. M/V and Krill. Corssfit WOD.

                        Day 10.

                        B5:30):Banana, HB egg, chicken breast, 6 lg. strawberries

                        (S)10:00):1oz walnuts, necterine

                        (L)12:00):Egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies


                        (D)6:00):Applebees:6 boneless hot wings, spinach salad w/grilled shrimp (no dressing), 1 1/2 lg glasses rasberry lemonade.

                        Coffee, tea, water. M/V and Krill. No exercise and I feel it today...tight, sluggish and stiff. Need to move around some more.

                        Started fitday analysis on my food journal the other day. Averaging 40% of my calories from carbs :-( I need to make SERIOUS changes. Today is 7/3/09 and my own personal independence day! I am commited to cutting the sugar from my diet!


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                          Exciting addendum to Day 10. (Exciting for me at least). Last night was the 1st night that I can remember (honestly, the very 1st night I remember) where I din't have anything to eat after dinner. No dessert, no snack, no munchies, nothing! Wow! P.S. I'm down 2.1 lbs since 6/15 when I started trying this. Hooray! :-)


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                            No post for 7/3/09--changed note books and forgot to bring it with me to log on line...

                            Posting July 4th weekend. Not too bad for a 1st timer w/a 3-day holiday even though I forgot Friday's notes. Not perfect I admit but not bad either.

                            7/4/09 (Day 11):

                            (B)7:30--yeah for sleeping in!)2 scram eggs, berry/almond mix, banana

                            (S)10:30):sauteed cabbage w/apples, 1 oz macadania nuts

                            (L)?:??):grilled chicken over cobb salad (at a diner so no dressing)

                            (D)?:??):breadless burger w/roasted peppers and grilled veggies

                            (S)9:30):yogurt, dried apricots

                            1 cocktail durig the day...walked a ton w/hubby around Morristown and then the park with the dog

                            Day 12.

                            (B)Banana, 2 scram eggs, berry/almond mix

                            (L):turkey and cheese sandwhich (removed the bread and just ate the meat and cheese), watermelon

                            (S):1 black apricot, macadamia nuts

                            (D):HB egg, sweet potato w/butter, cabbage w/apples and 3 oz. chicken breast

                            (S):Peach, 1 tbsp almond butter

                            2 beers


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                              7/6/09 (Day 13)

                              B5:30am):2 scram eggs, chicken breast, berry/nut mix


                              L12:00pm):4 cups salad w 1/2 cup chicken, HB egg

                              S2:00pm):dried apricots & macadamia nuts

                              Pre W/O:Apple & Prograde w/8oz water

                              Post W/O:Prograde w/8oz water

                              D7:30pm):Greek yogurt w/cherries (YUCKOLA!)...after that berries&nuts & salad w/plain tuna (no mayo)

                              Coffee (w/heavy cream), water. M/V & Krill. Walked & CF WOD. Weight is back up from day 10. I really must have over did it. Oh well, I've never been able to maintain anything under 140. That's just gonna be me I guess. ;-( Be healthy and forget the rest!