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    Vacationing as primally as possible. Not logging anything right now (or posting much for that matter) but paying close attention to what I eat and drink and so far so good!

    7/6 was a bad day. It's better now. I need to learn not to make the scale numbers so important. Old habits die really hard sometimes. I'm losing again so maybe that's why I can say that but none the less it's something I need to work on.


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      Love that motto- be healthy and forget the rest! Have fun on vacay.


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        Back from vacation and not too much worse for the ware. Stayed as primal as possible except for 1 day when it was just carb city. Funny though, when I went to bed that night I had heartburn to beat the band and an upset stomach most of the next day. I managed to maintain my weight through-out and got myself back on track w/shopping trips to Trader Joes, Whole Foods and the Co-op I belong to. I'm loaded up on fresh/organic fruits, veggies, nuts, seeds, butters, eggs, etc. I also started a new vitamin plan w/MV, Krill, CoQ10 & Magnesium. I'm thinking I need to give it 60-days before I start to feel any results if I'm actually going to feel any at all. Anyway...

        Sun. 7/19 (Day 27):

        B: Banana, pork chop (left over from last night), almonds

        L: 1/2 avacado stuffed w/chicken/shrimp salad over field greens (very yummy)

        S: assorted melon, veggies and seeds (while making up my salad for the week)

        D: Rib eye steak, 2 stuffed grape leaves (indulgent but it was the last night of the vacation)

        S:Carrot-Walnut bread (from the worker bee recipe) spread w/light layer of cream cheese and diced up dried appricots

        Mon. 7/20 (Day 28) back to work and reality :-(

        B: HB egg, berries, chiken breast

        S: Peach, 1/4 cup apricot kernels

        L: Large salad w/balsamic vinegar, HB egg

        S: Apple

        Pre W/O: celery w/almond butter, Prograde w/ 8oz water

        Post W/O: Porgrade w/8oz water

        D: Salad w/sundried tomato dressing, 1 can sardines

        AM warm-up, walked, Crossfit WOD

        Tue. 7/21 (day 29)

        B: 2 scram eggs, berries, slice of carrot-walnut bread

        S: banana, 1/4 cup macadamia nuts

        L: Egg drop soup, steamed chicken w/veggies

        S: HB Egg, 1 cup grapes

        Pre W/O: Apple w/almond butter, Prograde w/8oz water

        Post W/O: Prograde w/8oz water

        D: Chicken breast, some fruit (melon & cherries), slice of carrot-walnut bread

        Crossfit WOD-went up 5lbs in wt in my 1-arm presses...yeah! progress. Seems to be the toughest of all for me is to get the weight above my head w 1-hand


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          Wed. 7/22 (day 30)

          B: 2 scam eggs, chicken breast, berry/almond mix

          S: Banana

          L: Lg. salad w/grilled chicken

          S: Macadamia nuts

          D: Chicken breast w/salad (gee, sounds alot like lunch!) and a sliver (a sliver) of chocolate close yet so far from being clean!

          30 days in. My goal for the next 30 days is to stay on track, keep learning and to eat cleaner (no sugar--way less carbs--maybe a little more fat), possibly try the IF thing but I actually get shaky thinking about that one. I also need to start tracking protein/carbs & fat but fitday can be a real chore. I have to look into the others like dailyplate and see if they are anymore user friendly.


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            Thur. 7/23 (day 31)

            B: 2 scram eggs, chicken breast, berries/almonds

            S: Carrot-walnut bread, HB egg

            L: Egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies

            S: Macadamia nuts

            Pre W/O: Prograde w/8 oz. water

            Post W/O: Prograde w/8 oz. water

            D: Turkey Ch burger (no bread & organic pepper jack cheese) w/salsa & 2 garlic pickle slices, salad w/lime vinegareete

            S: 7 oz. unsweetened chocolate almond milk & handful of cherries

            walked & Crossfit WOD


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              The weekend.

              Fri 7/24 (Day 32)

              1st AM: Banana (had leg cramps waking me up all Thurs night)

              B: HB Egg, chicken breast, almond/berry mix

              S: Carrot-walnut bread, HB egg

              L: Egg drop soup, steamed chiken & veggies

              S: 2 tbl almond butter, some walnuts

              D: (at the Diner): Pot roast w/brown gravy, carrots, salad

              Sat 7/25 (Day 33)

              B: Banana, 4 strawberries, carrot-walnut bread

              L: Salad

              Birthday party/picnic at Mom's

              Appys: shrimp, couple of cheese & crackers, couple pcs salami & pepperoni, olives

              D: Marinated steak, lg. baked potato w/butter & sour cream

              Dessert: berries & cream, ice-cream cake

              4 glasses wine

              Sun. 7/26 (Day 34)

              B: Banana

              Brunch: Spinach/fetta omelette, bacon

              D: Pork chop w/sauteed cherries, fried tomato

              S: Smoothie(3/4 cup unsweet choc almond milk, 1/4 cup heavy cream, 5 lg frozen strawberries, 1/2 frozen banana, 2 tbl coco powder)

              BLT's (Bites, Licks, Tastes) throughout the day, 2 tsp almond butter, chiken cube (while I was cutting it up for this weeks salad, couple cubes of melon and a couple berries (as I was preparing them for freezing), few cherries (while preparing to sautee them for dinner)


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                hehe I love the BLT's... I am Queen Bee Nibbler.


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                  BLT's are my favorite way to eat but it's not very functional..

                  Mon 7/27 (day 35)

                  B: HB egg, chicken breast, almond/berries, 2 coffee w/HC & splenda

                  S: Plum, HB egg

                  L: Salad w 1/2 cup chicken & RWV, 1/2 cup cantelope, macadamia nuts

                  S: Celery w/almond butter

                  Pre W/O: Prograde w/8oz water

                  Post W/O:Prograde w/8oz water

                  D: Smoothie: 3/4 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup HC, 1 cup frozen necterines/peaches, 1 tsp flax oil, 1 packet splenda

                  Had a really tough CF WOD-push presses and 4-400 yard runs. Finish time: 15 minutes. I was exhausted but exhilarated! I'm going to take it a little easier today. Maybe just a walk later.


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                    For the leg cramps, take Magnesium daily. I guess almost 80% of Americans are lacking it. Your body won't absorb Calcium or Potassium without it.

                    Mmmmm.....Celery w/ Almond Butter. I like that snack!

                    Grock on!


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                      I've been taking a 25 mg tab of magnesium every morning. The bottle says take up to 4 tabs a day but I read that over doing it cause some nasty gastro side effects so I've been reluctant to take more. I'm thinking of adding a 2nd tab with lunch to see how that works out, anything to stop the cramping...

                      Tue. 7/28/09 (day 36)

                      B: chicken breast, berry/almond mix (thought I would try a smaller breakfast. It seems I eat a lot more than others I see posting here.)2 coffee w/HC & splenda

                      S: Banana, coffee w 50/50 & splenda

                      L: (with a client unexpectedly): Chicken noodle soup, beet salad

                      S:HB egg, carrot sticks, coffee w 50/50 & splenda

                      D: 2 baked chicken legs, 3 figs, cucumber & dill salad

                      S: Strawberries w 1/4 cup whipping cream


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                        I realized I'm not takimg 25mg mag every morning, it's 100mg which equates to 25% RDA. Upped it to 2 tabs this am as I still had killer leg cramps last night. I also had another banana this morning because I could hardly walk from the soreness in my calf. 31 grams of carbs from 1 banana is a killer. I need to get this under control. I wonder if not staying hydrated enough has anything to do with it. I know that 6-8 8oz glasses of water daily is arbitrary BUT if that's what your body is used to and then you dial it back a little does your body respond in negative ways? I'm adding the 6-8 back in for a while + 200mg mag & a banana every couple of days. I'm just going to keep playing until I get the combo right but in the meantime the cramps, resulting soreness and loss of sleep is making for a pretty cranky grokette today.

                        Another observation. I haven't really noticed that I feel any different eating primally. I've completely cut out grains (on a regular basis-had some last night)and am working on the sugar/carb thing so I'm not eating as cleanly as most who are here but I eat cleaner than the general population. The point is I don't feel any differently eating right BUT (again with the capital b-u-t) I surely know when I've eaten wrong! I really feel like crap the next day. Today being a prime example becuase last night I was out to dinner and a show after work and aside from the leg cramp thing I feel crappy from the food and have been **starving** all day. It's loke having a hangover. Carb craving? My imagination? Who the heck knows! All I do know is that bad eating suddenly makes me feel bad! I know that sounds like bitching but I'm actually pretty happy about it becaue it's even more incentive to stay on track.

                        Wed. 7/29/09 (day 37)

                        B: 2 scram eggs, chicken breast, berry/almond mix, 2 coffee w/HC & splenda

                        S: Banana, coffee w 50/50 & splenda

                        L: 4 cups salad w 1/2 cup chicken & RWV, 1/3 cup macadamia nuts, 2coffee w 50/50 & splenda

                        Sbecuase I don't know how else to classify it) 1 coffee w 50/50 & splenda,

                        D: (@ Sebastians) 1 pizza-bread stick, lobster/avacado cocktail served w/4 very thing waffle cut potatoes fried, pan seared sea scallops over Jersey fresh corn & peas in sweet cream sauce, strawberries & blueberries over vanilla ice cream w/whipped cream, 2 merlots, 2 jamacian coffee

                        And just as an aside we saw Jason Alexander last night in his 1 man show. Bleeping hillarious!!! DH and I were actually on stage as part of the show for a couple minutes and haven't stopped laughing yet. Today kinda sucks but boy was last night a hoot!


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                          Thur. 7/30/09 (day 39)

                          1st am: Banana

                          B: HB egg, chicken breast, 1 cup strawberries

                          S: 1 cup grapes, 1/4 cup walnuts

                          L: egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies, plum

                          Pre W/O: celery w/almond butter

                          Post W/O: Prograde w/8 oz. water

                          D: Salad w/sundried tomato dressing, smoothie3/4 cup almond milk, 1/4 cup HC, 1 cup frozen berries, 1 scoop whey protein, 1 tsp flax oil)

                          6-8oz waters, 4 coffee (1 w/HC rest w/50.50)

                          Walked & CF WOD


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                            The weekend:

                            Fri. 7/31/09 (day 40)

                            B:HB Egg, chicken breast, almond/berry mix, 2 coffee w/HC & splenda

                            S:Macadamia nuts

                            L:Egg drop soup, steamed chicken & veggies, 3 squares Green&Black 85% Organic Dark Chocolate

                            S:1 cup cheeries

                            D:2 chicken legs, wax beans w/diced tomato-garlic & fresh herbs

                            4 water, 3 coffee w. 50/50 & spelnda

                            Sat. 8/1 (day 40)

                            B:Chopped HB egg w/avacado & 1/3 cup walnuts, sliced tomato, 2 coffee w/HC & splenda

                            Pre W/O: Prograde w/8oz. water

                            Post W/O: Prograde w/8oz. water

                            Brunch:Brooklyn omelette (3 eggs, lox, capers, onions, sun dried tomato), 1/2 cup bluberries, bacon

                            S:1/2 cup watermelon, 3/4 cup homemade trail mix

                            D:Salad w/SDT dressing & 1 slice organic pepper-jack cheese

                            S:Plum (caved into my sweet tooth craving)

                            6 water, 2 coffee w.50/50 & splenda, 3 coors lite

                            Sun. 8/2 (day 41)

                            B:Chopped HB egg w/avacado & 1/3 cup walnuts, 1/2 cup blueberries, 2 coffee w/HC & splenda

                            S: 3/4 cup trail mix

                            L:Greek salad w/grilled chicken & anchovies (passed on the stuffed grape leaves), 1 coffee w.50/50 & splenda

                            D:4 slices roast beef w/roasted onions


                            Munchies (late last night-boy did they hit hard!) handful of macadamia nuts, 2 tsb almond butter

                            1 1/2 diet snapple (I don't plan on replacing them after I finish the bottles I have)


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                              Monday 8/3/09 (day 42)

                              B:1 scram egg, chicken breast, berry/almonds, 2 coffee w/HC only--no sweetener (working on those goals)

                              S:HB egg, sautéed cherries..(I eat when I'm stressed and Monday from the minute I walked into work was huge stress-I recognize the problem but I have to learn to control it better. Part of the solution is to recognize it while it's happening and not in hind sight like this)

                              L:4 cups salad w 1/2 cup chicken & SDT dressing, plum

                              D@ Provisios)Salad w/sliced melon, goat cheese & pine nuts, grilled salmon over broccoli rabe & sautéed veggies Zinfandel, 1 cappuccino

                              Dessertafter the show):raspberry truffle latté

                              No workout today

                              Tuesday 8/4/09 (day 43)

                              B:HB egg, chicken breast, almond/berry, 1 coffee w/HC

                              S:More stress eating..HB egg, plum, 1/3 cup walnuts

                              L:4 cups salad w. 1/2 cup chicken & RWV dressing

                              S:celery w/almond butter

                              Pre W/O: Prograde w 8oz. water

                              D:2 slices roast beef, 12 cherries, salad w/chicken, sunflower seeds & SDT dressing

                              Crossfit WOD: front squats w/KB 3x5 (3@25x5), ring pushups 3x6(BW), 1-arm rows 3x6 (1@25-1@35-1@35x10), back extensions 3x6 (BW), 4 sets of 25/50/25 runs

                              Today's quoteto help me achieve goal #4):You can't cross the Grand Canyon in two steps-sometimes you have to take a leap of faith. Believe in yourself!

                              I don't know if the Challenge journals are supposed to replace these or not so for now so I'm going to keep both.