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    Hi there,
    my name is Nina (I always go by Abtacha since reading Battletech with 16...), I'm 28 years old and I live in Germany.
    I'm soon going to post a little background info for now let's just say I've always been on the chubby site, even as a kid, my goal is to change that!
    I was primal for three month last year and went from 73kg to 66kg but than the holidays came and I lost focus.
    Now I'm going to start over and the New Year's challenge is just the motivation I needed!

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    Don't have much time today just wanted to start posting what I ate/eat.
    Breakfast: Latte macchiato (espresso with lots of milk foam)
    Lunch: Turkey breast strips and lots of roasted vegetables (bell peppers, zucchini)
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      Here's a little bit of background info.
      As mentioned before I always was kind of a chubby kid. Not fat or skinny but right in the middle. I was never teased or mistreated but I was never happy with my weight.
      I started my first diet when I was 14ish years old and guess what it worked. All the diets I did so far worked! I did Weight Watchers, I stopped eating, I only ate sweet bread and milk, I was vegan, I was vegetarian, I was raw.... You name it I probably did it. And as I said all of it worked until I stopped doing it. But that's the problem with all the calorie restriction diets. You lose weight but it doesn't stay off. And on top of that you ruin your health! I read somewhere that it's better for your body to be and stay overweight than to keep yo-yoing down and back up.
      Anyways so I fluctuated from somewhere between 48kg (skinny fat) and 74kg (fat fat) for the last 14 years. There were times when I tried to be healthy, CW healthy but hey I didn't know better at that time. And then there were times where I just wanted to be skinny no matter how faint and shakey I felt for weeks at a time.
      Ok so fast forward to last year in summer...
      In a magazine I read a short article about the first paleo restaurant to open in Berlin. The article was like 100 words if that but they mentioned what foods you should eat and that the owners haven't been ill since they were on that diet. I was hooked! It wasn't a big revelation they didn't mention how much or if any weight they lost, they didn't show before and after pictures, no they just mentioned that they haven't been ill and I was hooked!
      I started looking for books and started with The Paleo Diet by Dr. Loren Cordain. Then came Robb Wolf's Paleo Solution and Sarah Fragoso's Everyday Paleo. Dr. Cordain's book is a little dry for me but explains the principles very good, I didn't really get Robb Wolf's humor but Sarah Fragoso's book has really good recipes. So I started with those recipes but kept on searching for more. Not long after I stumbled on Mark's daily apple, got the book and read it in two days.
      So I've been paleo/primal whatever you want to call it since September. I didn't cheat once over the holidays but after that I had some minor slip ups. Nothing too bad but most of the time I got rewarded with some minor case of diarrhea which helped me right back on track. Ok this might be TMI but I'm gonna write it anyway just stop reading if your grossed out!
      So last week I kept falling back into my old habbit of stopping by the bakery before heading to the office and what do you know last Friday I got a major payback from my body, which obviously approves of the primal lifestyle and doesn't want me to go back to "normal". I'm not going into detail but headaches and some major bathroom visits aren't a great day to spend your weekend...
      Anyways I entered my now picture (you could call it a halfway through picture) into the Success story in the making but haven't been added to the list yet. I hope that's gonna add even more motivation.

      What I ate today:
      I started out slow with some scarmbled eggs for brunch.
      Will probably add a banana and some broth later, see how my stomach likes the eggs first.

      That's it for today!
      lg Nina
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        Welcome Nina. You can do it.
        Ancestral Health Info

        I design websites and blogs for a living. If you would like a blog or website designed by someone who understands Primal, see my web page.

        Primal Blueprint Explorer My blog for people who are not into the Grok thing. Since starting the blog, I have moved close to being Archevore instead of Primal. But Mark's Daily Apple is still the best source of information about living an ancestral lifestyle.


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          Thanks Hedonist!

          After the eggs and banana behaved nicely in their new environment (my stomach) they later got some company from banana plus yoghurt and some broccoli soup. Since everything seems fine now I ended today with a hardboiled egg and a small can of tuna in olive oil.
          That last one probably wasn't the smartest move but that was what I felt like eating.
          lg Nina


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            My body forgave me! No more feeling sick through my stomach.

            breakfast: mashed banana, yoghurt, chopped nuts, hardboiled egg
            lunch: chicken breast with mozarella cheese, mixed vegetables
            snack: apple
            dinner: scrambled eggs, veggie soup

            I also did three 30min walks today (to work, from work, and with my mom after lunch) and my ballett class (I suck big time but it's fun!).
            lg Nina


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              so far I had...
              Breakfast: Egg, mashed banana, yoghurt, chopped nuts, apple
              Lunch: meatloaf, roasted veggies
              Snack: dark chocolate with MacNuts
              Dinner: leftover lunch, some cheese
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                breakfast: hardboiled egg
                lunch: slow cooked chicken, roasted fennel
                snack: banana, yoghurt, chopped nuts
                dinner: eggs and bacon


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                  I started working again. I work as a heating technician and mostly do the service for oil and gas heatings. So I had lots of primal exercise going on. I walked quite a bit and lifted lots and lots of heavy things.
                  Breakfast: hardboiled egg
                  lunch: mashed banana, yoghurt, chopped nuts, apple
                  dinner: scambled eggs, bacon


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                    More lifting heavy things today. My hands hurt so bad...
                    brteakfast: hardboiled egg, apple
                    lunch: veggie-meatballs, veggie soup
                    snack: banana, yoghurt, nuts
                    dinner: haven't decided what I feel like yet