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    From Yesterday when the site was hacked/down - I wrote a note so I would remember.

    Day 8 Whole 30

    Slept from 11-7.05. Woke up ~5 minutes before my alarm.

    B: 2 pieces of roast beef
    L: Typical Salad
    D: Mexican Soup? Not sure what to call it - abit of a random recipe. Made meatballs (ground beef, 500g) with chili, lime, garlic and a egg. Then added 6 garlics, 1 red bell pepper, 1/2 onion to the pan once the meatballs were browned off. Added 1.5 cup chicken stock, 2 T ACV, cumin, chili, garlic and onion powder. 1 extra large hand full of fresh chopped cilantro. Topped with avocado and bacon! Fed me and the boy, and we are still very full! (photo attached)


    24 laps at 25 m each (1.8 m deep pool). Alternated each lap - breast stroke, freestyle, running under water, high knees under water and swimming with just my arms. 100 under water crunches (video below), 100 leg splits (not sure how to explain these).

    Water Crunches are like this:

    Plus walking in this hideous ice (photo attached, just because :P ) that is leftover form the snow storm that got rained on this weekend. eh. I really feel my lower calf now - I think I walk differently on the ice.

    I think I am starting to notice the K2 I have been taking. I feel great, I think it i abit attribute to the whole30 + magnesium + starting K2. When i was swimming today I felt like I was launching myself off the wall when I pushed off, I just had so much energy. It was so nice. And even though the snow/ice is a b**ch to walk in, I have plenty of energy.
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      Day 9 Whole 30

      Slept from 11.15-7.10 am, Had trouble turning my mind off - sometime is is bad to stimulate the brain so close to bed.. I was just lost in thought.

      B. Pork, tea
      L. Typical salad
      D. 150 g Spekeskinke (Cured and smoked for 9-18 months pork thigh) that is cut really thin, like deli meat. (pictured, but not my photo) and 1 granny smith apple.
      I cup of carbonated water with some lemon juice and berries.

      Had school tonight, so that is why I had such a odd diner. Just stopped into the shop to get some meat on the way to class, it is against my anti plastic policy - but sometimes I have to break those rules! I just wrote a post about that compromise on my blog here if your curious.

      Besides the horrid ice walking, there has been no there exercise today.
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        Day 10 Whole30

        Went for tea with a friend after swimming today, so I am late getting home - bummed I lost my reading time, but was good to catch up!

        B. None, IF. From 10 night before (had some chicken after school bc I was abit hungry) to 11 today.
        L. Typical salad. Pork, boiled egg, paprika, avocado, cucumber, evoo.
        D. Meat Casserole - was kind like a meatloaf I guess. Did not look pretty but was yummy. It was ground beef, chopped garlic, carrots, spinach, and leeks. Bunch of spices. 1 T mustard and 1 T tomato paste. 2 eggs to help hold it together.

        I am starting to realize that tomato (not fresh, but when processed) give me issues. I feel like it is abit like a acid reflux feeling. I was given meds when I was 10 for acid refulx and told to stop eating tomatoes. But then it was just a thing that went away a few months later like most 'teen' things. But oh well, they are so carb heavy, I dont mind skipping out on them. Ill just try to have some yummy fresh ones in the summer from the farms.

        Swam 15 laps, 100 water crunches, 100 leg splits. No sauna today - someone broke it + typical ice walking!

        I really like to bake, I am missing that now. The whole dont have even 'paleofied' treats on whole30 is sad. haha. I just want to bake something! I look forward to that.

        Can't say that this photo make the meal look appetizing :P



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          OK good that the forum is back up I missed it!

          Day 12 Whole 30 Friday

          slept 11 - 7am

          b meat
          l salad
          d. pork chop with tons of veggies

          1/2 pear

          Day 13 Whole 30 Saturday

          slept ~ midnight to 10 am

          B. bacon 4 eggs 2
          L. salami slices 10, 4 dates
          D. Pork roast with veggie roast

          S. (another long party 7-3am)1 bottle of seltzer water with handful or berries and splash orange juice. Fruit smoothie of banana, strawberries, mixed berries, water and a splash of orange juice. Cucumber sticks. Prosciutto wrapped cantaloupe pieces. 6 tiny homemade (specially for me, thanks to my sweet friend) meatballs.

          Day 14 Whole 30 Sunday

          slept 3 am to 10.30 am - went to a party at a friends house in another town and stayed the night. 1.5 hour nap in the afternoon though!

          B. 3 eggs, 4 bacon. Small cup of orange juice (not to thrilled about my OJ consumption, but I am not going to beat myself up either)

          L. 1/2 an avocado, 1 egg

          D. sautéed spinach, 1 large stuffed bell pepper


          Day 15 Whole 30 Monday

          Was still tired last night, so went to bed at 10.30 - slept solid until 7

          B. IF (i've just not been hungry)
          L. Big salad with turkey and soft boiled egg
          D. Large salad with stuffed paprika. (made way to many yesterday)

          s. right after dinner 5 dried apricots, 2 dates



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            Day 16 Whole30

            Slept 11-7 am. woke up feeling great!

            B. IF again, still feeling concerned over my fruit overdose in the weekend so doing some calories restricting and was not hungry again :P
            L. Salad with EVOO and turkey
            D. 2 large fillets of salmon and mixed veggies. Right after dinner, 1 orange.


            Exercise. Hoping on the stationary bike after this.

            Question for the experts - Just to make sure I am getting this right. I walk 30 minutes a day (10 minutes each time, hustling to catch buses), 2-3x a week swim for 30 minutes - once every 5th ish time I do swimming sprints. I also run under water every time I swim for 5+ laps. I am now planning to start weight/strength training for 20 minutes- 1x a week for now - hope to move up to 2. ---- So is this good? Enough?

            I am normally not doubting myself with this but my bf has started training again and we seem to disagree on it to some degree. I know also that until he sees more of a change in me he is not going to really be on my side. I am subbing swimming with biking today due to a pool closure and since it is in the 'move slowly' category I was planning to read while cycling - but he thinks I should push to get my heart rate up and get a proper cardio work out it and cant do that holding a book. I do get my heart rate up when doing this, I am just not a big mess of sweat afterward. - this is where I get worried about Chronic Cardio, inflammation, and healing from my metabolic and autoimmune issues. Am I ok keeping it slow? Should I tweak my plan? I am ofc going for weight loss, but also overall health.
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              Why are you more hesitant about the strength training? Sounds like you're doing well with everything else - and don't forget the mild calorie restriction stuff we were discussing on my thread. That alone might make the dent in our derrieres we've been seeking.
              Starting weight: 225
              Current weight: 195
              Goal: One pull-up by December 31, 2012
              Method: Schwarzbein Principle II, program for insulin sensitive/burned-out adrenals
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                I am not really hesitant - if I get real honest it is just me being lazy. I know it is only 1x a week and just 20 minutes - I just need to do it. I've just been trying to add one step in at a time.. and recently gotten abit lax on adding in the next steps.

                Guess it is time for the next step.. !


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                  Day 17 Whole 30

                  Slept 11-7. Might not have been the best sleep, large windy storm went though the night - I did not really notice though.

                  B. few slices of meat
                  L. avocado (planing to start eating 1/2 to drop fat #s), 1/2 red bell pepper, 1 inch cucumber, pork, 1 T evoo, salt.
                  D. 100 grams dried meat, fruit smoothie of fresh banana and berries, and some nuts. - School days recently are a mess. I am ready for my bf to not have school at the dinner time so we can go back to having dinner before school!

                  exercise. walking around town and rushing to busses. but nothing proper.

                  I have been reading up on what Lex posted about eating to much fat that your body does not tap into its fat stores. I am planning to cut down my fat intake. I have been 'crunching' the numbers and got a plan. Down to 1/2 and avocado and 1T evoo at lunch. I did not realize how much fat I was getting in that meal!

                  Also, I just have not been hungry at breakfast time. I wake at 7 ish naturally, get out of bed with my alarm at 7.10, and out the door to the bus by 7.25. Work lunch is at 11. I have noticed abit of hunger at around 10 this week when I have been skipping. Today - prob bc of my 'heftier then normal' bike ride last night - I was hungry on the bus to work, so I ate some meat. I think I am going with what my boy thinks/feels. If I am hungry in the AM I will eat, but otherwise I am not planning to force myself to eat. I am also going to plan in some more protein in my lunch - which means more meat - I am sure my work will be happy :P


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                    I understand the strength lifting laziness, even though it is such a simple thing to incorporate. This fall I was eating primal and I kept telling myself to just add two strength training sessions in a week - each of them less than a half hour. But somehow I endlessly came up with excuses:

                    "Oh, I'm too tense right now in the morning - I should wait until I feel more loosened up"
                    "I just ate"
                    "I'm not sure I want to get sweaty right now - what if I still want to go out and don't have time to shower?"
                    "It's too close to bed time and it'll keep me up"
                    "I'm too stressed right now"

                    The only legitimate one is "I just ate." But the rest - nahhh. Finding 40 total minutes to do it a week is an easy way to improve muscle composition, insulin sensitivity, overall metabolism AND to get the big "what if I was strength-training?" question out of your head.
                    Starting weight: 225
                    Current weight: 195
                    Goal: One pull-up by December 31, 2012
                    Method: Schwarzbein Principle II, program for insulin sensitive/burned-out adrenals
                    My Primal Journey

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                      Day 18 Whole 30

                      Slept 11- 6.45 - woke up early and was wide awake.

                      B. cup of tea, banana, really was not that hungry
                      L. piece of turkey, 1 avocado, inch cucumber, 1/2 red bell pepper (we call it paprika in Norway), 1 T evoo, salt, 1 soft boiled egg. Small handful of green grapes.
                      D. chicken breast*, parsnips, broccoli, paprika, carrots, mushrooms and onion.

                      * I never really feel full like 1 hour after eating chicken. I find it odd. I think I will have to have a snack tonight.

                      About to hope of the good ol' stationary bike again .. the pool had another swim meet today so it was closed to public swimmers - Ill have to go this weekend then!



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                        Day 19 Whole 30 Friday

                        Slept 11-6.45. I woke up then and could not go back to sleep, I was kinda bummed - but I had good energy all day.

                        B. Felt slightly hungry on the way to work. Was kinda shocked. Got to work, got a cup of tea and was drinking it while waiting to use the kitchen and then I realized I was not hungry at all. Guess it was just thirst.

                        L. 11AM. photo attached. They made scrambled eggs again since so I made my own. 2 soft yolk eggs, 1 small avocado (seriously, they are like minis), 1/2 paprika, 4 slices turkey meat, 2 slices roast beef. Salt. And no evoo today, I skipped it - and it was ok


                        D. 7PM. Late dinner today on account of going across town after work to see a friend. We have an attempt at me making a stroganoff. It failed, not sure why but it was sweet tasting. It had - ground beef, mushrooms, paprika, spinach, and coconut milk. Spiced with mustard, smoked paprika, s&p, garlic, 1 t arrowroot and juice of one lemon. Think the mustard with the coconut milk made it sweet. So we had to fill it up with chilli and pepper to eat it.

                        Vitamins: 25 mcg K2, 500 g Magnesium, 1 probiotic (these are just temp)


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                          mmm your plate there looks soo good!! For the stroganoff try adding a bit of cinnamon- the bitterness of it may help counteract the sweetness and the aroma give you that warm "soup belly" feeling. I know people thing of cinnamon as a sweet flavour but it's actually quite bitter and does very well in meats and sauces. (and sauces with meat!)
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                          Long Term Goal: 166lbs (One day!), Buy whatever cloths I want to wear.
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                            thanks, Ill try it!

                            Whole 30 Day 20 Saturday

                            Slept from around midnight (was reading) to 8 AM, tried to sleep till 8.30 but the neighbors have a nail gun out putting on new siding. eh.

                            B. 9am. 3 slices salmi (from my local butcher, they are SO good), started a teapot of mint tea (finished at 5pm).

                            L. 11AM. 3 slices bacon, 1 egg.

                            * before I realize that we were eating to much fat I bought a ton of bacon for the week. And it was not cheap. So bacon is included in out life until it runs out. Then only occasionally while I am in super weight loss mode. 5g fat egg + 7 g fat bacon.

                            D. 7PM. Curry Cod. Ingredients: homemade coconut milk, tomato, paprika, fish sauce, leek, a large slew of dried spices, and cod.

                            S. 7.30PM. Frozen coconut milk and 2 dates. mixed with some cocoa powder.


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                              Originally posted by ecks View Post
                              mmm your plate there looks soo good!! For the stroganoff try adding a bit of cinnamon- the bitterness of it may help counteract the sweetness and the aroma give you that warm "soup belly" feeling. I know people thing of cinnamon as a sweet flavour but it's actually quite bitter and does very well in meats and sauces. (and sauces with meat!)
                              I think the attraction to cinnamon is Pavlovian. For most of our lives, cinnamon came with sugar, so when we smell it or eat it, we still associate it with the joy of sugar. Totally love it!
                              Starting weight: 225
                              Current weight: 195
                              Goal: One pull-up by December 31, 2012
                              Method: Schwarzbein Principle II, program for insulin sensitive/burned-out adrenals
                              My Primal Journey

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                                Just read your whole journal and enjoyed it immensely. Love your pictures. So, does your BF eat your lovely meals and then add rice or bread or potatoes along with it? I don't see how he'd be able to resist your food. Everyone around here always wants some of what I'm eating -- with their food! So, they'll take some of the chopped chicken liver that I put over chopped celery and put it on rye bread. Four people in my family have cut out grains or bread! How's your sister managing with her PB?
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