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  • alleycat on a mission

    Ok.. so I am starting my Primal Life today. I have been pretty much primal for awhile without realizing it as highly processed foods and my body do not get along very well. I eat pasta on Sunday I gain 2 pounds by Tuesday.. crazy but true.. and in my Italian house that is blasphemous

    I do eat too much dairy and I LOVE beans and legumes.. so I have to cut all of that out (leaving chick peas and hummus behind is going to kill me!!) .. Omega balance is probably teetering off the side of a cliff.. and my exercise is chronic until I crash.. literally get to the point where I won't even go in the basement for weeks because it is associated with working out.. so I stop and undo all the fabulous results I got for a few months ..get pissed off at myself and start chronic exercise again.. not a fun cycle..

    My husband is a chef and does all the cooking but is not yet read to convert so I am slowly going to take over some of the cooking and help him to evolve... recipes on this site are great btw! best I have seen so far on primal/paleo websites


    1. Get outside in the winter and do slow movement exercise with my daughter
    2. Learn to cook primally and get good at it
    3. Wear a bikini this summer and feel great in it
    4. Get more sleep
    5. Slowly transform my family into primal eating over this year (daughter is a carbaholic)

    My current weight is 135.4
    Measurements :
    UC: 35
    w: 28
    H: 37.5
    RT: 21.25
    LT: 21
    RA; 10.75
    LA: 11

    Wish me luck.

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    Good luck!

    Take it one step at a time. By this I suggest extra sleep right away, try a short round of exercise at first,
    maybe one meal or snack primal just for you and let them taste, etc.

    My husband is a fantastic cook and he "took over" making primal curry which we now eat
    once a week. Maybe choose a dish like that for him to "tweak" for you would help him join in.
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      Thanks for the encouragement

      So I am going to be a bit different then others on here..since part of my goal is to relax more, sleep more and get out and play more I have decided to post today for what I did yesterday rather then be attached to my electronics after work... which was REALLY nice.. I own my own consulting firm and as such my email and phone ring nonstop .. I selected the half way point of the drive home and turned off the alerts.. took my daughter to gymnastics and went to see about getting my first tattoo Went to bed early and feel slightly sluggish today still because I have years of sleep to catch up on.. so I am taking Mark's advice and not working out today - had planned to go for a long walk this am but it is pouring outside and I feel like jumping on the treadmill as much as I want to flush my head down the toilet.. so that is not happening!

      Food- I had an almond milk, blueberry and strawberry shake with 1 scoop protein powder and turkey bacon (3), steamed broccoli and snap peas for snack, chicken and sauteed vegetables for lunch (EVOO), hand full of almonds at gymnastics, chicken meatballs baked and a side salad for dinner.. unfortunately I went to a party at work and had a handful of smartfood popcorn but I didn't eat the cake or have any soda ! So that is a step in the right direction..

      My goal for today- no cheats and have fun less stressed day


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        Ok so I took the weekend off of technology (for the most part hence why I have not posted) so I will recap briefly.. Saturday I got the primal blueprint book in the mail and once reading realized I had been doing a few things wrong.. like eating honey and evaporated can juice as a sweetner.. according to the 21 day transformation they are both no, no's.. hopefully after a few weeks of reprogramming I will be able to add them back in to some extent.. I had a few cheats - handful of my daughters popcorn (which is also one of my all time favorite foods! God help me when we go to the movies..) and a beer for each of the 2 games - GO GIANTS!!!! and sugar in my coffee (which I have given up starting today.. at least for the next few weeks

        Otherwise I ate completely Primal and am attempting to go the straight and narrow beginning today with my new understanding of whats allowed and how food is affecting my body.. I have to say that even with the cheats I feel thinner already.. sounds crazy but my upper stomach and rib area is definitely lighter .. This is very exciting to me as I have the last bit of fat to get off and have been circling around losing it for months.. wondering if I have hit my potential for fat loss without starving myself.. which I will not do under any circumstances.. rather live with a few extra pounds.. so waking up this morning I am still the same weight but I feel lighter and less bulky..

        Exercise- Saturday I walked to the grocery store in the snow flurries.. took about 45 minutes at a brisk pace and was very refreshing.. I dont go out a lot in the winter because I am not a fan of the cold but I enjoyed it so much that on Sunday I took my 5 year old daughter and we went on an exploration hike for 1.25 hours.. was fabulous..

        Play -I am putting my hike as exercise and play since we were on an adventure in hot lava with animals hot on our trail to eat but I also spent quality time playing board games (I know not exercise but part of my resolutions are to slow down and enjoy life) and fruit ninja on the Kinect.. was alot of fun ..

        Giants to the NFC Championship!! Go Giants!!


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          Feeling like crap last two days.. damn cold is wreaking havoc on my body.. this is the time I miss Gatorade the most! When I am sick I pound down that stuff like it is the nectar of the Gods.. but happily I have completely stuck to my new Grok lifestyle although today I will suck on cough drops and have a bit of honey in my tea as my throat feels like razors are running down it..

          no workouts today or yesterday


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            one of the hardest lessons for me has been learning that it's OK to rest when sick or tired. don't be upset at yourself for not working out today and yesterday. and in the long run, the honey in cough drops... marginal. not going to make an iota of difference one way or another. what is important is taking care of what will become your new Grok body-sounds like you got that down.
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              thanks for the reply small one.. but I am afraid I let myself down yesterday.. I had eggs and bacon for breakfast which I had to practically gag down because my stomach was in revolt over the idea of eating protein and I took a dayquil because while I should have stayed home from work to rest and get better but that simply was not an option yesterday.. so I am almost to work and the eggs and dayquil apparently didn't mix well and I get dizzy and nauseous.. I had a bag of primal foods packed for the day that looked about as unappealing as anything I have ever seen.. so I stopped and got a bagel to calm my stomach.. I was raised on the BRAT diet when you are sick - banana, rice, applesauce and toast- banana and applesauce were not avail so I went for bread.. It worked instantly but then I felt bad that I busted up all my time put in to this so far.. I am not beating myself up over it and have awoken to a new day and have jumped back on the wagon that I rocketed off of yesterday.. and although I still feel like crap I will be eating primal once again..

              no workout today unless something turns around for the better .. keep your fingers crossed


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                it's okay...
                you can't change the past. you ate bread yesterday. today you will not. it's a new day.
                good luck! feel better.
                Check out my new webpage: The Carnivore Runner
                Friend me on "The Facebook"
                Follow me on Twitter!

                For customized training / nutritional plans for runners from a former athlete who has personal experience in dealing with severe food allergies, please email me at foxATtinybikeDOTnet. I am ISA certified as a personal trainer and have coached many runners at the recreational or young-competitor level to towards their goals! Most of all, I'd love to help you with yours.


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                  ok.. I am back after a crazy week of laying on my couch doing absolutely nothing (except work that couldn't wait.. always that) because I was diagnosed with pre-stages of pneumonia and absolutely felt like crap ruptured ear drum and antibiotics that literally made me crazy (side effects- hallucinations, delusions, over tiredness, and your tendons snapping!!) .. not that I had any of these side effects but it wasn't until I felt better but was not finished with the antibiotic that I realized that pill was half of the damn problem for the way I felt.. today is my first day antibiotic free I must say with the exception of Gatorade and a few tiny ring noodles that made it in my chicken broth I stuck to the plan.. I also have found probiotics as a result of my antibiotic and have been pleasantly surprised with its capacity to assist with related female issues regarding the meds I was on.. so yeah Grok and Mark Sisson..

                  This weekend we went to Teavana, the tea store in the mall, spent an absurd amount of money on what looks to be a small amount of tea, although they say it will make close to 200 cups of tea and will begin to try making tea with leaves and proper water temps and steeping times.. really enjoy tea and it will get me off the coffee habit and give me something to drink besides water all day long.. not that I am replacing water and I actually very much enjoy drinking water, just need a bit of a change during the day- today's tea was Youthberry- which I must say was good but a little on the weak side.. claiming false advertising in the store! There Youthberry was so strong they must have put 3 times the recommended amount in .. Marc- trying the teas as well- thumbs down on this one..

                  I am now 132.8 lbs.. yesterday I ate
                  western omelet and turkey bacon, chicken and broccoli with red marinara for lunch, handful of cashews, Greek salad with grilled chicken and a clementine with a few almonds..

                  OH and I almost forgot.. My husband out of nowhere said I look great and much thinner while I was wearing jeans of all things (not my best look in my opinion) and he said "go Grok!"

                  Yay me
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                    Day 2
                    Ok so yesterday was a very nice surprise.. work was not so stressful (trying to let it be less so) and my husband, who's truck is in the shop and was stuck home, made a fantastic dinner!! I am super happy to say it was COMPLETELY PRIMAL and unbelievably tasty.. he made a soup/ stew using chicken thighs, which are not normally my favorite, coconut oil, coconut flour, and vegetables and for the twist he put in curry powder I bought at the Amish store and OH MY GOD was it good!!! I have to say that as much as I love my hubby it is days like these were I treasure him.. he was stuck home and instead of bumming (which is what I would do) he played in the kitchen and concocted an amazing meal, cleaned the house and worked on the leaves in the bushes in the front yard (he said.. very Grok like workout.. so cute sometimes.. think I may be slowly converting him..) really do love that man

                    Rest of the day- breakfast was small because I was not hungry- 2 pieces of bacon and half an omelet (probably less then one egg with a bit of cheese), snack- plate of vegetables, lunch- turkey burger and tomato, basil, roasted pepper salad, snack- nuts - probably too many but I was starving.. and I didn't bring fruit although I am not sure why.. so I will pack extra today.. and 2 clementines for after dinner.. going to try to cut those out this week if I can.. finding I am hungry at night not because I am sedentary and want to snack but truly hungry..

                    One last thing- started a new tea tasting .. yesterday was and today I tried Mokey Picked Oolong tea which is suppose to help with digestion- it was yummy.. very smooth tea.. just a slight touch of honey in it to soften the flavor and voila! Marc gave this one a thumbs up!

                    After that we looked at the stars and moon through my daughter's telescope (yes it was freezing but fun), played games together as a family and spent the night laughing .. no exercise because I am learning that even though there is a "plan" , ie the 21 day plan or my own chronic exercise plan, that I need to listen to my body more and it said SLEEP! Not because I was being lazy but because I truly needed it..

                    off to start day 3 - which is my first day back to exercise and I am doing my baselines for the PEM.. and I am excited about it! I woke up today in a good mood, not groggy at all and way more full of energy then normal.. yay me!! See you tomorrow
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                      Day 3
                      2 sets push ups- first on knees 15; set 2 incline 14
                      Squat- Assisted- 25 too easy; full 27 much harder!
                      Overhead press jackknife 10- easy; dive bomber 6
                      Plank- hand foot- front 45sec, side- 30; set 2 front -40 sec, side 28 sec


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                        Day 3

                        Ok so I am a little bummed.. did my PEMs yesterday and I must have forgotten to hit post and they are not here.. super bummer! But important thing is I did them.. surprisingly easy with crazy payout.. my body is aching today in a good way of course.. particularly my upper body which means I need to push on my legs more next time..

                        Food- almond milk and strawberry shake, snack- chicken off the bone and a few cucumbers, leftover curry stew for lunch, and Chinese for dinner- I got the meat and veggies steamed with the sauce on the side and I ate it with less then a teaspoon of the sauce.. no egg rolls which is a major accomplishment on my part!! and boneless ribs.. yummy

                        Today I am starting off with some stress around work - people just seem to think they can do whatever they please with no consequence.. baffling at times I must say!
                        Hopefully it gets better and less stressful soon!


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                          OK.. weird but today my PEMs are back.. strange but you have to love technology

                          Day 4
                          I was not on my best behavior today.. strange how although I call this day 4 I have been eating primally for a month - I started the 21 day challenge after I got sick but stayed primal for the most part the whole month.. now wondering if the sickness- which made me not hungry at all and the gatorade, which was pumping sugar through my system, may have been keeping my cravings down and my resolve up.. I had a strange knack to look at a grain food item and not want it in any way at all.. I felt seriously empowered by my new will power and thought processes.. but yesterday was not that kind of day... I didn't cheat huge but a cheat is a cheat..

                          So I ate
                          fruit shake for breakfast, celery and almond butter snack, leftover steamed chinese for lunch, eggs and bacon for dinner and a 1/8 of a 70% cocoa chocolate bar..
                          My cheats... 3 pieces of bow tie pasta, 4 small bites of fried rice and 3 bites of vanilla ice cream.. this all happened within a few hours and later at night.. started with the bites of ice cream from what I go my daughter and then a couple bites of pasta lead to the rice..

                          1. there is NO food in my house right now.. I had to scavenge for dinner.. and when I say no I mean- I have literally eaten all the veggies almost all the fruit and there is a slight bit of chinese leftover for my lunch today.. the rest is no no foods.. this is highly irregular and stems mostly from Marc not having a truck this week and Chloe having a dentist appointment last night.. no time - will be remedied today

                          2. Once I did one cheat the rest seemed too easy .. not guilt free but easy..

                          3. I feel bloated today - from that little bit of food my stomach feels a little bit distended..

                          So back to the races today.. not sure whether I am going to stop counting and start back over next week or not.. having a difficult time with the exercise and sleep/ work thing.. this is typical for me as I tend to work out in the am before work.. so when I take off as I did for the sickness it usually takes a week to get back in the groove.. very difficult time getting up this week so minimal exercise.. I will see what happens the rest of this week and may start the count again on Monday..


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                            I have decided to start the "count" over for the 21 days.. I want to get the exercise and diet down before I start the count.. more out of curiosity then anything else.. I am tired today I know I am suppose to be going to bed at a set time but it is difficult when you work the way I do.. I work during the day, come home an hour earlier then I should for work to spend time with my daughter and then have to work after she goes to bed.. by the time it is all settled it is usually around 10 pm and I havent started to unwind yet.. it is not an option to work less since it is my company and the show must go on but I need to find a happy medium.. just not sure what that is..

                            Ok I can't dillydally today.. going to a workshop and then out with the girls Yay!!

                            ate- cherry protein shake- was yummy!! steamed chinese a yogurt couple bites of chocolate (85%) which was much more tolerable today, and a salad with steak for dinner.. oh and my grass fed, organic beef , pork and chicken came in! Hooray Hooray!! no more nasty chemicals and additives for my family.. they are going to have healthy omega balances whether they know it or not


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                              Wed 1/8/12
                              well after a few days I am back..part of my new years resolution was to stay away from technology so I have.. and I was unable to get on te past two days due to website error..

                              Anyway the GIANTS ARE SUPER BOWL WORLD CHAMPIONS!!!!!!!!!!!! Great game. went off my diet a bit- stuck with it most of the day- had some beer and chips and paid the price the next morning- felt GROSS! too much food and the carbs killed me..

                              Went on a hike with the family- 2.5 hours across what started as a nice hiking route and after about 1.5 hours became quite difficult.. turns out the path we chose didn't loop back around but rather continued over the mountain and to the other side in the next town over! not smart from a preparation standpoint but man was it fun. hiking is very quickly becoming my favorite thing to do..

                              yesterday and Monday- grok'd out wiht no cheats.. tuesday - cardio level 4 FIRM 20 mins- not difficult - sweat but not out of breath..

                              Today PEMs
                              Push ups- incline set 1 - 15; 11
                              Squat; full 30; 25
                              Dive bombers; 7; 5
                              Plank- front 40, side 30; 38; 28
                              Pull ups- waiting on hubby to hang my bar