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    okay so some catching up to do.. website was down for a few days due to lovely hackers.. gotta love em

    Anyway, I have been pretty good.. had a couple of cheats - actually 2 - I had a couple handfuls of pirate booty and a brownie..ironically I went to Tristan's second birthday party and Adam brought Paleo brownies and muffins! gotta love him!!! he had the party at chuck e cheese and so many of us are paleo/primal now that all the pizza they ordered went to waste.. so I didn't cheat at the party and I am positive I wouldn't have even without the goodies he brought.. no I cheated right here in my own kitchen making brownies with Chloe for her Valentines Day party.. oh well.. it is what it is.. today is a new day and I have been otherwise completely primal..

    Marc made chicken curry soup again.. yummy! and put up my pull up bar- holy crap is it hard to do a pull up!! I don't have my PEM numbers handy right now so I will post another time but I added in pull ups this past time and did 10 with 2 feet on but really put all the work into my back and it is seriously hard!!

    Goal this week is to get back on track with exercise.. winter has finally decided to be cold and it is in the 20-30s now so too cold to go for long hikes especially with Chloe so I am back to hitting the basement for my cardio- can't wait until spring!!

    Today I feel a bit bloated and not getting enough sleep.. I will work on getting to bed a bit earlier as well.


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      So yesterday was Valentine's day.. went to work in the am and to Chloe's kindergarten class in the afternoon.. we did a party for them .. very cute! Chloe was so excited to have me in her class.. hugged and kissed me so much she got in trouble by the teacher for being out of her seat too I am going to make it a point to spend more time in the class with her- they just sent home a letter for game days- going to try to do all of them if they will let me.. small things are so important!

      After school we exchanged gifts.. she got crazy little green cartoon alien earrings, and pink bunny hair clips and some new I can read books (since she can read! at 5!! and love it) .. She was so thoughtful with her present to Marc- his favorite beaded necklace broke a few days ago and she had the idea to use the beads in his Valentines Day card.. so she designed a heart card and outlined the heart in the beads and we bought him a new necklace.. she is so damn cute!

      Mark got me a rocked out cream and orange hand bag and two pairs of awesome earrings from the vintage store Francesca's .. this bag is so cool I can't begin to tell you.. very awesome!

      Then we went for sushi (yes I ate a bit of rice but only on 4 pieces of sushi) - ate 4 sushi pieces, salad with salmon, cilantro, jalepenos and a touch of soy sauce, rice-less roll (really surprisingly good!) and a glass of red wine.. yes I know fish and red wine but I am trying to stick to the plan and quite frankly I didn't mind the combo..

      Lastly we went bowling for the first time as a family.. chloe is so small she had to push the ball on her hands and knees to get it to roll 1 mile an hour down the alley.. overall FANTASTIC Valentines Day!! Love my family to pieces!

      ok, on to other topics.. Still looking heavier and am up 2 pounds.. trying to figure out what is different.. Here are my thoughts-
      1. I ate 2 paleo brownies and 2 muffins at Tristans party- while they are approved they still had significant amounts of agave and I over ate them bc it was sooo great to have something sweet!

      2. Not sleeping enough

      3. Vegetable intake may be down a bit

      4. worried about not exercising slightly more chronically then I am .. I know Mark says not to but he is a world class athlete and his body is much more in tune with working properly then mine is..

      5. I have had a few cheats but would like to believe that they were so minimal as to not effect me so drastically.. I do plan on eating this way for life but would like to have an occasional piece of yummy bread or a potato chip without gaining weight in such a fashion that I can see it..

      6. I have been eating small snacks at night- turkey with pepperocini, chicken salad, nuts

      7. I have been eating too many cashews.. so my favorite nut and neglecting to eat almonds completely- not sure that matters but for last month ate almonds almost exclusively..

      It has been 4 days since Tristan's party and I am still feeling the same way.. definitely heavier then I was, more constipated and I have been breaking out into hives quite a bit which is highly unusual for me.. Marc says it is because my body is screaming feed me - while I don't buy that, I am still not sure what it is..

      So the plan.. no cheats, increase veggie intake, no night snacks.. not going to change everything because I want to see if I can narrow down causes- going to leave in cashews (just not at night) and see if I still feel like this in a couple of days and then remove them as well and see if there is a change (if needed)

      Exercise yesterday- first set of sprints.. was fun actually- I did them on the treadmill because it was like 16 degrees outside.. 20 second intervals - 1 minute rest - 6 times- actually ran like I was being chased to get those juices flowing

      I have to say I love blogging even though no one is reading it I find it a very easy way to be honest and look at the variables effecting me.. also helps me wake up and get ready for the day .. looking forward to a great day!


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        so yesterday was interesting.. did cardio in the am worked all day picked up Chloe and played single mom for the night while Marc got his tattoo.. which is awesome by the way! Chloe and I went to AP got chicken, leafy greens and cauliflower.. I made nut crusted fried chicken (in coconut oil of course). smashed cauliflower and greens with in a red wine reduction sauce.. was good.. need to work on the veggies.. not sure if I didn't reduce it long enough or if the greens were bitter.. need to look up turnip greens and find a bit more about them .. trying to try new things..

        then clean up,homework, bath, bedtime routine and mommy was exhausted! so tiring to do it all yourself.. I have a new found respect for single moms.. I was so tired I went to bed early to get a good night sleep only to have my cat wake me up at least 3 times.. so I am tired today.. skipped cardio and feel a little bad but too tired to care.. running late now too.. not a great way to start the day But then of course my baby wakes up and all is right in the world again.. going to go snuggle on the couch for a few minutes with her to make it all better


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          Ok.. so I am working the 21 day plan.. the only thing I have missed so far is the 30 minute movement breaks.. this happens at work naturally.. I am a behavior analyst and as such I am constantly moving.. if not with a student then from classroom to classroom.. I always take the stairs, park several blocks from the school, and walk briskly everywhere I go including the hallways (not so much for exercise but because I am insanely busy and need the extra minutes that add up over the course of the day to get home early and hang with my fab family).. I need to incorporate more of that in my daily life outside of work.. yesterday was a very relaxing day for me.. Chloe had a playdate with 2 friends that kept her busy literally all day.. while I did get up and move around I mostly sat on the couch and read my novel.. after I cleaned the entire house of course! I did not work out yesterday but will make up for that today as we are going on a hike outside together as a family.. Yay!! my favorite thing to do now!

          I also went to a bike store to get a bike.. rode the men's version of the one I want and it was fantastic! So much fun to ride.. easy and fast because it is so light weight.. really cool.. down side is they have to order it so it won't be here for 2 weeks.. total bummer but I think it will be worth the wait!

          Food has been going well.. had a glass of wine last night which I guess is technically a cheat on the 21 day plan but Sisson says it is ok so I did it tried Osso Bucco stew last night with my grass fed sheep .. was ok.. not worth the$$ but I like it.. today want to try a vegetable salad that Sisson posted.. looks super yummy! Today I am going to write down all of my food intake and put it into and see how my carb/fat/ protein balance is going..

          stay tuned


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            yesterday was a great day.. went hiking with the family and although there was some quipping from Chloe - she wasn't really in the mood- we did a 3 hour trek around the Mahlon Dickerson reservation.. not as rocky as last time.. easier trail- think we need to stick to foot traffic only trails to get more interesting walks- which would have been better for Chloe.. she loves to climb the rock which were in sparse availability yesterday.. but still we were outside in the fresh (albeit warm air for Feb) walking, laughing, and having a good time while exercising... very nice day!

            We came home and had a fabulous grok dinner- pork with tomato and mushrooms and the Veggie salad with Chermoula dressing which was fabulous!! very good salad although next time I will julienne all the veggies more like slaw and do them.. think all the different shapes made peppers overwhelm other veggies..

            I blew it at night and I ate.. damn Marc- always eats a snack at night even though it is healthy (salad, turkey, etc) .. I had half a grapefruit and a handful of nuts.. tracked my intake at 1369 calories, 49.1 g of carbs (yeah me although without that snack I was at 38 g), 90 g of protein, and 83 grams of fat.. fat seems high but when you look at the totals all from meat and olive oil which is working the plan, right??

            Did a quick measurement because my weight went up again - back to 133.8 but lost an inch off my waist (only thing I measured) so that is all that matters and of course that I am feeling much healthier and have omre energy then in December- much more even feeling and awake to things..although have been having a tough time in the morning..moose literally starts going crazy every day at 7 am.. want to cage him and throw him in the basement!


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              I would like to begin by saying that I came to the realization that I am happier then I have been in quite a long time.. whether it is the grok style of eating that has increased my positive moods (no more ups and down sugar crashes, tiredness) the lack of cardio crisis that I go through every few months where I literally go hard core cardio until I hate exercising, my hubby and I are getting along fabulously (which is most likely because of my enhanced mood), really trying not to let work stress me out and finding more time to play with my daughter and reducing the reliance on electronics or the stars aligning .. I think it is a combo of everything above.. mostly the fact that I can focus on something that I feel is making a difference in my body as well as making my family healthier.. I will admit I obsess a bit.. reading articles, finding recipes and trying them out but that is part of the fun for me.. so content with my life right now

              Yesterday tried my first time at baking Paleo.. made a rocking pizza crust from was superb! tried her bread to but I didn't put in enough salt so it is quite bland.. has fabulous potential though!! Definitely did not eat enough protein yesterday with the pizza for dinner and my stomach was distended all night.. was kinda crazy but I feel fine today.. not like if I ate real pizza today going to eat paleo bread panini's for dinner so I need to protein up during the day to make up for the slight lack at dinner.. ps. all this bread is to compromise with my hubby who is having a very hard time leaving the bread and pasta behind.. he is trying though and for that I am grateful!

              Exercise- P90x kenpo yesterday


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                Yesterday was another really great day.. rare case where I get a 5 day weekend!! Friday through Tuesday off .. and yes my baby went back to school yesterday giving her mama the day to herself .. sometimes I feel a bit guilty about the fact that she has school and I don't but then I get over it and enjoy my time.. yesterday I spent the day with my hubby.. we went for a hike up and down crazy rocky slopes and hilly mountains to one of the highest points in NJ or Morris County.. I can't remember which It was really great to go out and just spend time with him on a hike.. got to walk 3 times as fast as when Chloe is with us but also realized (since this is the 2nd time we have done this trail) that my daughter ROCKS!! it was a tough trail and she blasted through it like a champ! Very impressive for a 5 year old .. thats my baby

                Change of plans for dinner last night.. Marc had to go to the studio so I cooked - coconut shrimp- came out yummy, acorn squash baked with olive oil and curry and mashed sweet potatoes to which I added too much salt and killed .. Chloe loved the acorn squash and since she is boycotting all forms of protein lately suffered through 2 pieces of shrimp before I gave in and let her have a turkey wrap .. saw a recipe for tortilla's that I want to try and on a mission to find a way to make amazing bread.. going to bake one loaf a week until I perfect it.. of course even though I am allowed the bread I am not eating it.. feels like a cheat .. I want to find a way to give Chloe (and Marc) bread that she will eat and is not loaded with grains.. and wraps are next on the list since she loves her wraps .. eggs for breakfast, bone chicken and salad for lunch, no snack.. low cal day .. apparently exercising mid day takes away my hunger in the afternoon.. who knew!! Old Alexis would have done that hike and pounded down food because of crashing.. this one needs less every day !

                Exercise: WOW workout and hike


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                  Ok so lots to tell but very little time today.. I have officially started my Monday off crappy by opening my email instead of coming here and blogging.. no idea why I did it and I don't usually.. As per my resolution I have been laying off the email over the weekends which has made life difficult on Mondays but ok I am dealing with that.. however this morning for no good reason I decided to check my email first thing only to discover that one of my private pay families who is over $600 in arrears has lost their job and although they have not said they can not pay me, it is starting to look like a good possibility. Ugg!! I know better then to take a damn private pay case.. I have stayed away from them for years and went against my better judgement because they live in Upper Montclair in the gigantic houses.. STUPID! Well nothing I can do about that now.. hopefully they will pay

                  Not sure why I didn't write all last week.. Odd.. trying to think what I did instead but nothing is coming to me.. Weekend briefly was good.. down to my parents for little Chris's bday party and relaxed yesterday.. went to the Outback for dinner - steak and veggies - bite of ice cream and several of pasta- which was fabulous - I don't have guilt over my cheats either which is interesting.. I have no intentions of eating grains but several bites were just enough to taste amazing and ward me off again.. the ice cream bite had an oreo cookie in it and I jones-ed all night for cookies .. CRAZY!! literally thought about cookies for I didn't eat cookies and I ignored the cravings and they went away but man was seriously crazy!

                  For the bday party I made the ceasar dressing from this website.. not as good as when I did it at home but ok.. and I made a strawberry banana winter pie-paleo for my family instead of cake.. came out really good! so calorically it was a heavy weekend but I am back down to 131.7 and I feel fine.. I will get back on track today.

                  OH AND MY BIKE IS IN!!! I didn't get it yet but it is here!!! Yay!! Ok have to go exercise and go to work


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                    April 2, 2012
                    Hi. I am back In typical Alexis fashion I took a month off of blogging.. I say that because all things I find enjoyable but slightly time consuming go by the way side for other things in life.. ALWAYS! But hopefully I am back for a good long time this time.. let's see what has been up since last time.. ALOT of sickness in this house.. mostly marc and chloe but I got some too.. Spring came in early March this year and has been beautiful out with occasional cold days here and there but nothing really under 45 degrees which is super odd.. Chloe learned to ride a bike WITH NO TRAINING WHEELS!!! Yay Chloe! So proud of my baby! Took her less then an hour to master the bike and on day two she was pedaling for the hills! My bike is fabulous and although I have not ridden it as much as I like (same reasons I have not blogged) it is a great addition to my workout and chill out collection.. although I must admit chilling out is not exactly where I am at right now when it comes to biking.. it is HILLY around here and quite the hard ride.. first ride I thought I might actually have a heart attack but each ride gets a little easier.. really love being outside.. and today it is lighter much earlier then usual so I may be able to start going out in the am for rides!!

                    My mother had double knee replacement surgery a few weeks ago so I have been running back and forth to visit her.. she is doing really well.. very proud of her.. she also is down 30 pounds on paleo eating and my brother Adam is down 50! I am hovering around 131-132 and have had a terrible week of cheating.. it has been a complete landslide.. I did great for most of the month of March but last week I ate a sub with the top of the bread off but I ate the bottom and it was heavenly.. I know I am not suppose to say that but it was.. that lead to potato chips- twice! and little bites here and there of things I am not suppose to be eating .. and I have not been exercising at all.. so today is my start over day.. I am going to get back on track eat right and exercise daily.. need to improve my mood which has been very testy lately and I really think it has to do with the lack of exercise..

                    I got a tattoo of my Booey Bear...we call her BB and Dana and I started walking 2 times a week (when we work together) at lunch just to get outside and away from work.. so thats it for now.. going to start the long awaited reunion with my basement and sneakers



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                      Hmm.. interesting .. I was reading back a few posts since I haven't been on in awhile and realized that I was super happy just a mere two months ago.. I was in ketosis, eating and exercising right and somehow through the sicknesses in this house have gotten completely off track.. I am cranky, absolutely EXHAUSTED, not working out and cheating daily.. they are not huge cheats but big enough to matter.. for eg. I ate great all day yesterday and then at night I sat and ate almond butter on a spoon dipped in marshmallow fluff which I don't even like!! I had a chocolate covered pretzel and 2 reese's tiny easter eggs .. ridiculous! I am not being hard on myself as I realize that I do eat good most of the time but I am realizing that when I was totally on board I felt a lot better..

                      already too late to exercise today but the goal is to eat with no cheats and get back on track.. Chloe and I played soccer yesterday which was a lot of fun.. so I will try to find something today that gets us moving as much and laughing as much.. and go to sleep earlier so I feel better to exercise tomorrow.. those are the short term goals for now hopefully feeling good and in a better frame of mind is around the corner


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                        Ok.. so it has been some time again.. things got a bit hectic in my life with the adoption of my puppy Jack He is adorable but a baby so along with that were/are some sleepless nights, etc... but he is sweet and gets me moving more since I have to walk him 2 times a day.. also a problem in the beginning .. had to split with Marc.. anyway trying a new routine today .. I started working out again 2 days ago and got my diet back on track yesterday.. not that I jumped ship completely but allowing one little thing here and there started a pattern of allowing one thing a day in.. feel sluggish, bulky and seriously cranky.. also due to lack of sleep and exercise..

                        So yesterday I started the walk an hour a day in addition to working out challenge.. increase the number of steps I take a day.. today I am up a 5:15- which is freaking out Jack- which I like since he has not been letting me going to take a walk, workout and then go to work.. walk again at lunch and then when I get home ..

                        Current measurements:
                        RA 11.75
                        UB 31
                        w- 28
                        hips and belly 38 across fattest area of both
                        RT 21
                        Current weight: 136.8
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