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    I thought that by blogging my Primal journey, it may help me stay motivated an might help someone else too. I sent in my before photos to Mark last week and that was incredibly nerve-wracking.
    I've been on the Primal Blueprint lifestyle for 2 months now, and have both lost weight and toned up noticeably, but taking these photos made me realise how far I've still got to go.

    I'm 46, a wife and mother of 5 children, aged 10 to 21 yrs. I've not been overweight for over 20 years, but have crept to the top of the normal weight range, and that means rolls of fat around the middle and some good padding all over. Well, I'm over that, now I've discovered interval sprints, short intense weights workouts (I use kettlebells), Primal eating and living an active lifestyle, that is all going and I'm not only going to lose the rest of the fat, but look a lot younger as a result.

    I'm really excited about the results I should get this year, and you can look at the after photos when I put them up (and achieve them) and see the difference too.
    That's enough for now - more details coming up.

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    I sent in my photo too.. I am with you - nerve racking. Not so much in people seeing me.. but in the fact that now I have to get my game together!

    Best of luck to you in the journey! We can do it!