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    15/01/2011 Journal entry

    I just started doing some temp work and I decided to give my brain a break by writing on here. So I woke up and my chin is still shit, obviously it is not going to change over night, but it does not look to be getting any better. Just a lot of tiny little pustules and I just can't understand why I get these. I am looking forward to seeing what the derm has to say tomorrow, although I am sure the first thing she will offer me is antibiotics. I am definitely not going on any drugs, not while I am trying to heal the damage years of BCP and countless antibiotics have done to my system. I really hope she can offer me another solution, maybe chemical peels or even get some blood work done to see if there is any underlying cause. This will be the first time going to a doctor in Singapore and the first time going to a dermatologist. I know most docs in Australia just want to write prescriptions, I hope things are different here and different because she is a dermatologist so she has a bit of a better understanding of what actually effects the skin.
    I've come to realise that my diet has taken over my life too much, even my husband says I let it rule over me. I am sick of being worried if i eat this is my skin going to break out and then feeling guilt about it. I am not talking about junk food because I never eat junk, I am talking about things like carrots or fruits or nuts or so called healthy foods, I freak out, just because I read on the net somewhere that one person broke out from eating it, that it could be the cause of my acne. It is so obviously not, because everyone is completely different. Because of my obsession with food and my diet, my weight is low, I haven't actually been on a scale, because I do not own one but I would be scared to see what it said. Last time I weighed myself I was 55kg, but I think I would be close to 50kg now, which is so low for me. All my clothes are too loose. My bras are too small, you can see my spine and ribs through my skin. I have always been skinny, but I am now unhealthily skinny, and I am eating healthy than ever, funny that!
    So today I had about a quarter cup of basmati rice extra with my lunch, even though it is so not Paleo, I think it is still a safe carb to try and help me gain a bit of weight and I have been having big portions and adding plenty of ghee for fat. Hopefully it will help me put on weight without breaking me out.
    Here's what I ate today (i haven't had dinner yet but I know what I am cooking)
    Hot Lemon Water
    B- Homemade beef burger wrapped in lettuce, cucumber and sauteed zucchini- ZINC 50mg, Probiotics 30 mins after
    L- White Snapper, mashed pumpkin & cauliflower, quarter cup of basmati rice and broccoli
    D- Grass fed rib eye with salad. Vit C supp

    Today, I couldn't do a BM. I didn't have any bone broth yesterday not sure if it is associated to that, but I have made some today so I will have a cup today and hopefully get things moving tomorrow. My digestive enzymes supps should arrive tomorrow, so I will start taking them and hopefully see a change in my BM and hopefully if my gut health is related to my skin, we will see a change in my skin, but I am not pinning my hopes to it.
    My goals for this week are to try and stay positive, get my work done and hopefully the week will go by fairly fast. We are waiting to move into our new apartment over here at the start of next month, so I want time to go fast so we can move in already. We are living with a flat mate and it has been 2 and half years since we have lived by ourselves and we have been married 5 years!!

    So anyway I just read this out to my husband and burst into tears, way too emotional lately. haha Be back tomorrow to report on what the derm has to say!


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      16/01/2012- Journal Entry

      So I went to the dermatologist today, had a bit of a cry with her, but she was such a lovely lady. I made it clear I didn't want to be on antibiotics and so she gave me a cleanser by La Roche Posay and a topical antibiotic cream called clindmycine to spot treat. She said just to keep it simple, no moisterisers or anything else, just cleanse and apply the topical to the spots. I am going back to see her in two weeks and she said if I come back and have any really large nodules she can inject them with some steroid to help flatten them (not too sure if I want that, so hopefully there won't be any big ones). I used the cleanser tonight and its quite nice, a little goes a long way and it didnt make my skin feel too tight or dry after wards. There are hardly any ingredients in it which is a good thing and it has some good online reviews. I just used a tiny bit of the topical, I am still a little hesitant as it is still an antibiotic, but I suppose its better than actually ingesting antibiotics.
      At lunch time I received my Now Foods Super Enzymes, so I started taking them, one at lunch, one at dinner. I will keep taking one with each meal at first and see if I feel the warm feeling that Robb Wolf talks about,if not then I will increase the dosage. I am hoping it will help with my BM. This morning I was a bit constipated, but I managed to go before lunch but didn't feel completely empty.
      So i hope the enzymes can help heal the inside while the dermatologist is helping heal the outside.
      Heres my meals:
      B- Little bit of beef, mashed pumpkin & cauliflower, steamed broccoli (ZINC 50mg)
      L- Oven baked potato, oven baked mackeral and salad (Super Enzymes)
      D- Roast Pork, roast pumpkin, carrot, cauliflower, boiled broccoli and cabbage (Super Enzymes) (Probiotics 30mins after)

      I had potato today for the first time in a while, trying to get a bit more carbs, but need to watch it because they do have a high GI. Still I don't want to worry too much about what I am eating as I have mentioned in other posts, I don't want to become orthorexic!


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        17/01/2012- Journal entry

        So far so good with my skin. I can already see a bit of an improvement and it looks like it is healing. Fingers crossed it keeps getting better. My skin just feels less irritated and the cleanser seems to balance it so it doesnt feel too oily or dry. I was just using manuka honey before and obviously it wasn't doing anything to actually clean my skin. I couldn't do a BM this morning but managed to do one before lunch, but it still wasn't as good as I think it should be. Still taking my enzymes one with each meal but they might take a while to kick in. By adding more carbs into my diet, I feel like I have way more energy than before. Before when I was completely low carbing it, I got so tired and even when I was walking somewhere my legs muscles just started hurting like I had been walking miles.
        Anyway meals for today:

        B- Leftover roast pork, with steamed carrots, broccoli, cabbage & bok choy (Super enzymes, probiotics half hour after)
        L- Pangusius fish grilled, with roast pumpkin salad. (super enzymes and then ZINC)
        D- Sirloin steak with mash pumpkin, steamed carrot, broccoli and cauliflower (super enzymes)

        Hope my skin is looking better tomorrow because I need to go grocery shopping!


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          18/1/12- Journal entry

          Wow, could it be that a lot of my break outs were contributed to what I was using on my face? Obviously I believe in eating a clean diet and that diet effects your skin, but I think I was being way over the top strict to the point of being miserable. I am glad I went to see the derm and got the cleanser and clindmycin topical as they have both started to clear up my skin so well within a few days. But I am not getting my hopes up, time will tell if it will continue to clear and stay clear, but to see such a change within a few days makes me soooo happy. I almost forgot to write on here because I wasnt thinking and fretting about my skin so much! It is crazy how much just a slight improvement can change your mood so dramatically.
          Anyway, my BM this morning was quick and big ( i know gross, but I need to keep track of these things!), I think the enzymes are doing their job effectively. Tonight at dinner I felt the warm feeling after taking an enzyme tablet so I think I will just stick to one for now.
          Here's my meals for the day:

          B- Scallops with a garlic and lemon ghee sauce, with mashed pumpkin, steamed broccoli & cabbage (super Enzyme)
          L- (was out and ate at a cafe)- Grilled Dory, oven baked potato slices, steamed broccoli, cauliflower & carrot (didn't take enzymes because I was out)
          2x probiotics
          D- Roast free range hormone free chicken (just the breast) with roast pumpkin, steamed carrot, cauli, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus (super enzymes, ZINC)

          My skin was looking a-ok so I went grocery shopping and stocked up on some more veg. We have a load of meat and veg to keep us going for a while!


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            19/01/2012 Journal entry

            Ok, skin seems to be healing well. I am not getting any new big spots, just one or two new tiny pustules but the topical sorts them out quick smart. Today i couldn't do a BM at all and have felt quite constipated and after lunch quite bloated hopefully tomorrow will be better. I hope my enzymes are working.
            Meals for today:
            B- grilled white snapper, with steamed broccoli, cabbage and carrot (super enzyme & probiotics)
            L- Pumpkin soup with beef and broccoli (super enzymes & zinc)
            D- calamari with garlic and lemon, salad and oven baked potato. (super enzymes)

            I think I need to stop eating potatoes, but I need something to keep my carbs up so i can put on more weight. I am not too sure if they are having an effect on my skin, i think it is virtually impossible to actually truly tell what contributes to break outs. Obviously when I eat chocolate or any sweets i notice I break out more. But unless I get completely clear i won't be able to tell which foods are causing breakouts or not. Bit annoying but oh well. I'm not sure I'll ever have 100% clear skin, maybe my body will grow out of it or something who knows. But for now I will continue to try and fix and heal my insides with really healthy eating and a good skin routine and hope for the best.
            Tomorrow I am going to a yoga class, havent done yoga in months but it should be good to help me relax!


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              20/1/12- Journal entry

              I had such a lovely day today. I kicked off the morning with a yoga session, the first I have done in months and a different type. It was called Yin Yoga and it was just all about really deep stretches, it was great. Then I treated myself to a lovely lunch and spent the afternoon in the library doing some work. It was nice, but a little bit lonely, such is expat life sometimes.
              My skin is still clearly so well, I am so happy, but still scared I will have a flare up again, I think that fear will always be there.
              Did a BM this morning and felt better.
              Here's my meals:

              B- pangiusus white fish fillet grilled, mashed carrot & cauliflower, steamed broccoli and cabbage (Super enzymes & probiotics)
              L- Cod in a black pepper sauce, rice and steamed carrots at Fish &co restaurant (super enzymes & zinc)
              D- Lamb koftas x 3 with salad (super enzymes)

              Tomorrow we are going to a BBQ for dinner with friends and I am looking forward to it. I am not too sure what food they are serving but I am pretty sure it will just be steak and salad. I was asked to bring dessert so I am making Paleo cupcakes for everyone but I don't eat them because chocolate makes me break out, so I am also going to bring along raspberries & strawberries and cream for everyone else and coconut cream for me


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                I had acne on my chin also & have been able to clear it up..... after 7 years on the bcp. Definitely don't go on it unless you exhaust all your other options. I was never able to clear my skin with just diet but I think the real factor that caused it was dieting & being underweight- within a year or two of going on The Zone diet I lost below 100 lbs and something shifted hormonally. I'm a hardgainer/ectomorph and admittedly, I didn't try real hard to gain weight, I just kind of kept on with my Zone meals. Your diet sounds good so what I would suggest is you have your hormones tested. A doctor or maybe some kind of endocrinologist specialist can help you, or if you can't find help, consider maybe doing a Life Extension blood panel though I don't know if they are international. I hope it all works out for you.


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                  Hey fiercehunter. Thanks for your comment. So do you think your acne got worse from dieting and being underweight? I think when I was being really strict it was worse because I don't think I was getting enough calories. I have since started adding more carbs in to put a bit more weight on and hopefully eventually I will get my period back. I agree my hormones are probably a huge factor when it comes to my skin. Will definitely be getting them tested probably in a few months and see what the problem is. The only thing is I don't want to go on any hormone altering western medicine and once I find out what hormonal imbalances I do have if any I hope I can find natural ways either supplements or food to correct them.


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                    I had a extreme case of leaky gut, and it's taken 6-7 months to heal. I tried a lot of things, but healing didn't start until I tackled the candida overgrowth in my gut. Have you taken a lot of antibiotics in your life? If so, treating candida naturally will be the key to heal your gut along with the right foods.


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                      22/1/12- journal entry

                      So, I am not even going to go over my meals from yesterday, because we went to a BBQ last night and I over ate loads! Its just when food is sitting in front of you you just pick at it and before you know it you have eaten loads!! Most of it was all paleo, I think the one non paleo thing I ate was a little mozarella cheese, but there were things that I ate like eggs, tomatoes and fruit that I haven't touched for months. Luckily my stomach didnt react badly at all to anything I ate. Who knows if my skin will react or not. Although the inflammation and redness have gone down loads, there are still alot of scarring obviously and I am still get one or two new spots a day. Today I have experienced my first what I think is a food hangover. I didn't drink alcohol (been sober for 3 months!) but I have been so tired and lazy, although I could attribute this to the fact i didnt go to bed until 2am and woke at 8am so I didnt get my usual 8 hours sleep. So if my skin breaks out it will be impossible to tell if it was lack of sleep or food I was eating or all of the above. Oh well, so today I didn't eat until about 11:30 because I wasn't hungry until then, here is my meals:

                      B/L- chicken skewer, sirloin steak, mashed pumpkin & cauliflower, steamed broccoli & cabbage. (super enzymes, probiotics)
                      S- chicken skewer (zinc and super enzymes)
                      D- Sutchi fish fillet, steamed carrots, broccoli, cabbage, asparagus

                      My skin has been feeling a little irritated around the chin area but it is looking okay. My derm mentioned that she thinks I have a bit of mild eczema so I think that may be it cos it kinda feels itchy & a bit tight. Lets see how the next week goes & I am going to try and not over eat at the next BBQ I go to which is next week!!


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                        23/1/2011- journal entry

                        I woke up with loads of more pustules this morning, definitely a fallback from something I ate at the BBQ saturday or the lack of sleep saturday night. It just reinforces the whole diet thing. It is still just too hard to pinpoint the exact foods of course, unless I just eat a diet of meat and salad., which maybe I should but then I would just be too skinny and bored with no variety. I think there needs to be a balance between having fun with food and it being healthy and beneficial.
                        Todays meals:
                        B- lamb kebab & burger patty with mashed cauliflower & carrot, steamed broccoli. (super enzymes, probiotics)
                        L- Calamari, mashed potato, steamed broccoli & cabbage (super enzymes, zinc)
                        D- Sirloin steak, mashed pumpkin & cauliflower, roasted asparagus (2xsuper enzymes, vitamin c)

                        I'm feeling pretty helpless with my diet between trying to not lose too much weight by adding in potato and a bit of rice and then not break out from it. It is fustrating and I really cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel. Most days I want to give up but I know I would feel like crap. I just wish I could stop caring so much about my stupid skin! Today it has felt particularly the bottom half has felt irritated and itchy while a few new pustules are forming. Anyway as dory would say, just keep swimming, just keep swimming!!!


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                          I haven't figured out the whole mystery yet, but here is what I do know:

                          1. Correct insulin resistance to cut down on the acne because it cuts down on extra testosterone. That means no fruit, no starchy foods such as potatoes (even sweet ones), and no dairy. And eating one of these even one day out of the month will screw everything up. The 80/20 rule does not apply here. The longer you're strict with this, the more your face will calm down.
                          2. Sleep. Ya ain't getting anywhere without a consistent and full sleep schedule. That alone helps heal your body, but it also prevents you from becoming overly stressed.
                          3. Check into digestion issues. I know the diet is already restrictive, but you may have FODMAP sensitivities to deal with as well.

                          Sure, finding face wash, spot treatment and lotion that doesn't make your face worse is necessary (Alba's a nice brand so far, especially their oil-free moisturizer) as is non-comedogenic make-up. But even when you find them, you can't get anywhere without getting serious and strict about the three things above. I, for instance, am not so hot on the regular sleep and destressing part, and the effects on my face are always obvious. That's the battle I'm still fighting.
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