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    First off a little background. I use to be fat. 237 lbs and 5'10". When I was a junior I grew 2 inches and lost 60 lbs. Then I started body building. I got back up to 190 pure muscle (light belly but solid abs). After school I stopped lifting and went to about 185 lbs, pretty flabby. After a while I started training in Capoeira and lost weight and trimmed up. Now I study Karate and weigh 183 lbs with a large build. My goal is to get my weight in check and finally attain the fabled 8 pack. On top of the asethetics I want to feel good about what I eat, and not have to count calories. After pasta or snacks I always feel sluggish, and bloated afterwards. I work hard to be fit, and I want to feel like it.

    My wife has finally agreed to start living primal with me (as long as we can go to sushi once a month and she can have an occasional rum and coke). We bought the quick and easy Primal cook book. We plan out meals, and purchase the grocery accordingly. We will eat 2 meals a day, and have healthy snacks (almonds, vegetables, berries, etc) inbetween if we are hungery.

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    Alright so my first week started off great! I ate a lot of good food, in fact I cooked two recipes from my new book each day. Unfortunately it has been a roller coaster about half way through the third week. I would say i am eating 60% primal. I do not want any pasta, but I have had some baked goods here and there, and a milkshake once or twice. I would say that the biggest issues I have had so far are certain nights I work (night shifters bring a lot of high carb snacky food) and the occasional potluck at my class.

    I have been really good about making healthy choices around the house. Lately I have been trying to lower my portions of food and cook primal meals from my cookbook all on one day so that I can take them to work. This is a work in progress, but my wife and I are slowly making the journey.

    I am a bit of a snacker, and have had some issues with that. I made a quick trail mix with some of the left over ingredients from the Protein balls I had made (walnuts, macadamia nuts, and dried blueberries), and when I get a sweet craving I have some 72% dark chocolate with a little almond butter (my primal Reese's :P).

    I have stayed at the same weight 183, but I have a lot more muscle mass. Basically everything is bigger, my love handles a shrinking (but still present), and there is a few abs making a guest appearance. The only issue I have is that after weight lifting I can not seem to get enough food in me to fill me up. I am trying to remember to bring food, but as luck would have it my lifting days are right before I go to work (remember the snacky food issue). While I have caved in, I do not make a pig of myself. Still I am trying to find foods that I can keep on hand that won't make me feel bloated, are healthy for me, and will keep me full.
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      Forgot to post my maxes from last week!
      Military Press=140lbs
      Seated Row=215lbs

      I am close to a few of my goals (Bench 250 and Military Press 190), but right now my new routine is pushing me to failure each time I do it. Guess it is time for me to put up or shut up. Literally I have a lot of difficulty putting the weight up :P.


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        I have discovered a lovely meal replacement/avoid junk food shake. I mix in a fair amount of coconut milk, protein powder, 100% dark chocolate, Tahini/Almond butter blend and enjoy. This has been helping me fight the urge to eat myself stupid after lifting, but I still need to supplement my fuel intake later in the night.


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          I have run into a few road blocks to my primal lifestyle. Since I am in the nursing program I have been really strained for time. I have also had to cut back on work since I have to do clinicals during the week and that has really cut into my funds. Basically I have little money so I have to buy comercially process and produced products (eggs, meats, etc) and I have even less time and energy to cook.

          My wife has also been having some difficulties with the switch. Her biggest complaints are around the breakfast foods. She doesn't like eggs, especially in the morning, and she is a procrastinator which means she needs something to grab easily. I have been trying to get her to use the protein balls (with nuts and blueberries), but she just doesn't like them. She started reading the PB, but she didn't get past the second chapter. This really only causes a problem when we go out on dates, because she likes Italian food which is just a bunch of starch and sauce most of the time.

          My other issue has been my protein shake. I have been adding banana to it, but lately it has started to coagulate into a thick congealed mass this is less than pleasant to try and drink. I am not sure what is going on, but I have been trying to figure it out without wasting food since I have little cash.

          I have a positive outlook, but I am more than frusterated since I really want to get into this lifestyle but I lack the money and a lot of the times the support from my spouse. If anyone has any tips on how to talk this conversation out with someone who won't read the book and has little interest in nutrition and fitness (if she feels fat she eats less meat.... yeah I know) I would love to hear it.