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Kerry-o to Kerry-OH - My Primal Journey

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  • Kerry-o to Kerry-OH - My Primal Journey

    The first post is such a daunting one! Oh where to start!?!

    I've been inspired by all the 'success stories in the making' to come out of the lurking shadows, say hi, and start posting about my journey. It is probably going to save the ears of my friends, family and work collegues who get daily barrages of my WOD results and are guinea pigs to my trial paleo reciepes!

    I stumbled across the paleo diet through a group fitness class that I joined. Unbeknownst to me, it was a cross-fit box, and I got my first taste of lifting heavy things and the joy of super short workouts. I couldn't afford to keep attending, but the eating patterns mostly stayed. From July-Dec 2011 i spent 2 months paleo, 2 months off, and 2 months back on. I lost 9kgs.

    I employed the 80/20 rule through Christmas, and although I had quite a few indulgences, I have managed to not gain any weight.

    Now that I am at the start of a new year, I have some goals to really take the fitness to a new level and lose weight in the mean time.

    My goals are:
    * to rejoin a cross-fit group, and hit it hard for 6 months
    * continue to eat a paleo diet
    * lose 13-18kgs ( I don't know what my natural size is - i have been overweight by varying degrees all of my adult life)
    * get 7.5 hours of sleep every night
    * return to uni part time while continuing to work full time.
    * to convince my significant other that he should also do the primal thing.

    I hope that I can manage my time well enough to achieve all of these things.
    Tonight I will be getting the S.O. to take a photo of me for the 'success stories in the making'.


    Starting July 2011: 94kgs (207lbs)
    Current Jan 2012: 83kgs (183lbs)
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    primal journal update 1

    Well my primal eating has been pretty good since the start of the new year. I don't deviate much from the guidelines but i have a few treats that bend the rules a little. For example i have found a commercial chunky Thai Basil dip that is all good except for the canola oil. This is a convenient choice as there is no other commercial supermarket dip that i can have, and its good to take along to parties. (I secretly hate it when other party go-ers fall in love with it and start dipping their crackers in. ha ha). At least these are 'treat' foods that don't get eaten regularly.

    I would love to have a food processor to make all my own dips, but unfortunately i haven't been able to afford one yet.

    Since i have got the primal eating mostly down pat, its time now to focus on really refining it. Like cutting out the canola oil from dips and antipasto deli items.
    I also want to eat more nose to tail. Its going to take some planning and good reciepes to pull this one off. I have bad memories of Mum's lambs fry and bacon. I've tried the ox tail. Funny thing is, its in the soup bones section of the supermarket right next to the dog food. haha
    I love telling my friends that i've started buying my meat from the dog food section.

    small confession - i ate KFC chicken last night. 9.30pm. coming home late. couldn't think of any other options and was genuinely hungry. Happy to hear from anyone about what to do when late night, haven't eaten desperation sets in.


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      When it's late and I get the urge to eat, I know I'm not hungry. So I drink a few glasses of water, make some tea and go to bed if I can.
      Crohn's, doing SCD


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        I wait till I get home and eat something wholesome. Or instead of stopping by a fast-food place, run into a grocery store and grab some pre-packaged deli meat...or at least a gas station where I can get nuts to tide me over, if I'm that desperately hungry.
        Making adventure out of this thing called life