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    Originally posted by Marianne View Post
    Hi Aili -- Thanks for your comments, and yes, it is REALLY great to know that other older people are also having such wonderful experiences going Primal. Oh, and btw--there was an older couple from Saskatchewan at PrimalCon! I believe they were taking a huge long car trip through the US, so the conference was just one stop for them. Nice to have that kind of time and money, eh?
    Hi Marianne
    I'd love to meet those SK folks! Although a few friends have moved to cutting out bread and most grains most of the time (I told them about how my OA inflammation has disappeared), I do feel as if I am in a PB vacuum; no one gets it. Even people with diabetes seem not to get the role of grains and PUFAs in spiking their blood sugars.... BUT, your journal is about my favourite in MDA, because you speak 'my truth'.
    My weight has stalled as my clothes are the same on me for months (don't weigh myself). Our source of raw dairy (milk, yogurt and gouda cheese) will not be available for some time after this week, as he hopes to get 'Bessy' 'with calf'. It is the perfect time for me to be dairy-free to see if that is my problem.
    Keep up the work Marianne. It inspires me.


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      Originally posted by Aili View Post
      I do feel as if I am in a PB vacuum; no one gets it. Even people with diabetes seem not to get the role of grains and PUFAs in spiking their blood sugars.... BUT, your journal is about my favorite in MDA, because you speak 'my truth'.....
      It inspires me.
      Me, too!!

      Thanks for the well written posts, Marianne!!


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        Aili & Tumbleweed -- thanks for the kind words! It really does help to know that there are other people out there in the world who are going through the same Primal experiences that I/we are all having. The community may be spread a bit thin in places but we're there!
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          Today’s post is a tale of the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly. Starting with the Ugly.

          Last night we had a friend over for dinner, and for reasons I have yet to truly analyze I felt “inspired” to buy some ice cream for dessert. Our friend adores ice cream, and years of Good Girl people-pleasing just seemed to take over when I was at the grocery store. In my pre-Primal days, I did enjoy ice cream, but it was never one of my craving foods—I could easily go for months without eating any—so I guess I thought it wouldn’t be a problem to have it in the house at this point. Wrong!

          I did have one small spoonful after our dinner (Primal as heck, btw—big upvote for MDA’s recent chicken divan recipe), and the ice cream was tasty, yes, but I didn’t want more. Until this afternoon, that is, when I practically dove head first into the unfinished carton. I came to, like a drunk after a bender, not really believing I had done what the evidence in front of me undeniably proved. What was THAT all about???? I still don’t get it. A couple of months ago we had a fresh crusty baguette in the house, and I didn’t even think about that star of my Top Ten craving list—completely ignored it in fact. But today… I did recently read somewhere that certain new research shows our daily store of will-power to be limited, and the more you battle with it the quicker you use it up. No battle here, though—simply instant capitulation!

          So, moving from Ugly to just plain Bad, like some na´ve simpleton still not accepting the truth in front of me, I put the carton with its few remaining nubs of ice cream back in the freezer. After all, The Husband might like to finish it, right? Uh-huh…yeah, right. I felt at least a tiny flutter of virtue, and tried to go on with my day. Spilt milk and all that (or in this case, sugar and organic full fat cream). But of course, those last little licks of yummy lurking in the freezer kept calling to me. Might as well finish it was one thought—in for a penny, in for a pound (or two or three…). No, you already ate a gross mountain of it! On and on it went.

          Somewhere in that mental tug of war, though, the voice of Primal sanity finally surfaced strong enough to quiet all the other voices. And I listened. I marched into the kitchen, grabbed that carton, and washed all the remaining ice cream right down the drain. Ripped the carton into tiny pieces for good measure.

          So the happy ending is that Good won out after all. This is a new type of Good for me, not my 60 years of conditioned Nice Girl behavior but a much more solid and fundamentally true kind of Good. I’m still not sure where the ice cream orgy came from, particularly since I’ve been in a great state of mind recent without any of the usual stress cues to overeat. But, this is all a valuable lesson that Stuff Happens. And continues to happen. I am reminded of the words of a wise friend of mine--"I'm the most difficult child I've had to raise." The trick is to just keep going—stumble, get up, dust off, move forward, repeat.
          My Journal 60 Is the New 40 (more musings, less stats) --