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    Today is the day I make public our plan to change the way we eat and the way we live.

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    Things are starting to change at our house! We are still 2 weeks from "officially" changing our way of eating, but I have started to change things. Thanks to discovering mice in our kitchen (!), we have taken most things out of the kitchen to make sure we know where they've been and how they're getting in. I have taken the opportunity to start removing foods that we will no longer be eating. I have also taken out some utensils, bakeware and appliances that will no longer be needed. So, gone is the pasta, flour, crackers, cereal and other such things. Also, most of the pie plates, spring form pans, and cake pans have been taken for storage to the basement. The popcorn popper hasn't left yet, but will go shortly!
    Also, yesterday I had to go shopping at the grocery store. Our freezer is full of farm-raised chicken, pork and beef, but we needed other ingredients with which to cook. So, I practiced just walking past all the packaged food: no cans of soup, no boxes of cereal or crackers (not even rice crackers). It's kind of freeing, actually, to just walk by most of the store! I have for years complained that people who are addicted to cigarettes or some such can quit cold turkey (I'm not very good at slowly weaning off something), but someone addicted to the wrong kinds of food can't just stop eating! So, a little while ago, after being gluten free for about 3 months, I realized that a part of my brain had just kind of made gluten foods non-existent. It's not so much a matter of self-discipline as a recurring decision to eradicate something, which is somehow different. So, deciding to eat without sugar, grains or dairy is just taking it one step further. There will be an adjustment for sure, but having the mindset of quitting sugar cold turkey is somehow easier for me to handle than just cutting back. Just like someone who is quitting smoking and wants to smoke but has the positive side of being freed from a kind of bondage, that is what I am looking for. Eliminating gluten did make a big dramatic change like it does for some people, but I have continued to read about dietary and health issues that have kept my resolve through the time of not really feeling different. So, as we progress to another step, I will continue to read and be encouraged to continue!


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