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  • Success story in the making!

    Just starting my journal so I have a link to here from my before pic on the "In the making" page.

    Today: Yoga in the morning ( I do this almost daily just as a way of living). Evening: Crossfit for the first time. Loved it!!! Going to be able to go Wed nights.

    Been eating primal since the new year (about 11 days)... not too perfect. Been reading this sight on and off for years. I was more fit after my pregnancy than I am now. My daughter is 2. I stopped exercising sometime last year for about four months and put on about 20lbs. I have a lot of trouble cutting out the carbs...!!!!!! I don't eat pasta or bread or anything ... it's straight sugar I seek! and it wrecks me... makes it difficult to sleep, I almost feel hung over when I have it.

    I am really struggling to keep carbs under 100g.

    I'm dairy and gluten intolerant. I still eat butter sometimes and raw cheese a little.

    B: No oat oatmeal
    S: walnuts/mac nuts
    L: BAS
    S: (2 gluten free choc walnut biscotti !!! Help I have cravings !!!!) 40g carb
    D: salmon, cauliflower

    One of the most interesting things I notice is that I don't crave water like I used to... ( I mean I have GREAT things happening like I can sleep so much better at night when I don't eat SUGAR and I DON'T feel tired and constantly hung over!!!) but I didn't expect to not need to drink as much. I used to drink TONS of water...all the time and feel chronically thirsty. Now I have to remind myself to drink and I drink very little during the day. it's a very strange thing to me after YEARS of drinking drinking drinking. I know the reason... It's just the behavioral experience, the CHANGE, is big in my day.

    That's it for now.

    Happy happy happy night.

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    B coconut pancakes 3
    L bourbon chicken kept me really full w no carb cravings seemed fatty!
    D terryaki like chicken and steak and veggies

    Over my carb goal!!!

    WOD push ups, lunges, squats, dips max x 2
    Ran 5' warm up sprint 30" rest 1:00 x 4, cool down 10'