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    Well, Hello everyone

    Current stats

    I have been "primal" for about a year now. I have not always been completely true to the meaning. I will go through a month of being very strict, then I will "treat" myself once and it just starts a landslide of food orgies. I have been able to counteract this with a very active exercise regimen.

    I got started on the lifestyle by my older brother, he is in the army and has had enormous results from being primal, and doing cross-fit exercise. So last January (2011) I got sick of looking at myself in the mirror, I was 252lbs at 29% body-fat. So I joined a gym and cut out a lot of the bad things out of my diet. I started cooking all my breakfasts and suppers, and packing lunches. I started shopping almost exclusively on the outside areas of the grocery store, and trying to eat more or less primal. I didn't get great results, because I didn't have the dedication I needed for it. So for two months I went to the gym and messed around for a few hours a week, but I would be hungry right after exercise and there is a wendy's, burger king, and taco bell right outside my gym, so I would get myself a quick snack before I went off on the rest of my errands. So at the end March I was still about 240-245 and not looking much better.

    Then I went to visit my brothers family where he is currently stationed, Hawaii (lucky jerk) and found myself not able to do everything I wanted to because I kept being exhausted, and the beach wasn't what I would have wanted since I was embarrassed to take my shirt off. But I was fed a primal diet and was shown the way to live a primal lifestyle and how fun it could be. I loved it. So when I came back to Illinois in the beginning of April I was rededicated. And the results flew in. By July I was down to 220lbs and down to 20% body-fat.

    However, since I got to that goal point I have gotten lazy about things, and began to slip in pizza dinners and ice cream deserts. I have not got down much as far as weight, and my belly has shown my lifestyle choices

    So, here I am ready to rededicate myself to healthier lifestyle. It is time to start eating properly again. I feel very good about my activity level, I take the dog for 2 hour walks through the forest a couple times a week, I lift heavy objects at the gym 5 times a week for 1-1.5 hours.

    My goals;
    10% body-fat
    Higher energy
    Get rid of the love handles and make the six-pack stand out
    Make the pecs big and solid

    Hopefully the pics I attached work, The first is me in march of 2011 in Hawaii, the second is me today.
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    Well, I kind of forgot about this blog. Haven't really had anything good to say, I have fallen far into non-primal eating and I have felt it. Me energy has been down, and I have been seeing a flabbiness to my body. So I have brought myself into check and have decided to use lent as my spring board. I have promised myself 40 days of as close to 100% primal living as possible. I also have a support friend who will help to keep me true.

    I love the way the real, healthy, natural meals taste and the way I feel afterwards. The only reason I diverge is due to simplicity. I just have to remind myself how much better it tastes and I think I will be ok


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      Ok, So far so good for a primal lent. I have eaten lettuce wraps, with fruit and sliced up veggies for lunches. Baked chicken and pork chops with broccoli/asparagus for suppers. Lots and lots of bacon with eggs and tomato slices and a banana for breakfasts. I have already lost the 5 pounds I had gained, and look much better in the mirror I think.

      I wish I could afford to go with grass fed meats, I have tried them before and they taste so good.