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  • MusicMama's Primal Journal - Rockin' a New Way of Life

    OK that is a cheesy blog title, I'm sorry. /o\ I don't blame you if you never read here again!

    *sheepish grin*


    After lurking for awhile, I decided to jump in on Mark's latest New Year challenge and post a journal. My goal is to MOVE. I've actually been eating primal for well over a year. I was put on a primal diet (or very close to it) through a hypnotist. More on that later. Anyway, I can't tell you how much weight I've lost because I don't own a scale. I'm one of those who gets too hung up on numbers and I'm not allowed to use it as part of the hypnosis. So, all I do is measure and go by how my clothes fit.

    I was jammed like a sausage into my largest pants - some a size 20 and one size 22. I'm now in 18s and many are quite baggy. My original and newest measurements (in inches) are:

    Hips: 54/48
    Waist: 43/39
    chest: 44/39
    Legs: I didn't take these originally so only have the latest for the tree trunks
    Left thigh (measured 7in above knee to get meatiest part!): 27
    Right thigh: 26.5

    My original bra was a 42 DD and now I have a 38C. (This may be the only part of the plan where MusicDad has reservations.)

    Sounds great, eh? However, I really haven't changed in size in quite awhile. Major plateau! I've been very sedentary since breaking my leg/ankle over a year ago. It is healed and I have no excuse. This challenge is the push I need to start moving again and hopefully kick in some more weight loss.

    A little about me: I am 40 years old and have 2 boys, ages 11 and 5. When MusicDad and I get a chance to escape, we go see live music. Nothing makes me happier than rocking out a show, preferably from the front row. \m/
    Rockin' a New Way of Life

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    Rocking out is my favorite exercise with my husband! Welcome


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      Hi there Musicmama! Wow you have really lost some inches! Way to go! I also have 2 boys (teens) and love love love music but I'm 41 Nice to meet you!


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        Thanks for stopping by - always fun to meet fellow music lovers!

        My goal of MOVING is going well this week. I've kept track of what I've done elsewhere (before starting this) so I want to log it - and get credit!

        3 miles of a Leslie Sansone walking working out. Surprisingly fun especially when walking outside isn't so fun this time of year

        Monday: Did LHT workout for first time. OUCH!! Did 2 sets of these:
        30 knee pushups (Really became a struggle around 18-20)
        50 full squats (I have decent lower strength so this was not difficult)
        20 elevated jack knife press
        Hand/knee plank (level 1) - at this point, my arms were so weak I couldn't attempt anything harder!
        No equipment for pullups yet

        Tuesday: Planned to do walking but little dude fell on stairs and split his chin open! Had to take him to urgent care to get it glued back together. Didn't do a good job of reducing stress that night.

        Wednesday: Um, $*#), I am soooo sore!! That LHT workout kinda killed me - my upper body is cursing me!!!

        Thursday: Feeling more human. I go to a monthly women's group and this month's theme was Zumba, so I did a 40 minute class tonight. It was fun though really confusing when you don't know the moves! I moved for 40 minutes so that must count for something!

        Food today was good and tasty too:
        B: 2 fried eggs
        L: grilled chicken stuffed with spinach/bacon/cheese & roasted beets
        D: Grass-fed beef and mashed cauliflower
        Rockin' a New Way of Life


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          Went out to get food today (day off from work!) and a local farmer who raises grass-fed beef has a special where she is giving away beef bones. Grabbed 3 bags of those puppies (plus lots of ground beef and steaks) - yay! \o/ Can't wait to make some stock!

          At the regular grocery store I bought sardines! Sardines?!?! Seriously?? Just the thought of them kinda grosses me out. I like fish a lot but not fishy-fish, ya know what I mean? These had attractive packaging and caught my eye. Wild Planet brand. One is in marinara sauce, one is in olive oil and lemon.

          The question is: Will these cans EVER be opened? Do people eat them straight out of the can? I've been eating primal over a year and a half and it never occurred to me to eat these. I must be feeling inspired or something.

          I haven't done any specific movement today...however, this is the first time I've actually sat down since 10am this morning, aside from driving. It is 7PM here. That's gotta count for something! Going to a car show tomorrow so I expect to be walking for several hours. I plan to work out if we are home before 8PM. (We're leaving the house at 7:30am for Oldest Dude's basketball game. I could cry at the thought that we have to be out of the house even earlier on a Saturday than during the week. Seems like an injustice!)

          The only struggle I had today was staring at the jars of wonderful organic sunflower butter. I know it is legal but the one at the store does have a little added sugar. Plus, I can eat like a half a jar in a sitting. to leave that bad boy alone for awhile. I also longingly stare at my kids' peanut butter. It has only been since I've eaten primal that PB has even looked appealing to me (aside from Reese's PB Christmas trees - evil in a pretty holiday shape!!). I think it is mostly that it is something quick and easy to grab. I haven't taken a scoop out of a jar in at least a few weeks so I'll consider that a victory. I don't tend to get hungry in between meals but it is apparent I should keep something like boiled eggs around to grab quickly.
          Rockin' a New Way of Life


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            It's been between 0 and 10 degrees today and the kids were imploding and at each others' throats. Mama tried hard not to do the same. Remember those old Calgon commercials? Calgon, take me away!

            We did walk around for 3 hours at the car show yesterday. Not exactly getting my heart rate up at all, but better than sitting on my couch or at the computer. We stayed much later than planned and needed to find dinner on the highway. We really lucked out and found a Boston Market at a rest stop. Ended up with decent roasted chicken.

            Did my LHT workout today. I can already tell I will be sore the next couple of days. Can't wait for the pushups to get easier again. G'night!
            Rockin' a New Way of Life


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              Oddly, I didn't get very sore from LHT. I expected similar to the first round. I'll consider that a good thing! I knew I was going out tonight with friends so I knew I wouldn't get to do my walking workout. To try to at least do something, I went up and down the stairs (4 flights) at work for as long as my legs could take it. I didn't count. Just up and down a couple of times. Diet has been great. Went out tonight and had some of the best wings ever - salt & pepper! Sooo tasty. Only one alcoholic beverage: vodka with seltzer and lime. Water rest of evening.

              Trying to decide when to measure again. Don't want to do it too soon because I want to see progress and don't want to be disappointed...
              Rockin' a New Way of Life


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                Shower Reflections...(I do a lot of thinking in the shower!)

                I started getting fat my junior/senior year of high school. Up until that point, I had been very active in sports. Once I stopped, the weight piled on. I was eating a lot of low-fat, high carb food, as it was all the rage in 88/89. My Mom was a big proponent of Weight Watchers. (Although, back then it did a better job of limiting grains, IIRC.) I was under a lot of pressure to do well in school and I turned to food. On the days my Mom worked, I'd come home to an empty house and just binge. Chips, crackers, pepperoni, popcorn...those are what stand out the most in my memory.

                I remember gaining a lot of weight and having to go clothes shopping with my mother, which was absolutely torturous. She wasn't exactly non-judgmental. I finally joined WW, the first of many times to come. I think I've joined - and failed - WW at least 15 times in 20 years. Never made it more than 2-3 months at the most. Of course, I'd gain it all back fairly quickly.

                Anyway, in the shower I was thinking that if only I could get my hands on Marty and Doc's DeLorean and go back to 1988 and give myself a copy of PB. Imagine how different my life would've been? Might have been able to avoid the rollercoaster of CW/WW, maybe not have turned into a full-blown sugar addict...who knows? Just grateful that I have PB and this way of eating now. Feels so good to have control.

                Working from home today (gotta love technology) so I'm going to do a 5 mile walking workout. Yay! One thing I haven't figured out yet is sprinting. The ground outside is covered in snow and ice.
                Rockin' a New Way of Life


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                  Let's play a game of Good News/Bad News, shall we?

                  Forgot that oldest son had a band concert last night and didn't take anything out of the freezer (plus I'm in desperate need of groceries)

                  Bad News: I stopped and picked up pizza

                  Good News: It was loaded with chicken, garlic and artichokes (yum!)

                  Bad News: I ate a lot more cheese than I normally would

                  Good news: I didn't eat any of the crust! (I haven't had any bread in almost 2 years)

                  I'll consider that a win.

                  Now for some GREAT news....I measured this morning! Not a huge difference but it's only been 9 days

                  Not sure how I should abbreviate this but let's go with SM (Starting Measurement), LM (Last Measurement), CM (Current Measurement)

                  Hips: 54/48/47.5
                  Waist: 43/39/38
                  chest: 44/39/38
                  Left thigh: -/27/26.5
                  Right thigh: -/26.5/26


                  Off to LHT, aka show shoveling!
                  Rockin' a New Way of Life


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                    Made a couple of recipes from Mark's PB Cookbook and they were SO good! I made the Primal Pot Roast and everyone loved it - my parents included. They absolutely loved the "jus" that was created with the onions and meat resembled Franch Onion soup. I'm blanking on the name of the other recipe but I think it was Chinese 5 Spice Beef and Broccoli. MusicDad devoured that one. I loved the ginger flavor. Can't wait to make both of them again!

                    I was a bit lazier than planned this weekend. I was a bit blah and felt rather bump-on-a-log-ish. I plan to move tonight, even if it is just doing my LHT workout. I need to go read the exercise forum to get ideas on sprinting in winter. I haven't done anything with that.
                    Rockin' a New Way of Life


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                      Shower Reflections

                      While soaping up this AM, was thinking about something really amazing that happened when I stopped eating grains/sugar/sweeteners. My palate completely changed. I never, ever would have believed this before. I'm a complete sugar addict and I used to put sweeteners in things that were already sweet. It is embarrassing to even admit how much. I'd go to Starbucks and get a Grande Decaf Latte and put at least 8 packets of Sweet N Low in it. (I used Stevia for years but always forgot to bring it out with me.) And hey, that S&L was healthier for me than sugar, right? (No calories!) *eyeroll* It was one of the reasons I actually stopped drinking coffee and switched to tea, which I've always liked plain, oddly. I even added (many) sweetener packets to the instant oatmeal that already had *clumps* of sugar in it. I'd make butternut squash and heap brown sugar into it.

                      Now, I can actually taste the amazing, natural sugar that would have escaped me before. I roast butternut squash and it is ridiculously scrumptious and sweet!! My real favorite now is roasted beets which I affectionately refer to as Nature's Candy. These foods satisfy me and do not trigger binges, like candy or a sweetener did. I haven't had fruit in over a year though because fruit still triggers me. I don't think I'll attempt to add fruits in until I see more weight loss or I'm at a maintenance level. I've been at a plateau for a long time and I don't want to derail...

                      /End of Tuesday Shower Reflections rambling
                      Rockin' a New Way of Life


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                        I don't think anyone is reading this except me (which is cool because I'm writing this for myself) but if anyone is out there...I'm a bit worried about MusicDad. He's been eating primal since 1/1. (I've been eating this way for over 18 months.) Anyway, he seems sooo sluggish! Every night this week he has fallen asleep after dinner, as if he is in a carb coma from some horrible meal! Tonight all we had was roasted chicken and asparagus (cooked with butter and little bit of Parmesan). I've heard of "carb flu" but he has been eating this way for 25 days now. Wouldn't he have passed the detox or withdrawal phase by now? I feel like I've read that bone broth can help with this (am I making this up??). I'm planning on making it this weekend anyway.

                        Side note: He does have a genetic disorder where he makes too many platelets and too much blood in general so he gets a pint removed every month. However, he's never been told anything about diet so I'm not inclined to think it is somehow related to this disorder specifically but just throwing it out there. He seemed to have more energy when eating the SAD way...
                        Rockin' a New Way of Life


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                          Hey MusicMama!! I am feelin' your blog! Just wanted to open with that so that you know that other people are reading it! I was a regular here for a bit about a year ago and then I went on a hiatus BUT I have read up a ton on here and I think that your husband will be alright. I do know that when I first started eating primal, I wasn't eating enough. I didn't recognize that because these were different kinds of foods, it was okay to eat a lot of broccoli haha. So my first thing would be to just make sure he is eating enough. If all is good on that front, I would say that it could be carb flu. I know that it is different for all people but it could last for more than a month. Obviously that is extreme but everyone reacts different and I think give it a little more time.

                          If after continuing this for a bit longer he still doesn't feel up to par, then maybe check it out with his doctor.

                          Those are just some of my thoughts! Keep up the good work and I hope he feels better soon!

                          MY "GET AWESOMELY FIT AND HEALTHY" JOURNAL!

                          "Become Your Dream" - De La Vega

                          "“The fight is won or lost far away from witnesses - behind the lines, in the gym and out there on the road, long before I dance under those lights.” - Muhammad Ali


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                            Thanks BYD!!! Appreciate the input and thanks for stopping by!
                            Rockin' a New Way of Life


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                              Still going strong and keeping the course. I can't get to a gym right now with young kids and their activities so I'm trying to be more active at home. I bought Wii Zumba Fitness 2 and Just Dance 3 to be my "move slowly/have fun" type workouts (in addition to other games/tapes we have). I'm still using my body weight for LHT. I was able to get through 22 knee pushups last night before it started to hurt so I'm seeing improvement quickly.

                              My only faux pas was that I ate a couple of spoonfuls of peanut butter. It seems to be my weakness when I'm starving and nothing is immediately available. I'm not going to beat myself up over it though. Moving on. Normally, I would beat myself up, but I just read this article about growing from mistakes! How to Grow from Mistakes and Stop Beating Yourself Up | Tiny Buddha: Wisdom Quotes, Letting Go, Letting Happiness In

                              MusicDad seems to be doing much better. Going to continue to keep an eye on him but he hasn't fallen asleep right after dinner since last week.

                              Shower Reflections

                              This morning I was thinking about allergies. I've read a lot of stories about folks turning to primal eating and having their allergies disappear. That has not been my experience. In fact, I can say without a doubt, that last year in late Summer/early Fall, my allergies were the worst they've ever been in my life!! I wasn't 100% primal but I was pretty darn close. Looking back, I know that I was tossing back some PB (I haven't been able to switch my kids off of it yet so that's why it is still in the house). But not vast quantities and not every day. The only other non-primal thing I ate was corn. It was fresh, local, organic corn though and I really don't want to give that up permanently. We had it less than 5 times though as my favorite farmer had his stand closed most of the season for family reasons. Hrmph.

                              Poking around some Primal/Paleo blogs for recipes, I came across two really cute t-shirts. I've decided I'm rewarding myself with these in the Spring if I reach some size goals!

                              i don't eat crap | The Food Lovers Primal Palate

                              F*#% Grains! - Women's Heather Jersey - Dark | The Food Lovers Primal Palate
                              Rockin' a New Way of Life