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    Not quite sure what to write, I started my primal journey on May 14, 2011 and so far have lost 42lbs and many inches of many body parts. My body fat % started at 27.63% and is currently 26.19% which I find confusing. If I have lost 42lbs is most of it muscle? I have hit a weight plateau, for the last month, no movement on size or weight loss. Not sure why. On a good note, I teach 7th grade students and everyday we walk the length of the building outside to go to lunch and then back back when we come back from lunch, today being extra cold I "raced" them and it felt great!!

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    Hey jjantz- how are you measuring your body fat? I would go more off of how I feel- how do you feel?

    Post up a typical day's meals for some more feedback.

    Also whenever I hit a plateau I would implement some sprints and intermittent fasting. Always seemed to spark me back in the right direction.
    Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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      Thanks for the reply I have been using BMI Calculator, and I have tried a few other calculators, and they all fall in the same range. Typical Meals:

      2 eggs with 1 slice of bacon
      coffee with 1 tablespoon butter (how did I ever live without this!!) and 1 tablespoon cream

      A tin of smoked kippers for lunch (Herring 92 grams)

      Dinner tonight was turkey noodle soup (with cabbage for noodles). I have been tracking my diet on Fitday and for the last month my average was 60% fat, 22% protein, and 18% carbs (about 40 grams).

      I could reduce my carbs more and my goal this year is to do primal movements everyday as this is something I have not done at all.
      Does it count as IF if I eat dinner at 6pm then at 4am have my butter/cream/coffee and then don't eat anything else till noon?
      Thanks for the support, I will start sprints.


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        January 16, 2012

        Sprinted today!! Felt great, I am also trying to do without all dairy, maybe I was overdoing it with cream and butter in my coffee. I will try coconut oil instead. Also I wonder if I am sometimes not eating enough? Some days I am just not hungry at all so I don't eat very much, I do the IF also but on days I eat I wonder if I am eating enough to maintain body functions and then not tapping into my ample fat stores?


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          I drink coffee during my IF's, but it doesn't affect me. If you are doing sprints and IF and still stalled that's a good time to adjust. Maybe go without the cream/butter (as it looks like your adjusting- great job!) and just straight coffee or go without the coffee.

          You're daily carb intake is well below 50g for fat loss, so with the addition of sprints I think you're on the right track.

          Also you found another item of question. You're meals look really small. If your not hungry then extend your fast and when you re-feed you will have larger meals. I can go a couple of days a week doing a 24hr fast no sweat.

          Keep up the awesome progress!
          Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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            Thanks for the support, I never realized how much I would appreciate it.


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              It worked! I got rid of all dairy and sprinted and my weight started going down. Yes could be just water, but if feels like it did this fall when I was loosing a pound or two a week.


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                Day 4 of doing IF, and I really like it. I eat dinner about 6pm and then don't eat again until the next dinner about 24 hrs. I am not at all hungry. I do have a cup of coffee with coconut oil and creamer at the start of the day, but this feel great. I know I shouldn't do the same thing everyday, but during the week this is so easy, is there any problem with doing this for 5 days and then eating with my family on the weekends, assuming I am hungry.


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                  Ok, so for about a month and a half I was stuck at 172lbs. Stopped all dairy, started sprinting once a week(mind you that I am not doing anything for excersize), and started doing IF every day until dinner. 2 weeks later down to 164lbs and lost an 1 inch off waist/hips/and stomach(where I keep it all). I realize that some of this is water, but WOW the power of sprinting and going off dairy, just amazing. Thanks


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                    March 3, 2012 - Still at 162lbs, but haven't been working out. In 10 weeks and 1 day I will have been doing the primal thing for a year. I started at 210lbs with measurements of 47 - 40 - 45 (44 for stomach). I have been eating as close to 80% as possible and watched the weight slide off. Several times there have be stalls, but each time it restarted, it is within my power to do this I know this now. I am currently at 162lbs and 40 - 30 - 37 (37 for stomach) and 25% body fat. Here is my goal: in the next 10 weeks and 1 day I plan to drop the rest of my weight and end up at 120lbs or there about, 34 - 24 - 34 or there about. I am not quite sure as the body fat calculators I have been using suggest that I only need to loose about 10 more pounds to be at 20% body fat. We will see, so I commit to all of the laws 100%. See you in 10 weeks and 1 day.


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                      April 4, 2012 - Have been walking 15min/mile pace for 4-ish miles everyday for the last 3 and 1/2 weeks, big deal for me b/c I was currently doing nothing. Love the way it clears my mind, also love the way my legs feel, full of muscle not covered in fat.