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    So, I'm off to a bad start... it's 10pm and I should be in bed getting all my zzz's and instead I'm journaling...

    I started going Primal on January 1, 2012... It's been a difficult road. I had one birthday party already for my 3 year old in which I had a pumpkin spice cake loaded with white sugar...

    But I threw away half the cake so no one in the house would be eating all that leftover junk cake.

    I ordered coconut flour, it's arrived and I've started experimenting with coconut flour bread, cake, brownies and so on. So far so good. Fortunately I like coconut. Others in the house, not so much.

    Having a place to track what I eat is a real good idea.

    B- Spirulina Smoothie
    S- coconut flour "bread" with honey butter
    L- African Peanut Soup
    S- Primal chocolate cake; handful cadbury's chocolate mini eggs
    D- zuurkool schotel

    and another slice chocolate cake with ice cream...

    overall, too many snacks and not enough raw veggies... but I've cut out the wheat and that's a biggie for me!

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    Hi expat!

    I have no idea what a zuurkool schotel is, but I don't see much protein/fat and like you already noticed too many snacks. I'd flip that more good fats/protein packed meals and less sugary snacks.

    All the best to you and keep it goin'!
    Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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      Originally posted by ELCO14 View Post
      Hi expat!

      I have no idea what a zuurkool schotel is, but I don't see much protein/fat and like you already noticed too many snacks. I'd flip that more good fats/protein packed meals and less sugary snacks.

      All the best to you and keep it goin'!
      Lifting Journal


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        Day 2

        B- yogurt with apple, honey, nuts, and cinnamon
        L-Toast with honey butter, fresh apple juice, handful of pecans, avocado, bacon and salad.
        D- pork and hete bliksem (celery root and apples)

        These last two weeks I've been exercising differently and I feel a big difference. Normally I would do a high end cardio workout and that would give me something of a high and I liked it, but then it would leave me wiped out the rest of the day and didn't actually give me any more energy that I hoped it would. Also, since I've been going to the gym the last 4 months I haven't lost any weight,

        so, I turn to food - how can I eat differently? Since researching Primal - I like what i'm seeing. The success stories are my favorite. And that awesome photo of Carrie Sisson standing in the doorway - amazing, reminds me of Linda Hamilton from Terminator 2 - her body is rock hard and that's awesome... that was always my goal to look and feel strong.

        I know I've been at it all wrong because I've just assumed I could eat whatever I want to and just exercise a lot and that would do the trick... but it's just been plain foolishness.

        Now in the last week, I've been to the gym to lift heavy weights - felt so good, a shorter workout but I feel so much stronger. Then I went back another day to do the "body balance" workout which is a combination of power yoga, tai chi, and pilates. That felt amazing, too. And I've since been back to do the heavy lifting.

        And I have more energy to keep up with my 3 kids... not just keep up with them, but actually having fun with them, playing with them, dancing with them, and lifting them up over my head! Seriously.

        my biggest goal is to thrive, not just survive.

        It is difficult though, b/c we still have bread and other sweet bread toppings in the house and I just gotta get them out of here - and I gotta get the whole family in on this so I can succeed. So we can all succeed.


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          day 3

          eating primal is kinda difficult. it's kinda hard to break old habits and patterns. that said, it is difficult but it's getting easier, one day at a time. And even though I may eat some tortilla chips from time to time, I'm still moving in the right direction... no sugar for me to day!

          B - yogurt, apple, cinnamon, honey and walnuts
          L - leftover breakfast hash (egg, bacon, onion, celery root, apples - good!)
          - apple/egg/honey butter/cinnamon spice muffins
          D - pork fajitas with avocado, tortilla chips and salsa

          I drank a lot of warm liquids today... it was cold. That really helped warm me up and keep me from going back for too many snacks.

          I tend to graze a lot... I'm about as big as a cow, too.


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            sunday 15 jan

            B-yogurt, apple, cinnamon, stevia, chia seeds, and flaxseed oil
            -chia,egg, spinach omelet
            L- egg,cheese, spinach and cauliflower roulade
            D- nut and veggie loaf with more spinach

            Dessert- ice cream and tea and a couple cookies (visiting with friends)

            my hubby declined the cookies, but i had couple. good on him... bad for me :P

            oh well. better make the right choice next time.


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              monday 30 jan

              So, i'm not really into the daily posting of all my meals. that's why i couldn't do weight watchers... but i will post some cool things i've noticed lately since going without wheat and sugar:

              1. light menstrual period and no cramps whatsoever!!!

              2. more energy

              3. fewer cravings for sweet stuff

              4. less overall grazing on food throughout the day

              5. Lost 7.5 lbs in three weeks (effortlessly... just like everyone always says... it's true!)