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    I am just starting my journey. I sent in my "In the Making" photo to Mark for the 2012 Challenge. I am starting with a short Master Cleanse because I feel so horribly bloated right now. I have given in to all my favorite carbs over the holidays and am now paying severly for it. In the meantime I will shop for appropiate Grok foods to stock up on so I will not be at a loss for the right meal. I do have a family in which two love their pasta, bread and potatoes so will be adding those for them. Sweets and snacks (ice cream, cookies, cereals) are a problem for all of us and I will be slowly cutting them back for everyone while trying out substitutes.

    Well that's all for now. I feel at my age that this is my final chance to make some big changes in order to keep my health. It is harder now than when I was younger and pounds came off easily. But more impotaint now than ever. Wishing everyone success!!!!