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  • Broke, Busy, Nerdy & Primal: Cha's Journal

    Hello! I am Meagan, also known as Cha. Cha is my "caveman" name I got when I was in 8th grade. I went to a mini-golf place with my family and was beyond frustrated by the third hole. So I named myself Cha, renamed my brothers and made up Cha Ball. It was more fun than mini-golf so we spent the remaining 15 holes jumping over rocks, running like mad and occasionally getting a ball into the holes. When I read the part about including play in your life I thought, "I don't have a problem with that!"

    Anyway, back to primalishness. I was always on the heavier side, or at least thought I was on the heavier side. I'm not sure what my heaviest weight was becasue I stopped weighing myself after 175. I had three kids in rapid succession. I made an effort to lose weight after each pregnancy only to wind up pregnant yet again. During the third pregnancy I split from my husband. After having the third I realized if I was going to be raising three babies on my own I needed to have the energy to do so. Also, being obese was a health risk I was no longer willing to take. So I started using the Wii Fit about a half hour daily. I lost ten pounds fairly easily, but knew if I was going to lose more I needed a "real" exercise plan. I read a copy of "Body for Life" and while I knew the science was off, I felt the overall principle was okay so I started a modified version. I dropped another 20 pounds or so, but I wasn't happy with the routine. I can't stand eating constantly and don't like being sore. I had three small kids and had just started nursing school. I had no time to be sore.

    I stopped doing anything regularly halfway through my first semester of nursing school. I managed to not gain weight, which I call a win. Last semester we studied diet changes for various diseases. I noticed that one of the first things to go for many diseases was grains, especially whole grains. I had wondered if it was so bad for sick people, why was it good for the rest of us? After finals last December I searched online for "how to eat more vegetables," and an article on MDA popped up. I read it and was impressed. I went to the main page and found out it was primal and I hesitated. I thought it was just another low carb diet. I decided to look into it a little further and it actually made sense to me. I figured what the heck, I'd try it. I'm not even 100% primal but the seven pounds I regained when I went a carb binge during a two week sinus infection melted off, plus a few. My eczema I've had for years following a lab accident where I spilled hydrochloric acid down my glove cleared up. My anemia is controlled without supplements now that I eat more beef. So, not even a month in and I feel pretty good.

    General information about me: I am twenty-seven. I have three kids aged 4,3 and 2. I like to read and write, hike, camp, sew, and knit. I'm a bit of a nerd. I like an occasional video game and anime. I have one year left in nursing school. I am unemployed currently so I have a super-tight budget, but I make it work. I love vintage clothes. I wear dresses, even when camping; but I don't hesitate to climb rocks or trees in them. Life is great!
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