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    I started eating Paleo last January (2011). Took off about 20 lbs. after a few months, then gained a little back. Ate quite a few cookies and other treats over the holidays and was up about 10 lbs. by year end. I almost couldn't wait for the New Year to arrive so I could go back to normal (paleo) eating- was just feeling puffy and sluggish. So I'm back on track now. My goals for the year are:

    Get stronger- I joined a great little gym where I get to flip tires and do lots of pushups. I want to be able to do a real pull-up by the end of the year, and I want to do 50 pushups (did 31 at the start of this year).

    Fast- I'd like to try to incorporate some fasting this year. Maybe pick one day a week or skip breakfast? Have to decide- first I'll get used to not needing food so often, then figure out how to incorporate this.

    Sway others- My husband and children are still not on board- I would love them to join me. I know I can't control what other people do, but I want the best for them. The people who own the little gym I go to have started eating paleo- I'm hoping at some point they'll mention it to enough people that we could have little meetings of like-minded people, share recipes, etc.

    Sleep- Always a challenge for me, but I'll keep trying to sleep more than I do.

    Coffee- Yes I know giving it up would probably help my sleep, but I like my coffee too much to give it up.

    Post- Try to post every couple weeks on how things are going.

    Current weight: 131 (should probably be more like 123-125)