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My Primal Journal #4 - GrokaFied

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  • My Primal Journal #4 - GrokaFied

    Glad to be getting back to my journal! Didn't realize that it would be such a challenge to blog over the weekend. Luckily for me, my thoughtful husband surprised me with a new calendar. It has a great amount of writing space so I've been able to keep a quick log of my daily meals/exercise. Since I have that, I'm not going to try and back track at this point in my journal. I will say that all of our meals during the course of the weekend were extremely primal - except for a little cheese! I'd also like to give big props to "Nonni's Bistro" in downtown Pleasanton, CA. We dined there for the first time last Friday and will most definitely be back. Everything was delicious - there were many great options for a primal lifestyle - I recommend this place for sure.

    Yesterday - Jan. 10th:

    Overall it was a great day. A primal day! Had a nice warm cup of my "yogi" peach detox tea in the morning to get things started. I really enjoy my coffee or tea while having my computer time in the mornings. Prior to work I made myself an excellent primal protein shake: we call it "Berry Delicious" = vanilla protein powder, strawberries, blueberries, some banana, coconut milk, coconut water, mango-peach omega 3's and ice...YUM! After work I had a little piece of a chicken breast and an andouille sausage with sauteed mushrooms that was leftover from our dinner the night before - it made a perfect snack. I had a slight headache that persisted throughout the night unfortunately. Can't quite put my finger on why. Don't think it was anything I ate, although, perhaps the sausage made it worse? My husband is noticing a slight pattern in getting headaches after eating sausage. Anyway, in my opinion dinner was a total flop! We had pre-marinated Escolar from our local meat market. The marinade was complimentary, and quite tasty, but I think we could have done better at home. I sauteed a medley of veggies for us: cauliflower, string beans, bell peppers, onions and bok choy - all of which were organic. I served the fish over the veggies w/a side of some freshly baked primal almond bread. The bread was the highlight for me. Put a slab of butter on a piece of almond bread and I'm a happy girl. I really didn't care for much else with that meal at all. The fish gave me a terrible stomach ache too, which is apparently somewhat common with some people in eating that particular type of fish. Guess I will be more careful in my fish selection next time. Between that and my headache taking its toll - all I wanted was a pillow...

    Here's to a new and primal day today! Grok On ~

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    I forgot to post my super fast total-body blast workout from yesterday in my blog this morning! Nothing major but it was exercise.

    I did:
      • squats w/dumbbells, 15 reps
      • chest presses while balancing on my medicine ball, 15 reps
      • bent-over rows, 15 reps
      • bicycle's while (trying my best to balance) on my medicine ball, 10 reps

    I did three rotations nice and slow


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      Looks like you are kicking butt and taking names! Great job!

      If you are in the Bay Area we should meet up sometime and have a Primal Lunch or dinner..... we are in Antioch

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