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    I'm on day 10. I had tried Primal last summer but fell off the wagon when I got a nasty sinus infection in September. I remembered how good I felt, so started back up after the holidays. I will update this as time goes on. I'm also blogging my journey here.

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    So I just turned 46, I want to lose about 35-ish pounds, and just feel better. I want my knees to not creak (too much) when I bend them. I want to reduce my headaches and chronic congestion. I've noticed over the past couple days that I'm less congested and less headachy. And my cousin who is only 3 years older than me, had a heart attack right before Christmas and is back in the hospital today with chest pains. I don't want to go down that road.


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      2 weeks in. I weighed on Saturday. I hadn't weighed before starting (mostly because I didn't want to be depressed) but am reasonably sure I was somewhere in the 180's. Saturday: 176.0. So I am reasonably sure I have lost over 4 pounds already, and possibly more.

      I have been having fewer headaches, and I have more energy. Lately I have been wanting to Clean All The Things!


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        3 weeks in. 3 weeks ago, all of my jeans (the ones I can get into, that is) were tight. Now they're all starting to get baggy.

        The eating is becoming second nature.