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  • Turnstone's world - not really a jornal...

    I was thinking about writing a journal here. But it bores me to write down every meal, exercise etc. in detail. So please don't expect such things here.

    In the end I decided to create my own thread here to write about anything in my life that seems related to the PB. This could include meals and exercises, but not exclusively. More about thoughts, feelings, experiences.

    Feel free to comment, and welcome to my world!
    Turnstone's world - not really a journal...

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    About Turnstone

    First of all, a short introduction, so you know who is writing.

    I am a 35 year old female from Germany (so please excuse any typings or grammar issues...).

    I discovered the PB last August and immediately realized that this all makes perfectly sense. At that time I felt quite bad. I was tired most of the time, couldn't concentrate, had headaches almost every day and migraine once a week. I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme Disease at that time, too, which explained lots of my symptoms most doctors told me were harmless. I changed my doctor, and she had the knowledge and the right tests to diagnose the Lyme Disease. She also almost immediately realized that something might wrong with my thyroids. She decided first to check my thyroids, and then go on with the Lyme Disease.

    At that time I started to reduce grain and sugar intake, and I went off Topamax, which didn't seem to help with my migraines, anyway. Instead I started to take magnesium. I immediately felt better, lost a little bit of weight, and my migraine almost dissapeared.

    I am not perfectly primal. I eat dairy, nuts, chia seeds, fruits, potatoes (from our garden), rice (both potatoes and rice on a regular basis, but I cut back my portion size a lot), and grains if I can't avoid it. Not to forget dark chocolate (I already had too much of that today...).

    My better half doesn't want to go primal. He is overweight and has several minor health issues, so I am absolutely sure he would benefit from the PB. But no chance. At least he supports me as good as he can, and we try to find meals that we can eat both (which means he doesn't make pizza or pasta anymore). But life without bread is something he can't imagine. He prefers his bread while I eat eggs and bacon for breakfast.

    We live in the city. But most weekends we spend at my father-in-laws house, which is in a wonderful surrounding, walking distance from hills and the forest. We have a large vegetable garden there, which means in summer we have lots of fresh veggies and fruit. At the moment there are only a few brussels sprouts left. The downside of this weekends is the food there. The whole family loves bread, cake, cookies. They don't understand what I am doing, but at least they aren't angry if I prefer a salad or yoghurt with fresh fruit and nuts over their bread and I leave the cake for them.

    I work 2-3 days a week. Scanning articles in different supermarkets. I have a bachelor degree in environmental science, and I am a safety-of-health-expert, but with my bad health I couldn't find a good job. So I don't have much money, but lots of time, and most of my work isn't seated, which is of course a good thing.

    That should give you an idea about me!
    Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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      Today I woke up with a bad headache and needed to take some pills that I could drive to work. It helped for the day, but now I feel the pain returns. There is a tension in my left shoulder, I guess that's the fault.

      After work I met some friends in a bar. Luckily it was no problem to order my burger without the bun and with salad instead of the fries. That made it a little bit primal, but I don't want to think about the salad dressing and the sauce on the burger... But the good feeling that it was easy to get rid of the fries and the bun is much stronger than my thoughts about what could still be wrong with my dinner.

      Back at home I walked a short distance around the block. After much rain today the sky cleared up and the stars were shining amazingly bright for a night in the city.

      Oh, and I noticed that it's not completely dark at 5:15 pm! The days are getting longer, of course, but today it was the first day I noticed it.
      Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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        My Primal library

        Just a short post about the primal books I already have, and have read:

        - The Primal Blueprint
        - The Primal Blueprint 21 Body Transformation
        - Why we get fat
        - Good Calories, Bad Calories (read the first part, plan to read the rest, but it is tough reading)
        - The Vegetarian Myth
        - Primal Body, Primal Mind (that's what I currently read)
        - The Paleo Answer (will be my next read)

        If you have any good reading suggestions, feel free to post them here!
        Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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          Today I fed my dehydrator with apple and kiwi slices. The apples are from our own apple tree, and the kiwis grew in my aunt's garden. I use the dried fruit mostly as a snack, together with nuts and / or dark chocolate.
          Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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            Great progress Turnstone!

            You might like Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis.
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              Thanks for the suggestion! I heard both good and not so good things about Wheat Belly. It's on my list for my future library, but I guess I'll get it when it is available as an ebook.
              I quit "Primal Body, Primal Mind". Lots of good information, but I find it hard to read. I will continue bit by bit when I feel like. But currently I switched to "The Paleo Answer". Like it a lot. Easy to read, useful information.
              I wish it would be available inGgerman, I need some good literature for my mom. She's very sick (autoimmune diseases which lead to CHD) but willing to change. She already changed her eating in the right direction and feels much better. She currently reads "Life without Bread" by Wolfgang Lutz, but as far as I can tell he doesn't point out the importance of skipping grains, but concentrates on carbs without much difference on where they come from.
              Too bad that there isn't enough literature in German right now. I am so grateful that I can read English books instead!
              Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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                My DH has to stay at the hospital after surgery. Yesterday I was there when he got his lunch. A broth with noodles inside, a plate full of cooked and spiced potatoes, a really small bowl of salad (with corn, beans, and I bet the dressing was sugar ladden), some kind of jelly (contains just sugar, flavourings, colors) as dessert and two large cookies. He had to "order" the meals for next week (but I hope to have him home tomorrow or on monday). He could choose between 3 different meals (one vegetarian), and if it should be sugar-free, or without pork. Gluten-free was not an option.
                Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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                  Today I made beef liver for dinner. I never liked the taste of liver, but it's one of my DH's favorite meats. I have to admit, I still don't like it. I can bring it down, but I guess it will never become a favourite for me
                  Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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                    Hi Turnstone -- Just wanted to say I saw your post about your dad and the pull-up bar in the pull-up thread. Smiles and sympathies to you on the frustration. I'm still a long way from my first pull-up, too, but am trying/hoping for at least one by the end of this year. ---And oh, those stubborn husbands. I feel your pain there, too :-) I've enjoyed reading your journal posts and learning about the challenges of being Primal in Germany. Keep at it and keep posting because I will keep checking to hear more.
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                      Thanks for reading and commenting to everyone so far!

                      Today I made another batch of dried kiwi fruit. We got a box full of kiwi fruit from my aunt. She has a big kiwi tree / bush / whatever, and harvest more than they can eat. Good for me and DH, so we don't have to buy kiwi fruit, and these are definitively not treated with any pesticides, herbicides or other chemicals!

                      I already wrote about my wonderful father in the pullup-challenge-thread. He can do 2 perfect pullups, at the age of 65, and he isn't even primal! I am really proud of him, but at the same time it frustrates me because I can't do a single one yet.

                      My mom feels better and better on a low-carb-diet. 3 months ago she wasn't able to do the household. She was always tired and exhausted. Now she made all the food for my father's birthday party, and was able to enjoy the party after that! I still have to convince her to skip the grains, but she will think about it.

                      I just discovered that my late onset CAH isn't just a harmless hormonal defect that gives me very bad acne when I don't take my pill, but something I need to learn more about because it affects cortisol production, too. I have to find a doctor who knows about this, as my gyn seems to know nothing about it and isn't interested in it.
                      Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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                        Yesterday I had a migraine attack. Before I started to eat primal I had them 4 times a month or more. Now I only have it every now and then. I guess it was the third attack in 6 months.
                        Migraine is never good, but yesterday it was even worse because it hit me just after I prepared duck legs that I had bought earlier that day. While they roasted in the oven I felt worse and worse and in the end couldn't even stand the smell. I went to bed instead of eating... I had the leftovers today with my salad, and it gave me an impression how delicious they must have been fresh out of the oven!

                        Today at work at my local supermarket there was a woman who asked me where she could find tofu steaks. I wish I could have told her what she wants to eat! But I am not in the position of scaring people away from buying things there, and I guess she wouldn't have listened anyway.

                        Winter arrived in Germany. So far we had mild temperatures most of the time, between 10 C and 0 C. Now it's freezing cold outside all day, and with nights around -10 C. Combined with wind I am happy to live in a heated appartement and not like Grok in a cave!
                        Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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                          Today I picked up the antibiotics that I need to take for the next 4 weeks because of Lyme Disease. I bought some probiotics, too, in hope to keep my gut flora alive.
                          It's still cold outside, but we had a little bit of snow. Now it not only feels like winter, it looks like winter!
                          Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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                            The second day on antibiotics. So far I feel OK. I take probiotics, too, and bought some sauerkraut (homemade by our butcher, not the canned thing).

                            My workout during the last days: carry boxes of wood for the fireplace from the car to the basement, and later (one by one, every time we need new wood) from the basement up to the second floor. Each weights about 10-15 kg (depending on the wood).
                            Turnstone's world - not really a journal...


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                              way cool!

                              keep up the hard work!
                              started at 310 July 23rd 2011 ... workin and workin!

                              my journal -