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    The last two days I didn't feel that good. But it seems normal that after a few days on antibiotics you feel worse (at least with Lyme Disease). A sign that it's working.
    I read a book abut LD and it seems its story is even worse than that with carbs, sugar and saturated fat. A few "scientists" dominate and continue to spread wrong facts. No wonder that my doc and my neurologist didn't believe me when I told them that my symptoms might be caused by LD, even after I told them I have 10 or more tick bites each year...
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      Happy Valentines Day!

      I am still fighting with the antibiotics. One day I have no problems, the other day I get sick 30 minutes after I took them. I couldn't find out yet why I sometimes get sick and sometimes not.
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        Hi Turnstone -- Happy somewhat belated Valentine's Day to you, too! Sorry to hear that you're having such spotty luck with the antibiotics, Lyme Disease, etc. And so frustrating when the docs don't really listen. I don't know what your options are in Germany to try to find a doctor who, if not primally inclined, will at least acknowledge that the patient has some very good information about what's going on with them! Is it possible to "shop around" like that or do most people go to clinics and get whoever's on staff at the moment? My insurance here is more clinic-like, but I always insist on at least seeing the same doctor even though the admin staff grumbles...

        Our son is in Bremerhaven right now for business/some pleasure, and the poor California boy is freezing!
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          Hi Marinne,
          thanks for your comments! My current doc is ok, she listens to me and knows a lot abut LD. But the treatment is not covered by my health insurance (and I have to drive 30 minutes to get to her). Bad for my (small) wallet, but this way I am able to talk with her, and I feel that she really is interested in helping me. If she did it on insurance she only had about 5 minutes for me. If I pay her myself we have up to 30 minutes. That's a weak spot in our health system. The doctors only have a small budget and can't afford to listen to their patients. Usually you don't "shop" around with your doc. You have your family doc, and your dentist, and if you need more they send you to a specialist. You are free to choose which doc you go to, but in general once you decided on one you stick with him / her. Only when you have to go to the Emergency Room you have to take who's on staff.
          I hope your son enjoys Bremerhaven. It's not a big town and not a very beautiful one, but it has a really cool museum (the "Klimahaus", he should go there if possible. You can do a journey around the world in a day and visit the different climate zones. Very nice!) and a nice maritime flair. It's not far away from the sea and the wadden sea. If he is interested in nature he should get a guided tour there, too!

          I catched a cold, and now I am sitting here with a dripping nose and very tired. Best proof that antibiotics don't care about a cold! I am not hungry, but got some sauerkraut and a spoon of coconut oil in my roibos-tea. And some dark chocolate. I eat too much of that stuff, but it's too good to resist, and it seems to help with not getting sick from the antibiotics.

          Yesterday I talked to my mom and she slowly realizes that she needs more fat in her diet after she reduced carbs dramatically. She was always afraid of fat and believed her liver and gallbladder couldn't handle it and made it responsible for feeling sick after a fatty meal. She begins to believe that it might be the carbs, and not the fat! Now she only has to learn that grains aren't good for her. Not for her autoimmune issues, which caused her clogged arteries and heart disease. But I guess that's the hardest part, because my dad won't give up bread (but he is healthy and fit, can do more pull-ups than I), and she loves baking cakes, cookies and sweet bread for him. And then she ends up eating a little bit of it, too. But she told me she threw away the rolled oats. A good start!
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            I am still fighting with a cold, but I feel much better than thursday and friday. I blame the antibiotics for damaging my immune system so that the virus had a chance to bring me down.

            Yesterday we bought the first seeds for the garden. Salad and onions, and some "therapeutic flowers" which help recover the soil and fight nematodes. We still have plenty of carrot, tomatoe and pepper seeds. In a few months I can tell you what grows in our garden. Probably salad, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, kohlrabi, beets, carrots, broccoli, brussel sprouts, and not so primal potatoes, beans and peas.

            Today I am making Beef Jerky. I can't wait until it is ready and try how it turned out. It's not the first time I make Jerky, but it tastes different every time I do it. Fortunately I liked it every time so far!
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              Glad you're feeling a bit better. And there's something very positive/hopeful about starting seeds. Even here where the weather is not so bad in winter, it's still nice to think forward to the lovely vegetables to be. Sounds like you will have a very impressive garden.

              And, wow -- jerky! How do you do it? I'd like to try making homemade, but don't have a dehydrator so I'm not sure it's possible.

              Hope your health continues to improve!
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                making Jerky without a dehydrator should be possible. Put it in the oven, chose the lowest temperature available and put a (wooden) spoon in the door so that air can circulate. But this uses lots of energy. I bought a really cheap dehydrator for under 30 EUR (like this one, the company which makes them is called Bomann, not sure if it is available in the US):

                It's not perfect, to timing function and no way to regulate the temperature, but for the occasional batch of Jerky or apple chips it works. Yesterday's batch of jerky is ok, but I realized that I need to cut back with the marinade because my taste seems to have changed. I don't like the intense flavour anymore! I guess now I want to taste the beef, not the marinade

                This morning I visited my doc. I need to have my liver function checked because of the tons of antibiotics I am taking. We did a general check-up, too, and everything was great. I can't wait to get my blood work tomorrow, not only to see if my liver can cope with the antibiotics, but for the other tests, too. I don't have any cholesterol or blood sugar numbers from a year ago (before I started to eat more primal), but I am so curious what they will be like!
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                  I just called the doctors office to ask for the results of my blood test. I don't have all numbers now, but total cholesterol is 201, fasting blood sugar 86, and the nurse at the phone said that everything looks very good. Liver function good, kidney function good, no signs of inflammation. I have to go there next week anyway, and I will ask for a copy of the full results.

                  I don't have a challenging job. I visit supermarkets and perform different investigations for marketing institutes. One thing I do is to take pictures of products. I get a list every week with the products I have to photograph. Today I have a category with "edible oils" and what is listet there? Organic oil for chain saws I wonder if it has a good O3:O6 ratio
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                    Today was a good day. Well, almost...

                    After my cold it was the first day that I really felt good. My nose is still a little bit stuffed, but my energy is back and I can think clearly again. I moved slowly by walking to our poultry farm to buy fresh eggs, and bought a turkey leg, too. They have an old breed of turkeys which grow up on pastures (but get grain, too), and their meat is delicious. Did some LHT by carrying 8 boxes of firewood from our small trailer into the basement (each about 15-20kg). And did some homework (vacuum cleaning the appartement etc.). A good day, with the roasted turkey leg as a great finish.

                    But then my mom called me to tell me that my sister in law has breast cancer. What terrible news! She worked on night shifts for years, and after reading "lights out!" that may be reason enough. But of course she is on a low-fat, high-carb diet, with lots of poisonous stuff in the cheap things they buy. I guess she doesn't think she eats unhealthy, but you know the story... She won't believe anything if it is not promoted by any media. She still thinks minimalist shoes are bad for you because she saw something about it on TV. She was worried that my (at that time) daily intake of about 5-7 tsp of chia seeds could harm me, while sitting there and drinking a cheap sports drink full of aspartame and other terrible things.

                    Now I need to do some research. I don't know if she wants to listen to any advice by me, but if I can do anything to help her survive this, I have to try. I could try to convince my brother how she can change her diet, I guess this would be the easiset...
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                      Another bad day. Back pain and headache. I am sure the back pain is responsible for the headache, but I don't know what to do about it...

                      After work I went to the bookstore. I was curious what cookbooks they had on display. And guess what... almost all were vegetarian or even vegan cookbooks.

                      But I found a book about an anti cancer diet which sounded quite familiar. No carbs, high fat. I am going to recommend it to my SIL. But I am afraid she will only do what her docs suggest. Let's hope they don't tell her to become a vegetarian!
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                        So very, very sorry to hear about your SIL's breast cancer. I know how hard it can be to discuss alternative eating approaches with people who stubbornly don't want to hear any of it (ahem, a certain husband in my household, for example...). But the anti-cancer diet book sounds like a very promising start, and I hope you get some positive response there.

                        Thanks for the dehydrator tips. I guess I had always assumed that they were some sort of giant piece of equipment, but what you pictured looks very do-able. I'm going to research what I can buy here in a similar "mini" version because we do love jerky, and even though I try to find minimally processed/minimally marinated brands in the stores, I've always suspected I could do better/healthier on my own. Interesting about your response to the marinade in your latest batch--going primal really does adjust one's taste buds!

                        Keep up the good work on your own health and test results--just keep away from that chain saw oil :-)
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                          Not much news here. I felt sick almost all the time since wednesday evening, and spend most of the time in front of the tv. Not sure if the antibiotics cause it or if I caught another bug. Today in the late afternoon I started to feel better and I got hungry. After a small dinner (2 eggs and some salad) together with the antibiotics I felt sick again and dinner went down the toilet... I still have one more week on this antibiotics, and then another 7-10 days on another. And I don't know if it's done then or if I have to start over... I know that it's important to fight Lyme Disease, but I wish I could just stop with the antibiotics.
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                            Yesterday I visited my doc to get the results of my blood test. She was absolutely satisfied with everything.
                            Here are the numbers:
                            GLUC=86 (fasting blood sugar)
                            CHOL=201 (total cholesterol)
                            QUOT=1.4 (I guess this is HDL / LDL)
                            CREA=0.78 (CRP)
                            (GOT, GPT and GGT are related to liver function, we checked that because of the antibiotics)
                            MDRD=89.5 (related to kidney function)
                            I am a little dissapointed that they didn't tested my triglycerides. I have to ask for that the next time!

                            I feel better. I guess I have found the trick not to loose my dinner. I need to take my antibiotics about an hour before I eat, and not, as suggested, during a meal. I do eat a piece of dark chocolate together with the antibiotics to calm my stomach, and that seems to work!

                            Sunday DH and I visited a (very) small piece of forest we are planning to buy. I am really excited about that! There's not much you can do with it, and the trees are mainly pines. We don't have a hunting license, but we found signs that deer is sleeping there at night. I guess we will hunt them with our cameras

                            Yesterday I walked to our local organic supermarket. I was a little bit dissapointed. Wanted to buy almond or coconut flour, and they didn't have either. They did have Emmer and Einkorn. Their selection of meat was poor, and no grass-fed meat at all. I bought a cabbage to make sauerkraut, and decided that it's not worth going there on a regular basis. I get organic vegetables at the supermarket.
                            Back at home DH was just back from the normal supermarket, and he bought a vegetable fad. That was perfect, and for me no need to try to get the cabbage thin enough with a knife. With the new fad it was done in minutes. What took much more time was to prepare the sauerkraut in the big glass jar. Compacting the cabbage was really hard work, and we both couldn't believe that we needed just one glass jar and not another one. We were not sure how much to stamp the cabbage. I did the first 3/4 of the cabbage and worked really hard. DH thought I stamped it too much and when he finished it (I had no more power) he didn't stamp it that much. You can clearly see in the jar where we switched working Now I have to be patient and hope that in the end it turns to edible, delicious sauerkraut!
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                              Another week over. And I have nearly finished my antibiotics treatment. 4 weeks of Doxycyclin are over, and now I am on Metronizadol for another 5 days.

                              The first seedlings are growing on our window still. Salad and cabbage. And the bell pepper seeds wait for germination. Yesterday we cleaned the greenhouse and sowed carrots, onion and radish.

                              We spend the weekend at my FIL. There's the garden, and that's the place my DH loves the most. Indeed it's a beautiful place, away from the city, an old house with a garden big enough for fruit and nut trees, berries, a greenhouse and beds for vegetables. But I hate being away from home almost every weekend! I have to take everything I think I might need, which is always a lot (and in the end I find out that I forgot something and don't need the other stuff), while DH only takes some spare clothes and his toothbrush and is done. I hate not being able to eat what I like. FIL is a decent cook, but he doesn't like salad or vegetables. The only things he likes are beans and peas (from the garden). And lots of potatoes. A nice piece of meat on sundays, but spoilt with bought gravy (with lots of sugar, artificial flavours and MSG). And he makes only one thin slice of meat for everyone and puts the rest away for later. Saturday we had turkey breast steaks. We were 4 people, and he bought 3 pieces of turkey, about 400 g, for all 4 of us. Of course made in vegetable oil... Yesterday we had a small can of sauerkraut (well, there was sauerkraut, but at least 10 different other things in this can...) for 3 people. Potatoes is the only thing that he makes in abundance. I am eating primal for 7 months now and he still doesn't get what I eat and what not. And then I sit at the table full of bread, margarine and things like salmon substitution, trying to find something to eat without annoying anyone, see my overweight DH with lots of minor health issues he doesn't even realize (like his digestive issues), my BIL who is a little bit overweight and suffers from excema, and FIL with his very high blood pressure, excema, and heavy breath (and too much weight on his belly, too) and that's really hard for me. To know they all would feel better if they would just change a little bit. And to feel that they don't understand what I am doing and probably they think I am spoilt or crazy or arrogant because I don't want to eat what they eat It would be OK for me if I go there every now and then. But it's almost every weekend... and I hate that!
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                                That's tough about the weekly trips to the FIL. I'm sure the garden is dandy, the breaks from the city are great, and you get lots of wonderful produce, but still....

                                Any hope that in all the things you pack (sympathies on the forgotten items, too!), you could bring some of your own food? I know this can be a verrrry delicate proposition for family politics so I can well understand if it's not possible. But it seems you do have some conveniently built-in justifications with your health situation as it is. With my own parents at least, "The doctor says I should..." goes a long way to cover some of my wacky (to them) food choices. What sort of support on this might you get from your husband? Possible to trade going away every !@#$^%&! weekend for him agreeing to you bringing your own food to his father's house? As said, I totally get that this sort of thing can be a surprisingly dangerous emotional minefield on the family front, but how fair is it to you that the current situation makes you so unhappy? And makes all of you unhealthy as well!
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