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Spacklin' the cracks with 'good' fat....(Jody's Primal Journal)

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  • Spacklin' the cracks with 'good' fat....(Jody's Primal Journal)

    Current Goals
    mental and physical peace from ED (eating disorder)

    Primal Goals
    keep carbs in maint range <150/day, but no formal tracking
    (I actually tracked a few days and found I'm typically below 100)

    Noticeable Changes
    bloating gone (immediate)
    some sinus relief (3 weeks in)
    headache free (2 weeks in)
    binge free (immediate)
    cravings (occasional, but weak)
    former tight pants now fit (4 weeks in).
    lost 15 lbs (7 weeks in)

    __________________________________________________ _________________
    I am 42, 5'7", female, divorced Mom of 2

    Medical issues
    lifelong binge eating disorder
    type 2 diabetes in remission
    slightly elevated blood pressure (on meds)
    tendonitis in right knee from chronic cardio (icing it as i type this)

    My earliest memory of food "issues" was about 6/7 years old, I used to sneak cookies or ice cream on Sat mornings before anyone woke up. By 8 I was a little chubby and my pediatrician panicked and put me on my first diet. Looking back at old photos, I was actually quite normal looking. I'm still not sure how I was to manage dieting at 8, on my own, while the rest of the family ate "normally". Anyway....

    Fast forward…. decades of yo-yo dieting, binging, high carb life…I was dying and I hit a wall in 2004 after the birth of my youngest. I was the heaviest ever at 291lbs and type 2 diabetic (brought on by pregnancy). I also suffered pulmonary edema a couple days after my daughter’s birth and it’s amazing how sitting in an emergency room plugged in to all kinds of machines with a social worker asking you if you would like to be resuscitated “in the event of something happening” how perspective changes in an instant. That was when this health journey started for me. I just started walking. Then I joined WW and dropped 40 lbs. Which put my diabetes into remission, which was awesome....but I was MISERABLE. Then I found Geneen Roth books in 2006 which stopped my dieting and started me on the intuitive/normal eating approach and I dropped more weight. I also fell in love with exercise during this time. But for the past 3 years I've been stuck at 215, eating less, working out more than ever, and still miserable. Now additionally, I have bad knees and tendonitis in my right knee to show for it. What is interesting for me in my journey to health since 2004 is that I was already naturally progressing toward primal, without knowing. I was already eating eggs/veggies for breakfast and protein foods during the day because I “felt” better doing so and it helped with energy/satiety. But I was still eating lots of sugar too, large diet cokes from McDonalds were my regular $1 ‘treats’, and I still couldn’t shake the binging at night….on carbs.

    About 2 months ago, I found Julia Ross’s book The Diet Cure. Something simply clicked. From there my research led me to Nourishing Traditions and I found this website and other Paleo/Primal sites. For 3 weeks now I have been on the amino acid supplements that Ms. Ross recommends and the daily regiment of vitamins/supplements. I’ve also begun primal. I no longer crave sugar and I’ve not binged in 3 weeks! It's wonderful!

    The first week was hard, the headaches, upset stomach, flu like stuff and my appetite literally died. But now I feel great! My biggest fear is that the cravings will come back, but I’m just taking this one day at a time. My plan is to continue Ms Ross’ recommendations on the amino acid supplements and slowly reduce them in another month or so. My scale broke a couple months ago, so am not tracking weight loss right now. My pants are looser. I’m not even sure losing weight is my main goal. Really I want peace from ED (eating disorder). I just want to stop feeling so broken.

    I should mention I HATE coconut and avocados. But I did buy the correct coconut oil and cooked up chicken thighs in it the other night. I was pleasantly surprised as I licked my fingers how good it was! I love to cook and noticing that with primal, the simpler the ingredients the better. I still pause before I eat bacon. There’s just SO much to learn, experience, change….it’s very exciting. I FEEL good and I haven’t said that in a long time.

    I'm happy to be here!!

    and damn, that was a long post...
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    Tues, 1-10-12

    B: 3 egg omelet with broccoli, fried in bacon fat, coffee with cream
    S: cashews
    L: leftover paleo broccoli salad with leftover chicken
    D: my version of a Waldorf Salad with chicken/apples served on romaine and home made mayo dressing

    Exercise: none today since i wasn't at the office
    icing my knee, wearing a brace and will apply heat/massage tonight to (cross my fingers) get past this current flair up of tendonitis

    I need to plan better when I'm travelling for the day,hungry and can't do lunch. I ended up grabbing some cashews until I could get home for lunch, but maybe stock my car with macadamia's?? I used to carry protein bars in my computer bag for these moments... funny I don't miss those little things.

    I tried home-made mayo for the first time, I whipped some up on Sunday using olive oil and my immersion blender, it worked beautifully cept I need to use less mustard, it was overpowering my Waldorf salad tonight. But it was still good.
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      Welcome and hope you learn as much as you need to get on the path of true nutrition and healing, this is a great website and way of life.

      PS: I hope the Pats and Packers show up in the Superbowl again, it's payback time
      You'll never see the light if you're in someone else's shadow, or said another way, life is like a dog sled team, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes


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        Thanks Mainer! Are you looking for another loss so quickly??

        okay, back to business....
        Wed, 1-11-12

        B: 3 egg scramble in butter, piled on the homemade salsa, coffee with cream
        L: still working on the leftover broccoli salad (sans chicken) which then caused my late afternoon need for snack
        S: found the last Kashi protein bar (my go-to meal replacement prior to paleo)
        D: YUMMO, had maple/mustard chicken thighs fried in bacon fat, pan fried asparagus with butter/olive oil and 1/2 slice fresh baked sour dough which I made for the little people after I heard "why do we eat so much meat and veggies...where's the pasta!"

        Exercise: still nada, wearing my knee brace and hobbling around work today quite nicely though, if I don't get snowed in tomorrow morning then I'm going to do some non=knee strength work at gym...if it feels betta by Fri, I might even get on treadmill and walk 'slowly'...being a gimp sux.

        My daughter pulled out the food pyramid from her backpack tonight and informed me butter makes you fat...(big sigh). I didn't make a big deal about it though, I simply told her it's not true and why.....moving on.

        LESSON o' the day: MORE meat at lunch with my salad. I need to make more meat!

        I noticed for the last couple days that I've woken up actually breathing through my nose! That NEVER happens. I'm a Netti Pot maniac and wake up with sinus headaches often, so I thought that was cool. Hope that continues.

        My appetite is starting to come back, the first two weeks of supplements and paleo left me full all of the time. I've got breakfast down, it's holding me for 5-6 hours till lunch. Lunch is not holding till dinner though, so will work on that.
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          Howdy! Thanks for stopping in my journal! I see you are also in WI. I am near Eau Claire. It is snowing as I type I'm also type 2 controlled by diet. I had to giggle at your butter issue. I just heard from my son the other day how if I knew diabetics could lose limbs etc it should be easy no never eat anything wrong. This was after telling him no I wouldnt make him doughnut as I was trying hard to get healthy and lose weight. Explaining just smelling them would make me crave and I was 11 days in on plan. They mean well I guess. I hope your knee heals up asap!


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            OMFG Jackpot!
            I just learned that the 'butcher shop' in my small a$$ town of 2500 is dedicated to selling/processing small local, family farm, free range, grass fed, etc, etc, etc. Last tiime I was in there I noticed that they carried poultry and dairy too, but I'll need to investigate. I've been struggling with finding the right kind of meat at the grocery stores, I've been driving 30 minutes in every direction looking for a good souce and just realized I have a source 2 minutes from my house! They even make their own hot dogs, brats, sausages which I don't typically eat but now I know where to go when the need arises. This is a good day.

            Thur, 1-12-12

            B: 3 egg scramble in butta, with salsa, coffee with coconut oil
            L: final day of the broccoli salad, and cottage cheese

            Exercise: none today, knee felt horrible when I woke up but getting better the more I hobble around. I love my new knee brace.
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              That is an awesome find! I have a very full freezer so once we use that up I'll be looking. Glad the brace is helping! So did you get yucky weather? We finally got snow.


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                Wow, busy few days need to catch up on journal...

                Fri 1-13-12
                B: plain greek yogurt, frozen cherries (defrosted), and some almonds, coffee with coconut milk
                L: greens salad with chicken
                D: steak and broccoli (@ restaurant)

                Sat 1-14-12
                B: 3 egg omelet with cauliflower (didn't like cauliflower w/eggs but using up veggies), coffee with coconut milk
                L: wasn't hungry at lunch time so kids and I went to target, where I picked up a box of Lara bars, ate one on drive home
                D: made THE most incredible paleo beef stroganoff. I skipped the noodles, but gave each of my little people a bit, we had roasted cauliflower which was awesome too (and used up the cauliflower), also had 2 squares dark chocolate

                Sun 1-15-12
                B: 3 eggs with broccoli, 2 slices bacon, coffee with coconut milk
                L: small bowl of steamed brussel sprouts and leftover beef stroganoff
                S: greek yogurt and cherries
                D: another amazing paleo recipe from Health Bent. I made their meatloaf tonight, it was yummy, along with carrots in butter. My DD went sledding on the 'big hill' in town for at least 5 hours today and refused to come home for lunch, so at dinner I made her about 1/2 cup mashed potatoes with dinner, funny thing she tore up the meatloaf, ate about 1/2 her carrots and didn't touch the potatoes (does this mean there is hope for paleo daughter?? hmmmmmm)

                Exercise: still none, I am able to now bend my knee to 45 degrees with no pain....with heat and massage I'm able to start getting a decent stretch and bending it further every day. It feels a TON better compared to a week ago.

                I stopped at my town butcher yesterday and was excited about the wide variety of meat available. Little disappointed they don't carry bigger selection of dairy and eggs. I did score some local butter tho.

                My shopping feels out of control and it's driving me nuts!! I'm used to planning a two week 'menu' and then doing my shopping at the supercenter and BAM I'm done WITHIN budget. Now I'm trying to re-stock my pantry paleo, driving all over, spending what feels like more (although I know this is temporary) and my nice little organized life is in chaos. I know it will get better, I'm just all frazzled right now. I LIKE my two week grocery shopping trips because they were efficient, but I realize that's not practical now eating such fresh stuff.... (big sigh) SO I'm going to sit down and build a new process LOL that's what I do for a living, I'm sure I can make this better.

                I just discovered a CSA (i think that's what it was called) that starts in June and runs through Oct. It's fresh produce weekly, and I can also sign up for eggs (1 dozen/week) and meat (once a month, although no clue how much yet)if I choose. It's like $660 which seems like a fair considering this....
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                  Howdy! Glad to read your knee feels better! I wish my kids still were into playing in the snow. Here it is video games and girls

                  Gosh too bad you aren't closer. I'd hook you up on eggs. I have hens. Nothing like fresh organic free range eggs daily. I hope you figure out the grocery thing. I think it is a bit more $ and we are not even doing grass fed yet. Oh well, lower medical bills down the road!

                  I didn't know that about waiting for testing. It does make sense though. I can't wait to see how you change your numbers! My blood pressure and cholesterol are always good. Blood sugar and hormones. Not so much. From the reading I've done it sounds like grass feed may seriously help my wonky hormones. Have a terrific day Jody!
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                    I've heard that about the eggs. I'm buying the cage free eggs from Woodman's, they are brown. First time I've ever had anything other than the standard. Since I'm surrounded by farms I SHOULD be able to find someone that sells them! LOL

                    Yeah, I can't wait to see the results of testing in a few months, it will be a GREAT check point for us both!!
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                      I would think you should be able to find them pretty easy. Around here they have signs in the driveway. A lot of them selling are the Amish. Once you have awesome eggs you can't go back. The shells are much thicker. The yolks instead of yellow are a more deep orange yellow and the taste is just richer. Duck eggs are also awesome. I have 3 breeds of hens and the eggs range from light tan, brown to a brownish orange with freckles on the shell. Have a terrific day Jody!


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                        You know i used to see those egg signs all over the place! I haven't seen many lately...maybe I'll check the 'board' in my town's grocery store, there are always people advertising stuff there, I might be able score a direct source. I've been going through eggs like crazy! I've never had a duck egg either! How is it going for you??

                        Mon 1-16-12
                        B: greek yogurt, cherries, almonds, coffee with cream
                        L: big ass salad, olive oil and lemon dressing
                        S: apple
                        D: leftover meatloaf and carrots (mostly just wanted the meatloaf)

                        I suspected and confirmed today that dairy in the morning won't carry me the 5-6 hours that eggs do. But I need a break from the monotony of eggs and I save my leftovers from the night before for I think it's just realization, not really ready to stop eating yogurt in the morning a couple days/week. Maybe I can add protein to it somehow. I've tried protein shakes, but that powder makes me feel 'funny'.

                        I'm travelling tomorrow, and feeling okay that i'll have access to eggs in the hotel each morning. Salads at lunch and I'm ordering big ass steaks for dinner since work is paying. But I am bringing my Lara bars with me for a safety net.

                        Had a moment today, I am currently wearing a size 18. But I had a pair of work pants in my closet, brand new, but were tight 18's. I tried them on this morning and they fit! I'm wearing them tomorrow, YES. I have no clue how much weight I've lossed, but apparently a little.

                        Trying to stay away from the scale. Right now it's easy because I don't have one at home and with my knee out of commission I haven't been to the gym. Part of me really wants to know but the other part of me LOVES not having any pressure. I LOVE the way I FEEL determining if it's a good day or not.... NOT the number on the scale. I know this to be true, but there is always that asshole ED that encourages me to limp down to the gym just to get on that scale. Well F you ED.

                        I'm trying to balance all the information on this forum as well, some people are so by the #'s and I have to be careful what that triggers for me ... I have to remind myself over and over to keep it simple. Everything is okay right now..... I love what I'm eating, I feel great, pants are lose. Simple.
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                          Good Morning! We are currently getting some lovely but not wanted snow! If you get a chance at duck eggs try it. They are nice and rich. I raised ducks for years as pets. I now have hens since their life span is shorter. We plan to move closer to Eau Claire once our son graduates in 2 years. We moved this far out for the itty bitty school. Ducks live forever compared to a hen and I didnt want to worry about re-homing.

                          Jody, I tell you I am really feeling good! I hope you are also. No garbage in the system is great! I've noticed eggs carry me the longest in the morning also. I hope you find a good source btw. Speaking of protein powders. I have been reading up on the ones made and sold by Dr Mercola. He has some great videos on his sight about them. He also incorporates raw eggs into his personal breakfast shakes he drinks.

                          It sounds like you have a very good plan to eat while traveling! HUGE congrats on the pants fitting! That is sure great confirmation you are on the right track! I agree on the F you ED! You sound in a very healthy place right now


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                            Wow, so travelling and maintaining paleo was harder than I thought. I was travelling for work and all the meetings seemed to have bowls of candy, buckets of bagels, boxes of donuts, cookies and brownies. Diet coke by the CASES. I guess I never really realized what sugar pushers co-workers can be. Then everyone stands around these items talking about how they shouldn't eat them .... while eating them.. It always amazes me watching/listening to people around's like everyone's food issues come spilling out when donuts are present.

                            Anyway, I did pretty well. Breakfast was eggs/bacon or sausage but had a feeling the hotel was providing really processed versions of these items. Lunch was panera salad/chicken. No clue what ingredients were in dressing. I did eat a couple peppermints. Dinner was steak and veggies, or fish and veggies. I did have a single cocktail each night with dinner. On my second day of lunch, my salad came with a big ass choc chip cookie. I decided to eat half of it and see what happened. By 2.30ish I was ready to take a nap. I couldn't stop yawning! I woke up with sinus/headache the next morning (although this also could have been the martini too)....and I was gassy. But no carb cravings. I keep thinking I'm going to "cheat" and it will turn into a 2 month binge. It didn't happen. Cool.

                            I woke up home this morning and realized I have NO eggs! OMG......need to get working on a menu and shopping list.

                            My knee didn't like my travelling so much, too much walking and long driving. I forgot the heating pad, so stretching it at night was a little tougher. But it's still getting better.
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                              Good morning! Glad you are back! I hope you had fun even if it was for work.

                              I think you did very well on our eating for traveling!!!! I so hate how people say they shouldn't as they eat garbage. If you want tit eat it. It doesn't need to be a big discussion. I see this at work all the time since we always have fresh baked goodies, candy etc. This is one of the reasons I am almost glad to be diabetic. People still push but quit once I ask " why are you trying to push this on a diabetic? You trying to kill me ?" and walk away laughing.

                              I'm sorry to hear your knee didnt take to the traveling well! Now your home you can baby it like it needs. Now go get those eggs LOL!