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    Not off to a good start. Woke up this morning feeling really gassy and bloated (really went to bed that way). Haven't eaten anything due to discomfort. Went through my sad ritual of popping a multivitamin, followed by popping a prebiotic, followed by popping a prescription Vitamin D pill, followed by popping a hypothyroidism pill (levothyroxin), followed by a shower which I always end with ice cold water, and then applying prescribed Androgel. Le sigh.

    How did it get to this? 2012 or bust.

    Every gain of the last few years has been reversed in the last few months. What's the point of conquering my body if I can't conquer my mind and resist the fall every time I get a little stressed or move to a new place or whatever excuse I want to use for literally tracking back every gain I made. Enough.
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