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    Today I start back to primal. For the past 6-9 months I have been in and out of it. Ive been stuck in a cycle of being on again, off again - with being on for about 1-2 wks, then falling off for a few and struggling to get back going. Funny thing is I feel like crap when I eat like crap and dunno why I do it in the first place....seems to be a common theme around here - the feeling like crap part anyways.

    A little about myself: Im 28 years old. 6'1. And about 192-ish right now and would like to drop 15-20. I live in North Eastern WI. For the past 4 years Ive been racing triathlons and doing pretty good at it (racing at around 180lbs)....up until my back injuries. For whatever reason, two discs in my lower back decided to herniate. There was no defining moment and the pain just kinda came on until it went crazy on me and got out of control - over ~3 weeks time. One of the discs was very bad, basically ruptured and was giving me excruciating pain. I ended up having surgery on it in the beginning of Aug '09. Things felt good for 4-5 days and the pain started to come back a little. I had another MRI done 12 days after the surgery and it confirmed the disc reherniated. I spent the next 4 months hoping that itd heal by itself... missing races (including Ironman Hawaii!, though I still took the vacation) and really not doing much. It started to get worse in Nov and I ended up having a 2nd surgery on it in Dec. Fast forward to today and the disc is okay, but still having pain. I had an MRI done 2 wks ago and stuff checks out good. Doc says its just a matter of time until everything calms down in there. A bit more of my back story is on my blog at

    As a result of that, Im pretty limited in my workouts which is getting really irritating. But, I gotta let this thing heal. I can walk fine, swimming is okay and I started doing some strength training while avoiding bearing weight on my lower back - read: not picking up any weights, nor putting stress on it and mostly using machines. Its better than nothing. Ill walk on my tready 3-4 times a week and sometimes do incline intervals at 15% incline. Those are kinda fun.

    Nutrition-wise, Id say that even when Im not primal Im usually 50-60% primal, if you can say that. I need and want a higher percentage though! I love eating fat. I buy organic produce where it counts. I have an organic grass-fed farmer 5 miles down the road where I get all my organic pork and will buy 1/4 cow every so often. We will sometimes take a 30 min drive to an organic dairy farmer that sells organic pasture-fed raw milk and organic eggs. Within about 10 miles I probably have 6-7 organic farmers that are near me. LOVE IT! I am also raising 15 chickens in my back yard that should start pumping out eggs fairly soon. They are nearly 4 months old now.

    So, Im starting this journal to give myself a bit of accountability from all you like-minded folks and to do my own 30 day challenge...and keep it going. Id appreciate any comments!!

    Ill update later today with my "daily".

    Take care-


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    Just checked out your blog as well. That sounds like absolute misery. Ugh, what a nightmare! I do think eating primal should help with the inflammation and healing process and I hope you feel better fast and can get back to racing. Speaking of...

    Holy crap are you fast! I bow to thee...

    Triathlete here as well. Just started the plan for my first IM actually! IMOO this year for me. So far, mixing Primal with (slightly frowned upon here) endurance sports has been working well for me. I'm kind of mixing and matching Primal Blueprint with Paleo for Athletes.

    Anyway, good luck and I hope to see you kick my ass at the Door County 1/2 perchance?


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      I think that eating primally does help my back, actually. My last round of primal-ness I saw some improvements in my pain level. Im looking forward to that if thats the case. And, thanks for the words! Let me know if you need any advice on IMWI or anything. I know that course like the back of my hand. I had thoughts last month about maybe racing with a community fund slot, but I dont really think thats a good idea this year.... A year off to let everything heal might be in good order.

      Good luck on your training!


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        Here we go with my first daily.

        Breakfast: 2 eggs fried in butter, 2 organic sausage links

        Lunch: Salad with lettuce, org. spinach, tomato, 3 chipotles, some organic grassfed ground beef with sauteed veggies and an avocado turned guac (with organic spice mix).

        Snack: handful of almonds

        Supper: bowl of spaghetti squash with marinara and some monteray jack cheese, a chicken breast sauteed in org. beef tallow and some olive oil.

        I did 45 min of strength training over my lunch hour and walked on the tready for 40' later in the afternoon - did incline intervals.

        Good stuff. Day one down.


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          I weighed in at 193 today so Im gonna use that as a starting point. As an initial goal, Id like to get down to 180 in a few months.

          Also, Im taking these supplements (per day, some broken up into 2 doses):

          2 Mega-men's Multivitamin

          6 Fish oil caps, double strength

          400 iu Vitamin E

          6000 iu Vitamin D

          1 kelp tab (325mcg iodine, for thyroid)


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            Day Two:

            Breakfast: 2 egg omelet w/ 3/4 avocado, some ground beef and sauteed veggies, and monteray jack cheese

            Lunch: Leftover spaghetti squash with marinara and chicken breast

            Snack: apple w/ almond butter and some walnuts w/ cranberries

            Supper: Venison tenderloin sauteed in tallow and butter. Some quac and a chunk of monteray jack. Wife made some coconut flour/quinoa cookies. Not very primal but they were good and only had 2.

            Nothing for me with workouts today.


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              Day three:

              Pretty random day eating-wise. Skipped breakfast but had a bar of 86% dagoba chocolate around 10ish. Bowl of chicken tortilla soup for lunch. Some cashews and dark choc almonds (only a few) for a snack in between there. Then had venison steak salad. Very good salad! Couldve ate a bit better today, but overall pretty good.

              No workout again today. Prob wont do anything tomorrow either. Spent most of the day in town straightening some stuff out for some home improvements. I painted the kitchen ceiling today and am going to finish the that and the walls tomorrow. Might start to prime some doors we got as well.


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                Day four:


                Breakfast: 3 egg omelet (with butter) with some veggies (sauteed in organic bacon fat), a bit of monteray jack and about 1.25 organic sausage links.

                Lunch: Apple w/ almond and sunflower butter. Bowl of rice krispies w/ organic 2% milk (oops).

                Snack: I had something but cant quite remember.

                Supper: 3 guac deviled eggs for appetizers, roast chicken w/ mashed califlower

                Another small bowl of rice krispies (douba oops)

                No workout today. Did lots more painting, some work on the chicken coop and tested out the paint sprayer...that doesnt work all that well.

                After four days I realize that about once a day Ill eat something that more or less messed the day up. Yesterday and today, especially. Im going to change this starting now.

                Ill get back to training again tomorrow. I have a PT appt during my lunch break, but Im thinking about doing weights after work, then a short walk on the tready in my VFFs after supper.

                Also, Ive decided that Im going to IF on Mondays and Thursdays for a few weeks. Only supper on those days.

                Perfect. Sounds like a plan. Go Saints!


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                  Day 5


                  I IF'd for the day and only ate supper. Went on about a 23 hour fast. Wasnt too bad. Got hungry for a bit but it just kinda went away. For supper I had some organic yellow carrots w/ hummus and a salad (spinach, lettuce, tomato, chipotles, about an small avocado worth of guac, 2 hard boiled eggs and some olive oil for dressing). A spoonful of sunflower butter went down the hatch as well.

                  I had my PT appt today and she gave me the go-ahead to try to run. Im going to try that out tomorrow and see how it feels. After work I hit up the gym and did some strength training (on about 20hrs of fasting). Went home, painted, ate and then walked 20' on the tready in VFFs. Good day today.


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                    Day 6

                    Very happy with today in more ways than one. The PT gave me the go ahead to try running. I did just that today and it was [just about] fine! I could feel some tightness in my hip, but thats about it - no real pain while running. This is absolutely HUGE for me in my recovery. Granted it was nothing near what I was doing a year ago before all my back problems arose, but its something...and its positive. It has been exactly 6 months and 26 days since I ran last. I walked for 5', ran for 7.5', walked 5', ran for 7.5 then cooled down for 5'. This was on the tready. Afterwards I did my stretches, the PT and then did some static planks for some core work. Excellent!


                    Breakfast: 2 eggs, 3 skinny strips org. bacon, some guac

                    Lunch: 3 hard boiled eggs w/ hummus, ~2/3C coconut milk, 2 srv 88% chocolate

                    Supper: Fajita bowls (org GrF ground beef. onions, green peppers and tomatoes sauteed in CCO, chipotles and some guac. Had a srv worth of 85% chocolate.

                    Good eats today. Not sure what was with lunch, maybe the chocolate or whatever, but about an hour afters I was wired. Absolutely wired! After work I went home, painted, snow threw the driveway, took care of the chickens and then ran. I thought that would tire me down a little but, nope....still going. I checked my blood sugar to see if it was spiked and it wasnt. It was at 95 when I checked. It feels excellent with this much energy, but I wanna a good night's sleep too, ya know? Im sure Ill calm down soon....

                    Also, I weighed in at 190 today. Granted it was the morning after a 23 hr fast, but being down 3 lbs feels good. Lets make that stick!


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                      Day 7

                      I got a bit sore today from the running yesterday and was also a little sore from weights on Monday so I took today off from working out.


                      B: 3 eggs, 3 slices bacon

                      L: Leftovers from supper yesterday w/ a little guac. Bar of 85% choco

                      S: more choco

                      S: Asian Chicken w/ asparagus. Yet more choco.

                      I need to lay off the dark choco for a while. I ate !4 bars! in the last 2 days! Oh man...Im addicted.

                      Tomorrow Im going to IF. However, this may get switched to Friday. Its a co-workers bday tomorrow and my boss's bday on Friday. We are going to go out for lunch either tomorrow or Friday, but Im not sure when. So, Im planning on IFing tomorrow, but this may get switched at lunch.


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                        Day 8

                        Thursday = IF and thats what I did today. I threw in a 45' strength training session on my lunch hour, about 17hrs into the IF. No problem at all IFing today. DOMS has set in later yesterday and today from my short run on Tues. Its ridiculous how sore I am from running easy for 15'. I used to run 20+ miles much faster and barely get tired before all my back issues happened. I guess a person loses a lot of fitness in 6 months when they basically cant do anything! Things are getting better though....


                        About an hour before supper - big handful of raw macadamias

                        Supper: venison tenderloin salad (lettuce, vinaigrette dressing [home-made], tomatoes and a bit of monteray jack cheese), a chuck of dark chocolate for dessert.

                        Weird. For the last 1.5 hrs I havnet stopped salivating. Not sure why...Im not even hungry nor am I thinking about food - just why my mouth keeps watering!


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                          Day 9 - Friday


                          B: 2 eggs omelet w/ guac and meat n veggies

                          L: Chicken fajitas from a bar. We went out to eat for my boss's and coworker's bday

                          Sn: dark chocolate and macadamia nuts

                          D: org gf porterhouse, mashed cauliflower w/ monteray jack cheese, dark chocolate mousse for dessert.


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                            Day 10 (Sat), Day 11 (today)

                            Lets throw in the 80% rule here for this weekend's eating. It wasnt anything too bad (except the brownie and pair of cookies), but I ate alot....way too much. Good eats thought.

                            I helped out a friend yesterday afternoon and he made ribs for us. Man, those were awesome! He gave me the left overs and 3/4 a rack went in my belly for todays breakfast. I had an omelet for breakfast yesterday morning and cant really remember what else I ate....just some random stuff.

                            For today's supper the wife picked out whatever she wanted and we made it together. It was mexican lasagna...sans noodles or tortillas. We followed that up with some chocolate mousse (recipe in the recipes forum here) and org whipped cream. Excellent food, but ate way too much.

                            I did get another run in today though, which was good. I manager to run for 20' straight. Its crazy how much slower I am right now. I dont think that I was running this slow when I first started running! Itll come back soon...hopefully!

                            IFing tomorrow. Wife is going out with some friends for sushi after work and gonna bring me home some takeout. Mmmmm, ahi sashimi. Already looking forward to that!


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                              Day 12 - Monday Feb 15

                              IFd today. 23hr IF total. Did a strength session of randomness over my lunch break as well - about 18hrs into the fast.

                              I ate a small supper at 5:30p of mexican lasagna w/ some guac. Around 8ish, my wife came home with a sushi roll for me. I had that and an apple around 8pish.

                              I didnt feel hungry at all today. I dont even think my stomach rumbled at me once.

                              Also, Im giving up dark chocolate until March..and maybe a bit longer. Ive been eating WAY to much of that stuff. Its addicting! I have a bar of 100% cacao in the drawer right now and Ill make that last. That stuff is pretty intense!