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My primal journey.

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  • My primal journey.

    I have been eating paleo/primal on and off for over 2 years. More off than on....Grains and dairy make me sick and cause many different tummy issues along with other female issues that i wont go into detail about. So i started to be "super" strict about my diet on Jan 1st. Its not a resolution but I thought a good way to kick off the new year....and if the world does come to an end in Dec. 2012 at least ill look good

    I havent missed bread or grains at all but sugars are a problem. I've been eating strict primal everyday my only mishaps have been like 5 pieces of chocolate candies, peanut butter (I had to throw out a brand new jar) I couldn't control myself around it!

    My goals for eating primal are weight loss, performance in Krav Maga, to be healthy, and change my life!

    Age: 25
    Height: 5 ft (yes even no not 5'1...Im short)
    Weight: 152
    Pants: size 10
    Shirts: med/large
    Activity: Krav Maga 2-3 times a week (blue belt)

    Until i was 20 I was 100 lbs...Then starting college I jumped to 125..Yikes! but then I decided i wanted a serious relationship, steady job, and to continue college. I got married, worked in collections (sat on my fat behind 9 hours a day) and went to school at night. I gained another 25 lbs in 2 years...making me my current 152.

    Both my husband and I are overweight and unhappy with our bodies..So its time to take charge and change my eating habits.

    I have tried Weight watchers (failed)...6 week body make over (failed)....Candida Diet (worked at first then thought oh hey carbs oh hey sugars, went down hill fast)...calorie restriction (never lost weight)

    From being someone that used to be confident and never had to worry about my body to someone who is very self concious and worries about my body minute by minute this time in my life has made me feel like a failure...but that is all about to change I will get back to my old self.

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    This weekend was not good for primal eating saturday we went to my inlaws for dinner and sunday we went to my parents for dinner. They will accommodate my diet but i feel bad bothering them to make special food, i just eat what is made.

    But today was better. Slept 8 hours Breakfast: Coffee with heavy cream
    Lunch: Out to eat at a cute restaurant down the street from my office with my mama
    mussels & Greek salad with feta cheese and olive oil dressing.
    dinner: will be pork chop cooked in olive oil, broc & cauliflower mash YUM!

    Today my husband started his primal diet and is already having trouble with it...He is a sugar addict as well but he did cut back instead of 2 sugars he only had 1 (we will get there eventually) we are going grocery shopping later tonight I cant wait to come up with some yummy primal dishes..

    Play tonight will be zumba....I'm doing the class with my friend who does it all of the time. I used to dance when i was little but i'm a bit more uncoordinated now..Well see how embarrassing this class is..
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      Well I fell off the primal wagon and I fell hard, flat on my face. Its been two weeks and everyday I eat bad and everyday I tell myself tomorrow is the day I start again but then it never happens. I tired blaming it on that time of the month, my husband buying take out, and family parties but really I've gone through all of these events before without falling off. My will power is non existent right now, for example my office is next to a delicious smelling bakery. I walk by it everyday without falling prey to those delicious smells, today I waked in a bought 2 doughnuts and a coffee!!! They were delicious but I still have a headache from my binge on orange cheese poofs yesterday. I have food allergies so when i eat bad it I get kick ass migraines that last days. I would say tomorrow I'm going to start again but I cant be so sure, my grandfather passed away so I will be surrounded by family & food..hopefully I will resist the urge but I wont beat myself up if I don't.
      I will however start writing in my journal more so I can hold myself accountable for what I put into my body.


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        So about a week has passed since my last post and exactly what I thought would happen did, the funeral came and went and I ate and ate and ate whatever my little devil cravings desired! Well the weight I had lost (6lbs) from being primal for 2 weeks has now found a home on my bulging mid section. This is not surprising to me. Yesterday I told myself that I would be strict from here on out I IF'd until 6 pm. Made grass fed chuck roast, mushrooms in butter, and spinach in olive oil. It was wonderful I went to Krav Maga and worked out for an hour. I did the work out and did not feel weak at all! I went grocery shopping and got into a fight with my husband because as he says "you've been eating that crap all of your life whats the difference now" while we are standing over the grass fed organic meat cooler. ugh! so after that I said fine you want to waste money on crappy food instead of goodness then fine I will and threw a little temper tantrum. I put cookies,cereal, organic milk, pasta, and ice cream in the cart. Im not sure what I was trying to accomplish with that but all i did was some serious self sabotage. I came home and had a whopping bowl of cinnamon squares cereal with organic milk!

        Today I will do better.


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          Yesterday was ok...
          B: Coffee with Heavy cream
          L: Tuna..Mayo...5 crackers (eek!)..String cheese
          D: Mcdonalds (yuck!)

          It was valentines day yesterday, when the hubs and I went grocery shopping Monday we bough steaks to grill for dinner on valentines day. He was going to make me dinner because I always cook dinner. He got stuck at work and was 2 hours later, we had plans to go to a movie and decided to forgo dinner and just grab a quick bite to eat at Mcdonalds. It was no good as expected.

          Today is my day to get back on the primal wagon! I have been feeling like crap and all of my issues that went away while I was primal are back in full force and its interfering with my life.

          So far breakfast today was 2 eggs, 4 slices of bacon, coffee with heavy cream.
          Lunch will be tuna, mayo, string cheese sans crackers today
          Dinner grass fed organic steak, portabello mushroom tops sauteed in butter, cauliflower mash

          No matter what i will eat primal 90/10 from today forward!


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            So I have been a sugar and carb monster, it seems everytime I say I'm going to start being strict I end up munching on some sugary sweetness. On the day of my great planned primal meals, I ate like 15 hershey kisses (from my valentine) then got home and ate my awesome grass fed steak, cauliflower mash, and mushrooms then procceeded to eat a heaping bowl of cinnamon toast crunch. What is wrong with me? why cant i just have the willpower to do it! (yes, i read marks article on why its not just will power)

            Yesterday looked like this:
            B: 2 eggs, 3 strips of bacon, coffe w heavy cream
            Snack: French Vanilla Cappacino (sugar water vending crap)
            Lunch: 3 oz grass fed beef w/ ketchup
            snack: an entire bag of saltines!!!!!!!
            Dinner: plain bagel w/ butter from tim hortons w/ a small ice cap
            Dinner Dinner: 10 chicken wings 3 pieces of pizza

            And I wonder why I cant lose weight...the proof is in the pizza!

            Ive also had a wicked headache everytime I eat crappy food and feel great when I avoid sugar and grains soo why cant I just stop eating it?? my body is telling me its bad but my mind is telling me its great!


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              stay in there, it is hard when a lot of the foods that are convenient and fast are terrible for you too...i feel into a rut for a long time.

              i really don't have advice for you as i'm in the same boat...oh look a milkshake...

              but i'm starting to do a journal on here as well as a weekly/monthly challenge and i'm hoping that helps keep more more honest with myself.

              i guess thats what i look at, i'm lying to myself without paying any mind to how bad things are

              well here's to us both making a change in the positive.


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                Thank you for the encouragement!


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                  So I'm re-reading The Primal Blueprint for some motivation and a refresher. I need it, I'm still failing and can not seem to kick the carb/sugar habit!


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                    something just happened to me recently, i've kinda pinpointed whats been causing my bad upset stomach and "the runs"...its down the the grain (whether it was beer or pizza...etc) so knowing that cutting it will stop that from happening...thats been more motivational for me than losing weight.

                    maybe thats something you can think on, what are the bad side effects to sugar/carbs...then you will have to do the hard thing and decide on if its worth giving up for the benefits...

                    best of luck!


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                      Insane Grok -Every time I eat processed foods I get really bloated and gassy...with some processed foods i get a horrible migraine and body aches. I've also noticed that when I eat carbs then go to krav maga I am super slow and get tired fast. It is very motivational and I think I need to tap into that as motivation more than constantly reminding myself eating like this will make me fit....instead, eating like this will make me feel good and eating junk will make me physically ill.

                      My husband and I are going on a cruise in a week so we have decided to do this together starting today 80/20..then after the cruise we will be 90/10...I would say 100% but i know there are times when we will slip a little. I'm glad he is finally getting on board with me because it has been really hard to avoid temptations when he is eating food I'm addicted to!


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                        So today Im fasting until dinner...Then its a big steak, mushrooms smothered in butter, and yum cauliflower mash! I'm fasting because I want to give my body a little time off...I've been eating so much processed carbs and sugars my body has revolted. So from now until 5ish its going to be green tea and water...


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                          Originally posted by Cavekelly View Post
                          So today Im fasting until dinner...Then its a big steak, mushrooms smothered in butter, and yum cauliflower mash! I'm fasting because I want to give my body a little time off...I've been eating so much processed carbs and sugars my body has revolted. So from now until 5ish its going to be green tea and water...
                          Judging from your last posts, some people might say don't fast, but I think it's a great a idea! There's nothing like good ol' hunger that gets you craving hearty primal food. I know that semi-hunger can sometimes get me to crack, because when I'm only a little hungry, I'm not in the mood to eat a steak smothered in butter, but a bagel? Oh I could have 3.

                          If it makes you feel better, you sound just like me when I started. However, now it's different. I guess the difference is that I prefer paleo foods over CW ones. In the beginning I used to prefer CW, now it's kind of flipped.

                          Wait it out Cavekelly! Eventually you'll be on top.


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                            Thanks Kcarol, the fast was great and the food at the end of the day was delicious. But, i went on a cruise from 3/4-3/11 and gave into all temptations and cravings...I gained 10 lbs and I'm soo puffy its not even funny! The food was disgusting and made me feel awful, I like primal foods 100x better than CW but I like to get lazy and eat whatever is easy so I fall back into CW habits even though it tastes bad and makes me feel terrible (I think I'm an addict)

                            B: Green tea & 3 eggs scrambled in butter
                            L: rotisserie chicken
                            D: Salmon, spinach in butter, broccoli
                            Sleep: Not so great, 5 hours (we got in last night at 12 and I didn't fall asleep until 2)
                            Play: Krav Maga

                            We need to do some serious grocery shopping tonight since we were out of town for a week we threw away everything in the fridge except eggs & butter. I have some meat defrosting for dinner but I couldn't pack a lunch so i'm going to go to the local grocery store and buy a chicken.


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                              it does take time to get over the CW crap...i was at wendy's last week with an old friend and they made a frosty for no one and offered it to us. i used to love frosty's so much, so i figured its been like 2 months sense i have had one, i'll have a few bites..

                              well it did taste like crappy flavored plastic...i only got two bites and put it down. it really felt good, like i had defeated something inside of me

                              me and my family were very busy this weekend and needed to grocery shop, well on the way everyone was hungry and we stopped at a mcdonalds, well that will be the last time, we all barely ate anything (threw away all the bread at first anyways) but man the meat was terrible! we are finally getting so used to homecooked foods, that was another good feeling, leaving behind the old way of life

                              keep it up, it just keeps getting better