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My primal journey.

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    Lets try this again.

    B: 2 scrambled eggs 3 pieces of bacon Green tea
    L: salad w/ polish sausage link & 2 hard boiled eggs
    D: pan fried salmon & broccoli.
    M: exercise
    R: 9hours


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      So the last time I wrote in this journal was April...7 months ago. A little update since then, I have been successfully primal 80/20 since August/Septemberish
      SW 164
      CW 146
      Total Loss: 18 lbs
      Measurements in inches
      starting now difference
      Bicep 12 12 0
      Boobs 36 34 -2
      Waist 34.5 30.5 -4
      Stomach 37.5 33.5 -4
      Hips 41 35.5 -5.5
      Thighs 25.5 (both) 23 -2.5
      Calf L 17 R 16.5 L 15.5 R. 15.5 -2.5 & -1.5
      Total inches lost overall 19..holy shit!
      Pants size S:12 (tight) C:6/8 (depending on clothing)

      At first I was eating very very low carb 20gs a day then I stopped counting carbs and just ate regular primal, I don't eat a lot of bacon or breakfast sausage and I cut back on butter. I eat a lot of veggies & meat...hardly any fruit and nuts. I have a cheat meal once a week but it usually doesn't contain grains, if it does it bothers my tummy.

      The numbers are great but I can only see the difference a littlesince I still have a long way to go, I am proud but still need to bust my butt.
      I do krav maga (Israeli combat fighting) 2-3xs a week and play flag football once a week.. that's about it for my exercise.
      I stopped drinking and smoking, drinking was easy smoking is still a challenge. It was very hard for me to stick to being primal for longer than a few days before but my husband wanted to lose weight and he left all the cooking up to me. So no more eating out no more bread pasta or rice, it was 100% primal at home breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The only time we dont eat primal is when we go somewhere...He has lost 50 lbs! He lost very fast, it was crazy. He has stopped losing and is maintaining right now but he is also not 100% primal anymore, we have cheated a lot over the past 2 weeks. Neither of us gained or lost, but no more cheats until we go to NYC in dec. then we are splurging on pizza(real NY style) and cookies (only fresh baked yummies) After that 4 more planned cheat days Christmas eve, Christmas day, day after Christmas and new years eve (we have family functions all of those days) I know I could say oh, im not going to eat that stuff Im going to be 100% primal on those days but I know that is unrealistic and i am not going to set myself up for failure...So in between those days and after we will be 100% no cheat days not even once a week...


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        Wow Cavekelly those are great results.

        Brilliant effort, keep up the good work.
        Annie Ups the Ante


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          Thanks Annieh!


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            2012 in review: It was a good year; started grad school, lost 20 lbs, marriage is wonderful, have a good job, kept positive people in my life and got rid of negative people. All in All it was an excellent year but 2013 will be better.

            In 2013 I want to:
            - Live primal consistently, no more week or month binges on SAD food.
            - Become a runner and complete a 5k
            - Do more Yoga
            - Quit smoking
            - No more drinking, maybe a glass of cab. once in a while (I need to stop drinking to stop smoking successfully)
            - Hike more
            - continue on positive path with husband