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    Food: didn't record... ate similarly to previous days (meat, veggies, fats). I'm thinking about not recording and just trying to eat less in general. Too much recording makes me a little obsessive.

    Fitness: 5 essential moves, 1.55 mile run in 20:32.

    I did try one chin-up, but there was NO WAY it was going to happen yet! I'm going to look around for ideas for something in between a 1-leg assisted pull-up and a full on chin-up. Any ideas out there?

    Weight: holding at 164. Grrrrr!


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      I just read that Robb Wolf recommends the autoimmune protocol if autoimmune diseases are suspected (I'm thinking gluten intolerance). Essentially, cut out eggs and nightshades. I could do without tomatoes, but the eggs and hot peppers would be a little tough. I'm not sure how to eat breakfast without eggs! I suppose I could triple dinner recipes and have leftovers for breakfast and lunch. Anyway... thinking about it. I used to love the success stories and have even written a few myself... in my head on my drive to and from school. Now I'm just trying to stay on the rails.


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        Food: still paleo + no nuts and no fruit. I won't be cutting out eggs and nightshades until next week (new groceries on Saturday!). Food intake seemed pretty similar day to day, so I'm not recording. I am thinking about being strict about cutting out processed meats (bacon, the occasional hot dogs, and the addictive and delicious salt and vinegar pork rinds). It sucks, but I weighed in at 164.5 again this morning, so I'm going to have to be extreme. My arms were a little weak last night, so I used it as a skip day. I brought my stuff (except the pullup bar) to school today. If I can manage to get my workout in at lunch, I'll bring the pullup bar to school with me tomorrow.

        I'm also signed up for a free session at one of the local Crossfit establishments on Saturday morning. We'll see how that works out. Crossfit in general is pretty expensive, but the nutrition side of things just isn't getting me there. I'm thinking Crossfit could be promising since I'm getting my food dialed in and still not budging the scales. I'm trying not to get down about it. For all of you "deranged metabolism" folks out there, I'm not giving up!!!!! If you are doing primal/paleo exercise and nutrition, and the excess weight is not coming off, there still has to be an answer - and we'll find it!


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          I'm back... well, yesterday I found a bare bones gym to try out and it's great! It's kind of grungy and the price is right ($150 a year - yeah, that's right, a YEAR). I ran on the treadmill for 1.55 miles, and it took me longer than on the road (20:52). I don't know if my road mileage is off or the treadmill is, but who cares? At least I can run inside instead of whining about the cold and pulling blanket overhead.

          After my run, I looked around for the pull-up bar. I couldn't find one. After I looked around a bit for a good bench to do my modified pushups and elevated jackknife press, I kind of chickened out. All these muscle guys walking around, and I'm thinking, oh man, I'm going to look like a doofus doing my girly pushups. I decided to just shower and do my essential moves at home. I'll get my husband to come and play personal trainer for me next time, and then I'll just have to get over it. Also, <note to self: for $150 a year, don't expect a "spa treatment" locker room> I'll be showering at home, thank you.

          Food is still paleo/primal with no fruit. I did have some nuts yesterday, but just a handful. In general, I am eating less quantity since I stopped recording. Weight same. How do you spell making a raspberry? Phtttht?

          I'm still thinking paleo/primal is the bees knees. I'm sure that I would feel worse on SAD, but I'm still having trouble losing any weight, and my hair loss has increased to patches missing and eyebrows are dangerously thin. I've decided to give up on the functional medicine doc and go see a bona fide endocrinologist. First snag... I need a referral for fancy-schmancy Duke Endocrinology, but my functional medicine doc is out of town, and my regular doc doesn't have my test results. I had to send in results to my regular doc (thereby confessing that I've been cheating on him with quack doc!) and ask for a referral. We'll see how it goes.


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            Checking in after an interesting weekend... we tried out Crossfit Local in Chapel Hill, which had a free introductory class on Saturday at 11. The workout was tough and only lasted 11 minutes, but I am STILL sore. The hubby may be up for it, but I am not there yet. I like the idea, but can't handle the intensity. We're planning a joint workout at the basic gym (cardio equipment, weight machines and some free weights) on Thursday, and he'll give me some pointers on bodyweight exercises and beginning free weight stuff I can do to build up my strength.

            2 days no eggs. Ok, back to work.


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              Wow... that was quite a break! I've decided that keeping up with recording was driving me a little crazy. Oral preliminary exam is coming up, and is occupying all of my time. I'm still eating primal/paleo, but am staying off eggs and nightshades for the rest of the month. I haven't noticed a difference in how I feel, so I will reintroduce eggs March 1. I've also decided to up my carbs into a more recommended (by MDA and Robb Wolf) range. There is a theory out there that super low carb causes the body to slow the metabolism by preventing the conversion of T4 to T3. Matches up with my blood work and my experience (weight still = 165). Workouts are still inconsistent (about 3 x a week bodyweight or run), but sleep is improving.

              If the 20% carbs instead of 5% moves the scales, it may tell the story of preventing T4 --> T3 conversion. It may also answer why low carb diets tend to work better the first time out for people. Atkins discussion boards show this over and over again. People will go low carb, lose weight and feel better, then spin out. When they come back to Atkins, it doesn't work as well the next time. Could part of the switch to fat-burning metabolism include slowing carb metabolism? If so, I'd love to know the mechanism. Is there a down-regulation of zinc transporters for example. That would explain my low zinc, too. Any thoughts out there? Links?