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  • Oh Forager, that sounds hard... But perhaps you are planting a little seed in their hearts which will come to fruition years down the road as they begin to seek the keys to their own health. Sometimes just being a warm memory of "that nice lady who cooked special food for us" is all we can be in a child's life. Once children have internalized an ugly story of death and destruction about eating animals for food it can be hard to overwrite. I am going to try very very very hard to remain happily, serenely and SILENTLY dorothy-parker-primal on this upcoming cruise. My extended family can puzzle it out for themselves! hahaha One of my half-brothers is confronting all sorts of dire health issues that sound to me like they could be grain and industrial-fat triggered now that he is in his forties. But I know in advance that any free advice will fall on deaf ears and maybe even open up a power struggle with his dietician wife so I have to just silently send loving, healing thoughts his way and let him find his own path...


    • I agree sometimes it is best just to send good thoughts and be supportive but say nothing. I don't have the energy or desire to try and convince folks that are antagonistic to the paleo principles. I am so thankful that my older brother and sister were open to hearing about the paleo diet and are now mostly paleo, they have lost a lot of weight and are so much healthier.

      Wine will definitely be necessary on the cruise. BTW I had a glass of wine last night and still slept well.
      Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


      • Yes, indeed -- send good thoughts to your non-primal cruisemates, but definitely keep wine close by.... Looking back on my single cruise experience more than a year ago, I think it's actually quite possible to eat primally on those trips. The buffets are loaded with all sorts of wonderful protein choices, plus salads, fruits, and vegetables galore. The desserts are lovely, too, of course, but usually off in their own areas which you don't even have to get near. And we're so spoiled by fabulous bread options in NorCal gourmet land that in comparison the shipboard bread was actually not worth much more than a sniff :-)

        I've been MIA for the last week as I have been cranky as hell for no good discernible reason. I was not fit company for man nor beast nor MDA forums, and doing anything more than brushing my teeth seemed like too much damn work. This all is far from my usual post-primal transformation perky, and I am still rather flummoxed as to what was going on. But I'm pulling out of it now and am happy to check in again.

        I also say yes, yes, yes to bikini-wearing on the cruise! It's your wonderful body that's sustained you and born your children and loves to dance--give it all the sun and water it deserves!
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        • Hi everyone

          Primal4fifty : I just love that you think I should wear a bikini again! I think I last wore one when I was nearly 40 and pregnant with No. 2 child too! When (and always IF in the UK) it is warm enough we do live only 35mins drive from the coast and I do go with my tribe (less now they are older) as much as possible to soak up the rays. The Algarve would be fab but supporting No. 1 child at uni is slightly draining, though bless her she is nearly self-supporting. If I have any cash this year may be tempted by Greece as you can always guarantee the sun and a warm welcome and it will be cheaper this year as unfortunately they really need our cash, given their economic situation. Otherwise we usually walk a lot in the low rise hills nearby or go to the moors, peaks and beaches of Yorkshire or Cornwall.

          I second your eating approach, I now put a selection of dishes on the table primal and non-primal for people to choose what they would like. It is only trickier for composite dishes such as the family favourite - lasagne! But I now take some of the bolgnaise sauce out before layering with the pasta. I have mine on courgette (zucchini) or cabbage or sometime in a small 'bistro' dish on the plate with a side salad. I'll take a pic next time we have it! Otherwise we can usually all eat very amicably without me having to draw attention to myself by not eating the carb portion e.g. rice, potatoes etc

          Hope you've been having fun with the girls at all the restaurants, some good food?

          P.S. Silence will be the best mode - I wouldn't even get into any conversation about food, surely they will notice how well and happy you look?

          Urban Forager: You sound immensely respectful to all your various friends and their eating habits! I was veggie for 10 years and was not accepted everywhere so easily, they should be grateful they have nice food to eat at all.

          Getting ready for a big photo tomorrow for my mother's 80th (was in Jan), she wanted all the family in one picture. So have it all arranged at her house tomorrow with a photographer friend and all children & grandchildren on a promise to turn up on time!
          Should be fun, my daughter is driving back from uni tonight, and my brother's boys have sorted their weekends to include a trip home. I have to go and make something for tea for them all now which probably won't be primal but I can probably easily get out of eating in the 'rush'!

          Enjoy the rest of the weekend - I hope the weather is pleasant where you are? The sun managed to come out after early rain here so we were able to put the washing out on the line!

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          • Ragwort: My friends do appreciate that I accommodate their eating habits, but to be honest where we live it is kind of expected, so I'm not really exceptional in that regard. There are so many here that are vegetarians, vegans, lactose and gluten intolerant that it almost seems normal.

            I'll give you an example 2 years ago I volunteered to cook/plan (I used to cook professionally) at the annual Harvest Dinner at our local grange. It was to be a fund raiser and they wanted to use only foods w/in 100 miles radius. I came up with a delicious Middle Eastern inspired menu using local ingredients. We of course had a small budget and had to factor that in, so when it came to fats what we had was olive oil and butter. Olive was very expensive but butter was more reasonable, butter was used to cook with and olive oil for the salad. Protein was either meat or cheese, meat was definitely cheaper. I figured we could easily provide for vegetarians and meat eaters, what I knew we could not accommodate would be vegans. This area does not grow beans in any significant quantity and in order to make the dishes vegan I would have had to cook all menus items separately in olive oil. I decided it wasn't worth if for the few vegans that may come. The year before (I cooked at this dinner for 3 yrs) I had an annoying vegan come into the kitchen and complain that there was butter in the rice. This same vegan when she heard the dinner would not have a vegan option sought me out and proceeded to tell me that I was excluding her from the community. I bet that is something that would not happen in England!

            It is so special that your whole family is able to get together to take pictures. You will all be so glad you did and what a good reason to see each other!

            It has been beautiful weather here. Went for a hike yesterday with hubby and son and unexpectedly found black trumpet mushrooms. We only collected a small amount as we didn't have a knife or basket, we'll go back tomorrow a little better prepared.
            Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


            • Oh, Urban -- how nice to know that I'm not the only one who gets a little crazy with The Dark Side of living in our foodie heaven! Yes, I always ask if prospective guests have any food allergies or intense dislikes and try to accommodate but geez, it's a meal, not a nuclear threat! I believe it was Michael Pollan who coined the phrase "orthorexic," which is so spot on for some of the obsessive people one can encounter. Hey, I'm not pitching a fit over a spoonful of honey or preaching primal till folks' eyes glaze over, so it would be nice if others could not take themselves quite so seriously and just zip it once in a while. Sigh. ...They say I'm a dreamer...
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              • I'm dreaming with you Marianne!

                I can understand if some one is dangerously allergic to a food then by all means adjustments need to be made. But like you said it is not a nuclear threat and every meal does not have to be ideologically perfect. I like to look at the over-all intention, if some one has taken the time to prepare food for me I will eat it and be thankful. Sadly that doesn't happen very often.
                Life is death. We all take turns. It's sacred to eat during our turn and be eaten when our turn is over. RichMahogany.


                • Hi guys... Looks like there were some format changes around here whilst I was out! Can we directly post photos now? that would be a huge plus!

                  Just running around like a chicken with its head cut off getting ready for this cruise. Lots to do in preparation. Lots to organize for the children, etc.

                  I have bikini pictures... they are entirely underwhelming! The first was shot in the mid-170's and the the most recent in the high 160's... You really have to look to see any difference at all... sad face...
                  But I am proud of my hard work and the bikini will be fine for sunning. In fact, its kind of cute with the tankini layered over like a rash guard for swimming! So I am fine with myself. And, my 16 year old is a wonderful photographer so she'll probably even be able to squeak out an artfully posed bikini picture with a sarong and a big colorful drink as props that could be shown on FB! hahahaha

                  Sorry I've been so inattentive to all you wonderful primal friends lately. Just self absorbed at the moment and somewhat harried.

                  [Answered my own questions on the kini photos! Will go download those now!]



                  • I can see the photos, not sure when you posted them though. If you love the suit, then wear it! You can make your body work for you But you look pretty good IMO and you should be proud at your body-image progress!
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                    • thanks sweetie! xoL


                      • I think the suit and you look great! Congrats on getting below 170--very well done! Wear both body and bikini proudly. I notice a real "hour glass shape" which is very sexy. A little belly is a turn-on for real men--remember Zorba the Greek?

                        Anyway, an hourglass figure is something that I sadly lack--I look more like a Russian (pre-Soviet breakup) shot putter in my bikini. Straight down from the shoulders. Sigh.

                        But if you need a piece of plywood or drywall lifted, I'm the woman you want according to my husband.

                        UF I'm glad you had luck with getting your family on board. My morbidly obese brother will not even try one week on primal despite a very serious hospital stay a month ago related to diet / weight. I get so mad about this.

                        Makes me want to eat chocolate. Nameless, I have many wisks with which I will gift you in return for a very tiny piece of homemade chocolate. . .

                        We are all excited about the cruise and want you to have a blast and enjoy. I hope you have some early spring sunshine ragwort so you can also whip out a bikini and enjoy. Marianne, I've been meaning to ask you how your break-up with W is going--very brave of you so near to wine country. But love should be on your terms.
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                        • oh missblue... i'm not as hourglassy as you might think! but as tempting and familiar as it might be, I am not going to let myself fall down that rabbit's hole of saying mean things about myself... so... just: thank you (swallows hard)

                          sorry to hear about your relative. i'm bracing for my weird supplement/medical shake cruisemates to extoll the virtues of virtual foodlike substances. Gack! They posted on FB that they 'lost' 10 and 13 lbs respectively in 24 days which sounds like a pile of hooey to me... okay...maybe I'm masticating a few sour grapes here but they are fucking ORGANIC REAL GRAPES goddamnit!! hahahaha

                          just gonna go find me a quiet deck and stare at the blue water when it all gets to be too much.


                          • Wow -- big congratulations for braving the photo post "outing"! And I too notice a difference in the waistline. Heck yeah, wear that suit with pride and appreciate what you got to flaunt :-) It's funny what we individually choose to obsess about--your tummy focus, for example. Because for me, I have to say that my first thought on seeing your pics was "Gimme yer legs!!" Nothing about the tum at all. I am reasonably okay with my still somewhat floppy middle, but would kill, kill, kill to have non-wobbly thighs. Or a powerful wizard who would wave their magic fashion wand and have us all back in the swimsuits of the 1890's...

                            Here's to you enjoying the hell out of your cruise on your own terms -- do have someone peel those grapes for you, 'kay?
                            My Journal 60 Is the New 40 (more musings, less stats) --


                            • Tried to resize those pictures and the post got all screwed up...
                              trying this again, smaller


                              That's much better! Seeing my thighs splayed out across the entire laptop screen was more than a little unnerving! hahaha


                              • Thanks Marianne... xoL