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  • Primal Journey (Beestly)

    (starting a new thread with my name in the title).

    Me, 45 year old female, derby girl, 6 feet tall, 30 pounds overweight, just dx with adrenal fatigue. I have been overtraining the last year and am revamping that, which is fun and very nice, much less stressful, but still feel like i'm working muscles and endurance. Will be trying more HIIT instead of WOD metcons.

    Today is my third day of being back more strictly on the primal diet. I am having cravings today!


    Bfast: 2 chicken sausages, decaf with cream
    Lunch: salad, artichoke pate, celery, half avocado, smoked salmon
    snack: celery with peanut butter (pb is not primal, but sometimes i'm starving and it's all their is ready to eat)
    dinner: burger patty (too soon before workout, ugh)
    after workout: salad, salmon, half avocado

    Workout: 25 min off skate workout, pretty good one. 1.5 hours of scrimmage (lots of short sprints then rests)

    Today, third day, i have cravings. But i can get through this! Already feeling heaps better.

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    2 sausage for breakfast, coffee with heavy cream
    salad, avocado, and burger for lunch, some chia
    peanut butter for snack (i need a better snack!)
    german weiner, half avo, more pb during very long night of skating
    Late: chuck roast

    Skate practice, started feeling tired and run down toward the end, which is a bummer. Do i need more carbs? This morning feeling run down and craving carbs, so had a protein drink that is fairly high carb (25 grams). Am not going to work out tonight as my muscles are sore and I'm tired and need to recover. Will be glad when the carnitine arrives to see if that helps. I felt so good the first three days, don't know what happened.


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      The chronic hunger is returning >. I am always mildly hungry now. This is why I have failed in the past. I feel I can only take so much meat.

      bfast today, sausage (woke up really hungry), decaf with heavy cream, whey protein shake with almond milk and MCT oil
      lunch, big salad with dressing and cheese, more chicken sausage

      Didn't work out yesterday, too sore. Longish walk with the dog.
      Didn't work out today, but will be doing recreational skate tonight.


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        Workout goal: LHT with body weight before scrimmage
        Feeling frustrated not losing weight but will keep the faith!

        Breakfast: 2 tb MCT oil in tea, 3 strips bacon, 3-4 oz smoked salmon, salad with oil and vinegar