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    eggs, asparagus, bacon, coffee, blueberries
    chicken sausage, brussel sporuts
    sweet potato, kale, pork chop, chocolate

    Walked the dog

    Felt really good all day.
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      Valentines day.... ate too much chocolate- worth every bite.... very good chocolate!

      2 eggs. asparagus, bacon, coffee. blueberries
      2 chicken sausages
      snack.... too much amazing chocolate
      dinner- tile fish, roasted tomatoes and garlic, artichokes roasted with local goat cheese
      dessert= chocolate mousse (amazing)- probably 1/4 cup whip cream, ounce of dark chocolate, dab of butter, splash of bourbon.... yeah, that was a worthwhile 20% worth every excessive fat calorie.

      I did my 5 essential moves- big gains on push ups!!! up to 46 knee push ups. Plank is my worst- gonna start doing plank daily.
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        Oy vay, sloppy eating continued yesterday:
        breakfast- bacon, eggs, asparagus, blueberries, coffee
        lunch- Moes (on the road) lettuce, pork, salsa, guac, sour cream, chai from starbucks
        dinner- halibut with avocado and salsa, chocolate

        Thank god the chocolate is all gone now. I ended up pitching the russell stovers uneaten, but ate the dark chocolate from the local place. The chai was stupid of me.

        Today I am going to eat clean and low carb
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          Yesterday was hard, but I pushed through on the eating.

          Breakfast- coffee, eggs, avocado, bacon, salsa
          Lunch- skip
          Dinner- spinach, sweetpotato, eggs, bacon, goat cheese, small piece of dark chocolate

          No activity

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            Yesterday was a good day!
            The meals were:
            eggs, salsa,avocado, bacon, coffee, blueberries
            skip lunch
            chicken with roast tomatoes and garlic, carrots, green beans, chocolate

            Yum! That's the kind of eating I feel best with- 50% fat, 30% protein, 20%carbs.

            For activity, I went riding. My horse has had some severe, dangerous behaviorial issues partially caused by a hormone disfunction (fixed with meds). She went to a training barn just to make sure she can behave and be safe. I went on a trail ride with the trainer and was beaming the whole time. So fun- lots of trotting and galloping. My core is feeling it today. It's amazing the lift in spirit it gave me. My horse is much better and seemed so very happy for the first time in months. Her hormone issue was essentially flooding her with cortisol, so she was constantly stresses and fighting her fight or flight response. Horses aren't rational, so it led to some dangerous situations. I can see how fatiguing that type of issue would be in a human....

            Today more riding and trying to eat well.

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              Great day yesterday!

              Got my exercise by riding. Borrowed a friends fancy show horse and did some jumping. Haha, he is like a total body workout- my core, glutes and thighs are so sore, and many, many times I had to stop to catch my breath. My horse is easier to ride- less of a workout. He is for sale- owner off to colege and I am tempted to buy him as my new personal trainer-....

              Riding in the sun does wonders for my happiness and mental state. It is a good total body workout, and I think that suprises people.

              Ate well....
              breakfast: eggs, asparagus, mushrooms, cheese all scrambled up, bacon and coffee
              skip lunch
              dinner- chicken, tomatoes, buffalo mozz (chicken parmesan!) with a spinach salad with maple dressing sweet potato and green onions, chocolate and some freeze dried raspberries that were weird.

              It was a 50% fat, 30% protein, 20% carb day. That seems to be what is working best for energy and satiety. Too much fat makes me sluggish. Too many carbs make me cravey.... upping the protein is huge help, and to accomodate the protein calories, I'm watching my fats. No more cream and butter free for all.

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                Nice work! I've never ridden a horse, I must try it sometime!
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                  194 lbs- so down .4 lbs. I'll take it.

                  Yesterday, I rode my horse for a bit- it was miserable out. She thought I wason crack or something, but was agood girl. No other exercise.... I really have lost my workout mojo.... back to walking the dog again as the hubby leaves and I WILL do my weights.

                  Eating was another 50/30/20 day. Working out great for me to skip lunch as well:

                  breakfast- tomatoe, asparagus, buffalo mozz, mushroom omelet, bacon, blueberries, coffee
                  Dinner- chicken breast, orange pan sauce, cauliflower mash, asparagus, chocolate.

                  Turned hubby onto the crack that is scrambled eggs with avocado and salsa.... I'll make a primal guy out of him yet.

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                    Yesterday was great- got in a good dog walk, then did the Simplefit program of 20 minutes of push ups, body rows and squats. 50 push ups, 75 body rows and 75 squats.

                    eggs scrambles with avocado, salsa, bacon, coffee, orange
                    1/3 muffin, chicken leg, cauliflower, spinach salad, chocolate

                    Today is Fat Tuesday- made muffins last night- regular flour, maple syrup, blueberries. They aren't that great- and now I know why I used to have acid reflux and mucus in my mouth all the time.... always blamed dairy. Turns out- about 30 minutes after eating the muffin.... mucus and a sore throat. Lesson learned. I ate a giant breakfast so I can avoid pastry day. Of COURSE this am- I had an idea- wrap asparagus in smoked salmon and cream cheese. Would have been perfect= no offensive meat, but good protein and fat, plus looks attractive.

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                      Did walk the dog and do some ab exercises. But I ate crap:

                      Breakfast- epic omelet- chicken, bacon, cheese, asparagus, mushrooms eggs, blueberries, coffee.
                      Stupid work interlude- funfetti cupcake, small piece of pumpkin bread, mimosa
                      Holy shit- I had about 30 minutes of hyper followed by a day long crash. I think funfetti is so jacked up it runs its course very quickly.
                      dinner- chicken, cauliflower mash, asparagus with bacon, small piece of chocolate.

                      The aftermath- down on the scale to 192.8....LOL. I have to admit, the sweets tasted good in weird way. I can see a big change though- though the funfetti tasted very sweet it didn't really register as something I wanted more of. In the past, I'd have eaten 3 of them, plus a tiny lunch, come home, eaten the fridge and then had a tiny dinner topped off with some form of sugar. I don't think I ever "detox" from sugar as I do have sugar in my coffee etc. The main wheat issue is reflux and this am I woke up with mucus throat. YUCK!

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                        Walked the dog.... my legs have been sore from Monday!

                        eggs with salsa and avcado, bacon, blueberries, coffee

                        got gourmet... chicken breast stuffed with spinach, prosciutto, cheese, wrapped with prosciutto, sweet potato, asparagus, warm chocolate cake with whip cream.

                        That was such a good dinner. The cake was almost primal. haha, a good use of20%but mainly kerrygold, eggs, chocolate, a small amount of sugar (.125 cup for 2) and a teaspoon of flour for 2. Oh yeah and whipped cream. My lord, not low cal. But the kind of dessert that satisfies for weeks.

                        When losing weight CW I'd occasionally try fat free and low fat desserts and they sucked. Like really, angel food cake with berries and vanilla fat free yogurt sucks. I'd rather have an amazing weekly splurge.

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                          Yesterday was a good day!

                          What day is gonna be bad when you start it with eggs scrambled with avocado and salsa, bacon, blueberries and coffee? And dinner of chicken with prosciutto, sweet pos, an avocado, asparagus and chocolate? And your skirt is getting looser?

                          Exercise was a dog walk for an hour (wore a tank to to get the vitamin D.) Then I did day 2 of the Simple Fit. Plus crunches.

                          On another note, my boss is mentally a wreck. She eats extremely low fat. Vegetarian (mainly vegan), very little food beyond beans and grain. Occasional fruit. She used to eat more fat- cheese, salmon, eggs and was much more mentally stable. I even noticed she eats jelly beans vs. chocolate now (fat). Clothes hang off her. I hate that other women praise her thin and diet, without noticing the mental breakdown. She can not focus or sit still or sleep. She cries. She forgets things. For me, I noticed adding back in fat has fixed anxiety issues. I sleep, I feel rested. I'm the opposite of her, including fat. I wish I could help her, but she is convinced that cutting even more fat will help her.

                          I have faith in Primal, even if the loss is slow, my body feels really good. I had a lot of food issues and it feels like they've lifted. I just enjoy eating food that provides nutrients and tastes good. I don't have the cycles ofguilt, deprive, overeat, guilt, deprive. When I ate the molten chocolate cake, it was just good, enjoyable and I felt secure knowing tomorrow, I would not punish myself or fallof the wagon. I'd just have more enjoyable food. If I don't lose anymore weight, it was worth it to have a normal relationship with food to switch to primal.

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                            Dear steak-
                            You and I are breaking up. I want to love you, lust after you and devour you. I used to dream of you. But I can not seem to cook you in a manner that makes you succulent and delicious. Oh, you look amazing, with fat and protein and a bone. I want to dig in with lust... then I am disappointed. You are chewy and flavorless. It makes me sad... I love your cousins pork and chicken. I love you ground in shepherds pie. My friends corned beef. But steak, I fed you to my dog. :-( You cost $13. I'm sorry. Maybe someday we'll meet up again, when I have a grill and more ability to cook you.

                            LOL, so anyhow, yesterday I rode my horse and dog walked.

                            Breakfast- scramble with asparagus, mushrooms and cheese, bacon, blueberries, coffee
                            Dinner- steak that I messed up, sweet potato, spinach salad. Chocolate.

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                              Yesterday I did dog walking and the day 3 of simple fit- moved up to level 2... and tried to ride my horse, but she had an ear issue. So good activity. Super happy with myself for getting in 3 weight training sessions. Just blocking that time back in and overcoming excuses is great practice.

                              Food was:
                              scrambled eggs and avocado and salsa, bacon, coffee
                              dinner was divine- a salad of chicken breast, bacon, tomatoes, cukes, romaine, onions, avocado, lightly dressed with some Dukes. I tried to make aioli, but it seperated. :-( Dessert was berries with a dollop of vanilla whipped cream. Hand whipped!

                              My eating has developed 2 patterns- no lunch, and 20%carbs, 30%protein and 50% fat. I used some calorie caluclators online to figure protein needs - 76-80 grams. I used to only eat 45-50 when on CW. The weird thing is Livestrong has that leveleven lower. Anyhow, my current ratio gets that done, plus a bit extra. The carbs are a good level- enough to keep me happy- a bit of fruit, lots of veggies, plenty of room for sweet potatos. The fats are also satisfying- not too much, but enough to keep me happy. When I was closer to 60%-70% fat, I felt so bogged down. I like skipping lunches- they were my normal "mess up point" and having a bigger breakfast lets me skip lunch, eating around co-workers, buying something stupid for lunch etc. etc. I do get hungry before dinner, but its good hunger, and I enjoy being a little hungry knowing something good is on tap.

                              My plan for March is to really focus on exercise, stay the course with diet.

                              Check out my blog. Hope to share lots of great recipes and ideas!


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                                192 this morning and oddly enough, my period started yesterday, so that means the water weight gain has stopped happening. I am adding a weekly measurement for body fat that uses measurements- that was 37% this morning. I'm going to transition to using that measurement vs. focusing on weight. Mainly I don't want to droop....with no muscle tone. Weight has mainly come off above the waist on the torso, but below the waist is moving now. Haha, I bought a couple of cute panties at the beginning of January that were too small and now they fit! I need to purge the underwear drawer as a few pair have gotten too big. Awkward under skirts.

                                Yesterday was walking and riding. Great ride on my horse - she was so very good. I have a very tall horse and have been temporarily riding western= thos saddles are a alot heavier than english and I now understand why western horses are short! Haha, fun way to lift heavy things!


                                Spinach, mushrooms, goat cheese eggs, bacon, berries, coffee

                                beef and pork stewwith carrots and onions, asparagus, chocolate and berries.

                                So glad to see the weight moving. I would LOVE it if eating 2x a day was an ideal for me. I think lunch and snacks arealways disappointing. I'd rather have 2 heavy, delicious meals than 6 snacks that all sort of suck. It seems like an oddity with CW all "eat snacks" but I just feel like what I cobble together if "healthy" us not satisfying from a make me happy viewpoint. I used to do the 6 meals a day and just- well, given I was on the run a lot it ended up being protein bars and it just made me depressed to think of eating protein bars the rest of my life. Plus I don't like nuts or other healthy easy snacks.

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