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    Here is the start of the journal.

    I am at roughly 265 lbs. Been dabbling in primal for about a month and a half to this point. Lost about 5 lbs, with hardly any exercise and dealing with the holidays!

    I am hoping to get more aspects of the primal lifestyle going and keep feeling better and better!

    Big Thanks to Mark for making this info and site accessible to everyone!

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      Good start to today! I just did my lift heavy things workout at work during my off period! What heavy things are there at school you may ask? Well me of course! I always wanted to be able to save myself if need be.. you know like in the movies when they are hanging on the ledge, I want to be able to pull my own self back up!

      My big weakness is Diet Coke right now. I know it doesn't spike insulin, but I also know one of the laws is not to poison yourself. So once I get more things settled I plan on tackling that as well!

      Good luck to everyone working on the challenge! I sent my before pic in.. quite rough... but I am determined to send an awesome after pic in!

      Keep on Grokkin' in the Free World!!


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        I thought I would round out my description a bit.

        I am 6'1 and 263ish now. I am a biology teacher and really enjoy how Mark explains the science behind the concepts in the primal blueprint. It's one of the reasons I decided to devote some thought and action to this lifestyle. It makes sense to me.

        I am married and my wife supports the primal way of life, but when she tries to go primal more completely she feels light headed when she stands. She is notorious for low Blood Pressure so a trip to the doctor is planned soon to perhaps determine what exactly is going on.

        I had gotten into running in order to be more fit a few years ago. I have completed 3 mini marathons and various other 5K and 10K races, and although it was a great experience, and I cut some weight, it would come right back after the race and training subsided. I have a bad back which soon made me realize that running all those miles is not going to be the way that I get fit. The chronic cardio portion idea hit home as I was reading!

        So, that's more about me and my journey up to this point! I am looking forward to building momentum and lose not only weight but some meds. I am on a daily pill for acid reflux and anxiety, so I look forward to someday cutting one or both from my life. Oh and all the ibuprofen for the back wouldn't be missed either if that pain was lessened.

        Drop a comment, especially if you have any experience like that I described for my wife, she wants to get in better shape the primal way but as I mentioned it doesn't agree with her completely!

        Have a great one!!


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          So it was a rough weekend on the Primal Side of things. I did well this past week and then with so much happening, it turned into a detour. I am counting it as part of the 20% but I hate doing that. I love seeing the Friday success stories, and I want to see things happen like that for me. I am on the cusp of moving up in my career and want to be able to pair a healthy vibrant body and mind with my experience. Also, being on a limited income the wife and I didn't totally clean everything non-primal out.. we are slowly using it from time to time and have agreed not to purchase anything else that is processed. It is working but it sets us up for the random waffle fries and such from the freezer.

          I am looking forward to warmer weather and the outdoor freedom that will provide. Very envious of those in Cali with the nicer year round weather! If it weren't for family I think I would make the jump to the west coast. Oh well... somedays and dreams...

          Have a good one! Get back on that horse!


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            Well just completed my LHT workout at work.

            Completed 50 wall pushups
            Knee/Eblow Plank - 90 seconds, 45 seconds on each side
            Squat - 50 (and ouch, cramped up)

            Had a nice salad last night....did well as of yesterday and looking to continue the trend through the week.
            Really trying to watch my carb intake... I think more were sneaking in that I had anticipated before.

            Take care all!


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              Wow.. two days since the LHT workout and my quads are still super sore!! I may need to ramp up on those more than I thought!

              I am trying not to get discouraged by all the rapid loss of others on the forum and focus on what I can do to make it happen for me. I am actually re-reading the primal blueprint and trying to find areas that I am in need of working on.

              Hopefully I will be able to dial in on what will work best for me.

              Now that Mark is putting up the before photos, it means even more! Cause you guessed it... mine will be one of em! Talk about inspiration. Don't want that picture to be the last pic that is seen..

              Well, back to work!


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                Hey PD7- I've been living this lifestyle for over a year now and I'm STILL adjusting. You're on a path with no final destination so don't worry about others progress and compare it with your own. Everyone is different and hey we're all online... I can embellish my progress as a way of "fake it 'til I make it" and you wouldn't be the wiser so don't get wrapped up in others progress. I think you're on the right path and headed in the best direction!
                Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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                  Thanks ELCO! I understand what you are saying and appreciate the perspective. As long as I keep chugging along I know things will will out for the best if I am doing the right things for me.


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                    It was a rough primal week. Life issues worked against me in some ways, but now my photo is up on the resolution page, so I am determined to get back on track and make better progress. I am upping the moving slowing amount this coming week to ramp up the fat burning.

                    Sleep has been pretty good though. I am trying to maximize the primal blueprint laws in as many areas as I can to keep me feeling good and working towards that goal.

                    I am also looking forward to spring/summer... going to get out and enjoy much more activities when the weather gets warm.

                    Grok on everyone!!


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                      Well, things continue to go pretty well! Stress levels are going back down, I can tell that's making a big difference in sleep and inflammation. I completed my body weight LHT workout yesterday and my soreness is much less that last time!

                      I have ate pretty well over the past 4 days. I splurged today on a coworkers Birthday cake and immediately felt gross and bloated.. I love those reminders of what we are not supposed to be eating!!! It makes me not want the super sugary stuff at all! I am intent on saving those few indulgences for special occasions here and there.

                      Also, my wife is getting more and more into aspects of the primal blueprint. We were at the store and she began to pick up some kraft singles and we had a big discussion about what was really in it. Then Sunday while looking at the coupons, she made a remark "Why are there so many coupons for all the junk crap?!?" Spurred another discussion about cheaply made foods and how coupons serve to get people eating certain things and getting stuck on them.

                      SO a great weekend for primal blueprint theory! I feel like I am back in the saddle and although still feeling gross from the cake, know that is a few and far between occasion!

                      Keep Grokkin everyone!!


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                        Not much to report. The wife and I made some brussel sprouts last night.. pepper, butter, salt.. turned out pretty well!
                        I have been doing well with the eating aspects. I feel more results that the scale is showing, so I try to focus on that and know the numbers will come in time. We are doing a "biggest loser" competition at work and today is the third weigh in. I am hoping for some great results!
                        I have a busy working weekend and out and about with the wife's work friends tomorrow night. Will be nice to unwind, but I want to challenge myself to make good primal decisions from what limited choices there may be.

                        Hope things are going well with everyone else!!

                        Grok on!!


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                          Great progress pd7! unwind and enjoy the weekend!
                          Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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                            Enjoying the warm weather! Got out and played with the pups and cleaned up the yard. Felt good to open the windows and get some fresh air in the house.
                            Been pretty successful on the diet front, although I am still working on eliminating some crutch foods and situations that I think are sabotaging some of my efforts.
                            The biggest demons are ketchup and diet coke. The ketchup is a here and now kinda thing, but the diet sodas are always by my side. I keep thinking of the poisoning myself blueprint rule and realize it's a crutch I need to throw down.

                            Other than that my truck died today.. feeling stressed about that and some other issues, and can tell my response to that emotion is kicking in. Seems like there is always something. I hate being a slave to foods and soft drinks.. Gonna keep working on me and the rest will follow.

                            Grok it out!


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                              Been a rough week or so. I am getting back on track. Had a quick sickness run me over, and valentines day is tough since the wife loves the chocolate and *sigh* I am a fan too. I am really tired of falling off this wagon. I am so analytical minded that I always think, well this is obviously an 80%/20% moment, and I eat something I am not, and then I turn a blind eye to the fact I have had a whole load of 20% moments. More like 60%. I have so much to do this right for, and so few reasons to keep trying to destroy myself.
                              My older brother who is in a similar weight range and body style as me, just got told by his doctor that if he doesn't get his diet under control he may not last 10 more years. That is what I am doing to myself. I see it plain as day. Yet OOOOOO here is a cupcake! Geez. I also just hate that I complain too.. I always felt like you shouldn't complain if you aren't doing things to make it change. Here I sit spinning my tires and honking my horn.
                              Oh well.. tough week. Needed to vent. Needed to admit to myself that I am killing myself with my diet. That has to change.
                              Take care all! I hope your journey is smoother than mine!