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    Fasting Bg 86

    B. Ham, sausage in scrambled eggs

    L. Leftover pork roast and spinach, four slices of bacon

    D. Steak and salad. Today was my GF's birthday so had a piece of cake and ice cream.

    Couldn't stand it and walked two miles.
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      Fasting BG 90

      B. Three eggs and three sausage patties

      L. Salad, chicken breast and thigh, ham and green beans

      D. Paleo Beef Keema (damn it was good!)
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        Fasting BG 100

        B. Four egg cups from the Paleo Comfort Cookbook

        L. Tuna with egg, olive oil, lemon juice, dill, and mayo

        D. Pork chops with riced cauliflower and gravy, about a 1/2 cup of blackberries

        Walked about 40 minutes today. Couldn't stand sitting around the house anymore. To hell with my back and knee hurting, I need to do something!
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          Fasting BG 84

          B. Three scrambled eggs with sausage, salsa, cilantro, and cheddar chees

          L. Leftover beef keema, w/two paleo comfort food cookbook biscuits

          D. Porkchop and collard greens

          Walked 40 minutes.


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            Start of week 5

            Fasting BG 84

            Weight 217.2

            B. Three eggs, ham and sausage. Three PCF biscuits.

            L. Pulled pork, green beans, coleslaw

            D. Salad w/ chicken, black olives, onion, 1/2 cup blackberries
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              Fasting BG 99 (guess I don't do berries well at 8:30 in the evening)

              B. Scrambled eggs with fresh spinach, bacon, and cheese.

              L. Leftover chicken and collard greens

              D. Went out and ate mexican food. First real cheat meal in a while.

              Walk three miles
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                Fasting BG 97 (see, eating carbs really does effect blood sugar)

                B. Leftover dinner with three eggs on top

                L. Apple w/almond butter

                D. Chicken hot wings and broccoli.

                Lifted heavy things (Mark's ebook workout)
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                  Fasting BG 83

                  B. Three egg bacon, mushroom, broccoli, cream cheese omelet

                  L. Leftover chicken wings

                  D. Homemade chili w/three Nathan's hot dogs. Low carb microwave chocolate cake

                  Walked three miles (sore as hell from yesterday's workout)
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