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    Fasting BG 88

    B. 2 tiny scrambled eggs w/4 bacon.

    L. 5 egg omelet with ham, sausage, bacon, tomato, asparagus, mushrooms, and salsa. (We have a Jimmy's Egg restaurant that makes a 5 egg 10 ingredient omelet for $8.29. It's a deal and good to boot.

    After I got home I was still hungry so I ate about 1.5 cups of leftover beef stew.

    D. Big salad w/ chicken, ham, bacon, tomatoes, and broccoli

    Got Dr appts today so eating will be weird. Have to drive 65 miles to get there and then do fasting blood work.
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      Fasting BG 100 (started steroids due to back pain and they've jacked my blood sugar and appetite

      B. Four biscuits and gravy (from the Paleo Comfort Food cook book)

      L. Big salad w/ chicken, ham, bacon, tomatoes, and broccoli

      D. Big hamburger steak with butter and garlic sauce. Spinach.

      Walked 10 blocks. Fighting an old back injury and bum knee. Getting old ain't for sissies...LOL
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        Fasting BG 101 (damn steriods again, but my back hurts less)

        B. 4 scrambled eggs and ham two leftover biscuits from yesterday with pastured butter (that's some good stuff)

        L. Skipped today

        D. T-bone steak with collard greens

        Walk 10 blocks (twice)
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          The start of week 3. Weight 215.8

          Fasting BG 87

          B. Bacon, ham and eggs

          L. Pulled pork and pork ribs, coleslaw. Damn it was good!

          D. Still full from lunch so I think I'll just blow off dinner tonite.
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            Fasting BG 100

            B. ham, bacon, scrambled eggs

            L. leftover BBQ and homemade jerky

            D. Chicken thighs w/Mexican seasonings and cauliflower rice
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              Fasting BG 101 (last day for steroids so it should start back down now)

              B. Homemade sausage with 3 eggs

              L. Hamburger pattie w/mixed greens (and a little bacon fat on the greens)

              D. Brisket w/coleslaw

              Handful of walnuts

              Walked 10 blocks
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                Fasting BG 87 (finally dropped, yea!)

                B. Ham, bacon, sausage in three scrambled eggs

                L. BLT salad w/ black olives, table spoon of olive oil and a couple of butter

                D. Leftover brisket w/ coleslaw

                Walked 22 blocks
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                  Fasting BG 90

                  B. Seven pieces of bacon with three scrambled eggs

                  S. About an hour after breakfast I ate about three cups of coleslaw. Maybe the fiber will do me some good.

                  L. Salad, ham, chicken thigh, two small beef patties, green beans.

                  D. Salmon, salad.
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                    Fasting BG 93

                    B. Almond / Coconut flour pancakes, bacon.

                    L. Salad, w/ham, black olives, tomato

                    D. Pork loin roast, brussel sprouts w/bacon, cauliflower/turnip mash
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                      Fasting BG 87

                      B. Four sausage links and four fried eggs

                      L. Leftover Pork roast, & veggies

                      D. Italian sausage and hamburger pattie


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                        Fasting BG 80

                        Beginning week 4 weight 217 (damn steroids)

                        B. Scrambled eggs and ham

                        L. Had Indian food out, lots of beef and chicken dishes. Wonderful.

                        D. Spaghetti squash w/Italian sausage and tomato sauce

                        Saw my heart doctor today and got my blood work back. We had our annual argument about

                        Triglycerides 74
                        HDL 61
                        LDL 163
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                          Fasting BG 91

                          This is interesting. Went to the local rec center and got my body fat checked using calipers and their computer program. 16.61%! When I do the online bmi calculators I always end up over 30% and in the obese column. She said for my age (55) I'm in the lean column.

                          B. Four sausage links and three fried eggs, leftover Almond / coconut pancakes.

                          L. Leftover dinner from last nite and a couple of pieces of pork roast

                          D. Pork ribs and coleslaw.
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                            Fasting BG 87

                            B. Sausage, ham and eggs

                            L. Leftover pork roast and spinach

                            D. Salmon and green beans
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                              Great progress twoidhd- BMI doesn't account for muscle very well. You can be 10% Bf, and still be in the obese category with BMI. Keep up the great work, you're going in the right direction and that's all that matters!
                              Self-realization. I was thinking of the immortal words of Socrates, who said, "... I drank what?"


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                                Thanks for the kind words, ELCO14. The body fat number made my day.