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Healing is a journey, and sometimes a long and frustrating one

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  • Healing is a journey, and sometimes a long and frustrating one

    How I got here to primal is a long and winding story, so I'll just get to the important bits. I've been paleo for over a year now and truly thought it was the ultimate answer and would solve my years of confusing health issues. Although I'm much healthier and on my way just by following this way of eating, I still have some searching for answers to do. So I thought I could make myself accountable here and begin to log my findings as a way to show myself that progress is being made, even if in the tiniest of ways. Those steps count, too, and I'm determined to find good health (mind and body, both) by continuing on this road as primal living as my foundation.

    What I know as of now:
    I have celiac disease
    I have hashimoto's thyroiditis
    I have major digestive issues, the cause(s) of which are not yet determined. These include being very sensitive to large amounts of fats, the inability to digest carbs and intolerances to dairy, coconut, mustard, chicory root, apples and more.
    I crave sugar and fat so much that sometimes I feel like I could kill for it. Junkie?
    I feel heavy and know my body composition could be so much better.
    I have numerous other odd symptoms that are too much to list here.
    I am absolutely, 100 % determined to get to the bottom of this and be able to live a healthy and active life. At one point I did consider myself quite the adventurer and athlete and would like to be living that lifestyle again. That is where my heart lies.

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    Maybe a little closer

    Well today I may have gotten one piece closer to solving this crazy health puzzle! After three weeks of waiting for my gut infection/gut profile stool test to come back, today was the day I finally got the results. I have hookworm. So glamorous. And I think I've actually had hookworm for about 20 years or so, which is crazy but true. Next week I'll start down the herbal route of killing them first (two months of this) and then go in with pharmaceuticals if I need to after that. I am crossing my fingers that this really is the answer to so many of my digestive and health questions. Right now my diet has humbly been reduced to only non-fat proteins because it's the only thing I can digest. Hooray for turkey, chicken, tuna (not in-line with my environmental ethics, but I'm a little desperate for variety here), hard boiled egg whites and ginger tea. Just today I had a friend comment on how difficult it was to be on a gluten-free diet and I wanted to slap him. Being able to count the foods you can eat on just one hand. . . now that's a difficult diet, and one I've had to do quite a bit in the past year. Let's hope that soon I'll be free of the vertigo, constipation, bloating, sugar cravings, fatigue, apathy, and more. Just throw me a little chicken skin or some bacon fat sooner than later. I'm ready to celebrate normal digestion already!