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    Well, here goes. Been following site for months. The New Year seems like a good time to really, publicly commit! Bit scary. Even submitted my photos, which are scarier. Best part will be my 'after' photos.
    Here's my goal: I'm 5' 7", 42 yr, female. My 3rd child just turned 1. My BF% is 37%. My goal is to get it to 20%. I've been thin all my life, till I had kids. So, I may also want to add some muscle bulk to look good.

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    Today is Sat. I've been trying to motivate my husband to do this too. It's taken me months. I'm happy to say we officially started yesterday. I lost 3 pounds with no % change. I feel great. No side effects at all. (I tend to get severe migraines when I loose wt fast. This is more than 1/3 lb per day. I think my body detoxes the stored fat. But that is just my opinion)

    We set up a workout area with a large mat, three kettle balls, a set of resistance bands, and those weight blocks where you can adjust the weight and they are hand weights. I will say we had all of this stuff collecting dust for years. The only new addition is the kettle balls and large mat. So the total expense was $45. The balls were on sale and I've always wanted them!!!

    The food isn't a challenge. This is how I was raised. No sugar unless it was a home made treat like cookies. Everything in it's original form. Veg from the garden and nothing from a can or box. My mom was a wonderful cook and made everything from scratch. All my friends would beg to come to my house for meals. She fried everything in bacon fat and always had at least 5 different dishes on the table.

    I tend to get off track. So where was I???

    Yesterday I had eggs with bacon. Lunch was roasted turkey and broccali. Dinner was turkey broccali and my favorite salad.

    I love tea and drink at least a pot a day. My current favorite is Red African tea. Tons of antioxidents and slightly sweet.

    As for exercise I did a few Russian get ups, which I don't really like. 30 kettleball swings, plank, some arm raises, push ups, attempted pull ups on my kids swing set and went for a 10 minute run. Total time less than 30 minutes
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      Hi texasKel, great job going public and submitting pics. I did it too.

      My childhood was the same and I never, ever carried weight until I left home. Didn't know how good I had it...

      I wish I could get my wife onboard, it would be much easier. She's the better cook, but insists on the calories in/calories out model and carbs are ok because that's what we've ben told our whole life.

      We'll see who gets better results.
      Start Date 1/1/12

      SW 176
      CW 163
      GW 155

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        Favorite salad
        in a large bowl put lettuce, ( I like baby spinach) mix in something tasty. I had pea sprouts from a recent visit to an Asian market. Add sliced strawberries, sliced avocado, crumbled gorganzola cheese. Cover and refrig. I also toast in a pan my fav nuts and seeds. Thus time it was: walnuts, cashews, almonds, chia seeds, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, wheat germ, and flax seeds. Stir all till they brown. Let cool and store in refrig. Sprinkle on salad when you eat it

        Oh, if you are concerned about the avocado going bad before you eat all of the salad just lay it on top. It's easy to throw away

        Yes this has dairy but no dressing. I have a theory. If a food explodes with flavor you won't add anything. I always use strong cheese. It is flavorful and you need very little. Plus the more 'aged' and 'fermented' the better it is for you.


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          Dave 155
          Good luck. I've been after my family and friends to to this for months. They just don't agree. Only when they see me eat do they become interested. It is so hard to change beliefs. When people ask I tell them "nothing processed and no sugar". They then say " oh that sounds easy!!!". Then they start asking questions and the conversation dissolves. They want to eat bread and crackers and sugar. Only by looking good can I prove otherwise. At least the results are quick and people can see it

          I love to cook and am happy to give out recipies. Just ask.


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            Sunday Wk 1
            I caught my kids cold. Pretty much want to go to bed and pull the covers over my head. It is a nasty one!
            No wt or % change. I'm on cold meds too.
            Ate clean yesterday
            B. Eggs bacon coffee
            L. Fav salad with salami and turkey
            D. Pork ribs half small potato
            really sick after Bfast so tough to eat at all
            Strange I was a bit stiff from workout but not till around dinner

            Good Soup
            I make this for my kids because it is sweet, nutrient dense, and a good soup when you are sick. To make it less sweet remove either the squash or sweet potato. Warning, this is a really rich, thick soup. If you try it, be prepared to thin it out after you puree if it is just too rich and thick.

            If I feel yucky and don't want to eat it is nice to have this for a quick meal. Takes about 15 min prep and sits on the stove for about an hour.

            -chop 1 onion and handful of carrots. Saute in soup pot in bit of bacon grease and coconut oil. (it cooks while prepping the rest)
            I will purée this so I don't dice it. Just large chunks
            -chunk 1 med sweet pot w/ skin on
            -chunk 1 small butternut squash. This takes a sharp knife and be careful not to cut yourself. I prefer to peel it first. Some people cut it in half, micro till soft then just scoop out
            -1/2 bag lentils
            -1/2 cp quinoa
            -1 bay leaf, sprinkle thyme, celery(or chop 1 stalk), pepper
            -by now onion and carrots are cooked. Add all chopped items and seasoning.
            -cover with chicken broth (1-box)
            -simmer at least 30 min- 1 hr. Add some greens or spinach when veg are getting soft. Add more broth if getting too thick
            -let sit till cools a bit. Remove bay leaf and purée in blender or use stick blender
            - taste. Add salt pepper or hot sauce
            - fantastic with a spoon of cream in your bowl. Great without

            Add other thing too like leeks or other grains or beans. Or cut anything you don't want out. Very flexible. Plus all ingredients are from your shelf or freezer so it's easy to keep the supplies on hand

            yes this has carbs and grains, but very dense nutrition. It's easy to edit out what you don't want. Don't make it a main meal. Great as a side with meat

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              Monday Wk 1
              Yesterday was tough. Sick and no energy to get off the couch. Didn't do great. Craved crackers, so only had a few. Pretty sure that was the cold talking.
              No change in wt or %

              B- one egg
              L-Bowl soup
              Snack-crackers and cheese and salami
              D-Ribs and broccoli

              Crawled into bed early

              Feel so much better today!


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                Tues Week 1
                Lost 1/2 lb but no % change
                Yesterday did pretty well. I know 20 grams of protein is what I need for breakfast. I'm working up to it but still a long way to go. Also was a friends birthday. She loves breakfast so I took her out and didn't have the willpower to pass up the hashbrowns or biscuit. I didn't have any jelly or a second biscuit so that was a bit of progress. Retraining is tough!!

                B-eggs bacon hashbrown biscuit coffee
                L- nothing
                D- BBQ chicken salad

                I feel better so my cold is going away but I'm afraid it will turn into a sinus infection


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                  Wed Week 1
                  no wt or % change
                  yep sinus infection. Hate how antibiotics ruin your gut so I'm giving myself a week to cure it myself. Usually I succeed.
                  Great yesterday except watched a movie last night which causes me to crave popcorn. I did make it myself with real butter but I ate a huge bowl
                  B- am meeting so ran out with just a cup of coffee
                  L-BBQ chicken grn beans
                  D-pork chops broccali. (made couscous for the kids and only tasted it. That's a bit of improvement. Didn't miss it)
                  snack with movie of popcorn

                  Mark put up photos on the site. My photo is on page 5. It shows I have 15 lbs of fat to loose. But more concerned with %. If that goes from 37% to 20% then I'll reach my goal. Have to admit I've never been below 29% in my life. I look thin at 133lbs and 29%. But I want to be toned and less fat%
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                    Thurs Week 1
                    No wt or % change
                    I was bad yesterday and the draw of an easy lunch and quiet kids while doing errands won. So it was pizza. I tried to eat lots of salad, but I still had a few slices. The rest of the day I was good.
                    B- eggs, bacon
                    L - pizza, salad
                    D- salad, pork chops

                    On the pos side, great workout. Ran 1/2 mile, did core, kettleball swings, push ups...

                    OK, personal goals.... See what what it feels like to eat right for 1 day... then work up to 1 week. I love love love to cook and this can be a hazard! I'm reworking more of my recipes.

                    Also, its hard to get portion control because I was preg, then nursing. I ate everything in sight and was always starving. I started redoing my thinking Sept 1. It took me a month to get off sugar. Then another month to quit eating all night long. I'm seeing improvement, but it's slow going.


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                      Friday Week 1
                      wt went up 1/2 lb and %bf went down to 36%. Very strange. Will see what it says tomorrow
                      good all day
                      B coffee eggs
                      L salad I love and pork chops
                      D veg soufle baked chicken grilled onions

                      soufle recipe is fantastic. I redid it so it has 1/2cp whole wheat flour in a serving size for 6. So barely any wheat per person. It still turned out great my family lived it with the changes. It's pretty much all eggs veg and cheese
                      so that's better than the wht flour

                      wonder if I used coconut flour if I'd get it to rise like it should? I've never used coconut flour before in baking
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                        Sat Week 1
                        well 1st week is officially over. One cheat per day
                        %bf has changed but not sure if that's because I'm on lots of cold meds that dehydrate
                        35%bf down from 37%. Will see if it goes back up when I'm no longer sick

                        on the pos side I no longer skip breakfast, I don't eat a ton after dinner (a piece of chocolate or 1 nite popcorn). I don't crave junk, and I worked out every other day. I can run about 1/4 mi stopping to walk twice, my total run is 1/2 mi and I love it

                        Trying to learn from everyone here to focus on the pos gains and not be upset over everything else
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                          Week 1 results

                          RESULTS WEEK 1

                          I lost 2.5 pound and 1% bf

                          when you really look at your diet you realize how many 'cheats' it contains. I love to cook and try to make everything from scratch. I thought I was pretty primal. NOPE. I may not eat junk food but there was lots of little things each day. Popcorn with a movie (home made), bread, grains, pizza, chocolate, etc. Yes it all can be worked in if it is in moderation. I'm not so good at that. Why eat one piece of chocolate when 1/2 a bar is great. Etc. Etc. Etc.

                          I made good progress understanding my weaknesses this week. My goals for next are to eat 20gm protein for breakfast and not have any little cheats.

                          My husband and I have a contest going. Each week there are 2. Whoever looses the most pounds and whoever looses the most bf %

                          week 1- $20 for each
                          week 2- wash outside windows. First story for one and second story for the other
                          week 3- hand scrub all our tile floors for one and our hardwood floors for the other. Including moving all furniture

                          I really thought my husband would beat me every week. But he didn't enter Marks contest, doesn't blog, doesn't follow any particular belief (I like Mark, Nerd Fitness and Tim Ferris and try to read their blogs daily) and doesn't have embarrassing photos for people to see.

                          I have the most bf% to loose and he has the most pounds.

                          This last week I won both

                          Let's see how this next week unfolds!!!! Off to work out!
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                            Tues Week 2
                            Been good these last few days. I know not to get discouraged around my period. Lots of evidence of water gain and not to give up. Will recheck in a day or two.

                            I've done fasting before and it's worked great. Doing one tonight after a late lunch at 2pm. It's hard when you have to cook for your family and only drink tea.


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                              Thurs Week 2
                              No weight change, but down to 34% bf. Bet I'm just switching out fat for muscle.
                              Since my husband lost last week's contests he's very motivated this week. We've gotten good with our eating, which takes a week or two to get used to. We've stopped craving junk. I still like a piece of chocolate at night, but I don't crave 1/2 a bar like before. I did make a dish my kids love tonight. Ravioli with home made pesto cream sauce. I did eat about 5 or 6 ravioli. They were fantastic, but I didn't crave anymore. Before I would have eaten a huge bowl!

                              I've also started keeping track of my measurements. I want to see if those change even if the lbs don't change. (arms, waist, shoulders, chest, hips, belly, thigh)