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    I love all of the Nerd Fitness workouts. There are no excuses for not doing them other than laziness. Haha

    Marks blogging idea made me more accountable and it's nice to have my progress documented.

    Keep at it!! Every baby step is a step in the right direction!!!


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      I actually have not revaluated my goals....never even thought about it. That gives me something to think about. Thanks!


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        No problem you are doing well and should be hapy with yourself. Feel free to stop by and critique. Always welcome.

        It isn't the mountains ahead that wear you out....Its the grain of sand in your shoe.


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          Been awhile since I've posted. I'm staying steady at 130 , 24bf. I've had to buy all new clothes because the last few ponds are on my stomach and my pants all fall off. It's nice to feel good about your body and it isn't a stress.

          I'm still not stressed about food. Over Christmas I gained about 3 pounds and took it off last week. It was not a stress and I enjoyed eating all the great food over the holidays. But I rarely stuffed myself. A couple of bites of everything was all I needed. If I knew it was something I'd really enjoy then that might be all I ate.

          Now I need the same relationship with my workouts. I figure it took me a year to redo my relationship with food. Here's to 2013 and redoing my relationship with working out!!


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            Not a whole lot to update. Have lost another pound or two. I received Mark's email asking for input on the ebook. So, I'll add my info. My muscle is about 40% and my bf is about 23%. Not doing anything special... this is how I live my life. That's the best part. It takes no effort... this is a lifestyle and I love it!!!


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              Before and After

              I just submitted my story to Mark. I thought I should show my before and after. This is pretty much 1 year. 20 pounds and about a 17% body fat decrease.

              You can do it!!! Just one step at a time. I'm sure many people are faster than I am! But, if you never give up, you can say you have never failed!!!! Keep going!!!!